1. Against which team did David Gower hit his maiden Test century for England? 

 2. Was Australia's Sheffield Shield competition started in 1882, 1892 or 1902? 

 3. Which two brothers opened the batting for England in the 1880 Test against Australia? 

 4. What was Australia's winning margin in the 1975/76 series against the West Indies? 

 5. Who captained England on the 1972/73 tour of India and Pakistan? 

 6. In which series did New Zealand score her first Test win over England? 

 7. What is the Australian term for 'extras'? 

 8. What was special about England's series win in India in 1976/77? 

 9. In which year did Pakistan win her first Test in Australia—in 1975,1976 or 1977? 

 10. Colin McDonald and Jim Burke opened the batting for which country? 

 11. How many runs did Sir Donald Bradman need in his last innings to finish 
 with a Test average of 100? 

 12. How many dismissals did Australia's Wally Grout make in his Test career? 

 13. What is the highest Test stand by England against Australia and who made it? 

 14. Which West Indian made 200 and 114 not out against New Zealand on his 

 15. In which Test did the scores run like this: Australia 63 and 122? England 101 and 77?

16. What is a 'plumb' wicket?

17. Who took the first M.C.C. team to Australia?

18. Against which country did Glenn Turner make his Test debut for New Zealand?

19. Who is Australia's leading Test wicketkeeper?

20. Who had the Christian names John Berry?

21. For which West Indian island did Wes Hall play?

22. Which cricketer was christened to give him the initials of a famous club?

23. Is Barry Richards a right- or left-hand bat?

24. What is a 'king-pair'?

25. Who captained the 1970 South Africans against Australia?

26. When and against whom did Ken Barrington score his first Test century in England?

27. Who holds the record for most Test wickets by a spinner in an England-Australian rubber?

28. What and when was England's lowest Test total against the West Indies?

29. Who bequeathed the Ashes to the M.C.C.?

30. Who is the only player to have scored a century in each innings of a Test match TWICE in the same series?

31. P. B. H. are the Christian name initials of which cricketer?

32. Who scored a century on his Test debut for England in 1880?

33. Who was England's captain in the 'bodyline' series against Australia in 1932/33?

34. What is the first innings lead required to ask the opposition to follow-on in a Test match?

55. At which ground would you find Old Father Time?

36. In which country would you find the Eden Park ground?

37. Where is lan Botham's birthplace—Surrey, Cheshire or Somerset?

38. Which county apart from Yorkshire did Freddie Trueman play for?

39. What do the initials T.C.C.B. stand for?

40. What is a bump ball?

41. Name the three Kent and England Test wicketkeepers?

42. Who topped the Australian domestic batting averages in 1976/77?

43. Who was the last Englishman to score a century on his Test debut?

44. Who was the youngest Test player and how old was he?

45. Name the six England players who had signed for Kerry Packer by the end of 1978

46. For which country did Seymour Nurse play?

47. How did the term 'a pair'—where a batsman is out for nought in each innings - originate ?

48. In which English city would you find the Old Trafford ground?

49. In which year was Sunday league cricket introduced in England?

50. How was the pitch marked out before the use of whitewash?

51. Why did Colin Cowdrey acquire a car number plate which included the figure 307?

52. Which cricketer's Christian names are Isaac Vivian Alexander?

53. What is the signal for a no-ball?

54. Is Colin Bland a New Zealand, South African or Australian Test player?

55. For which country does Allan Border play

56. Which English batsman made his highest Test score against Pakistan at Karachi in 1961/62?

57. Who was the first Englishman to score a century in each innings of a Test match against Australia?

58. Up to the end of 1978, who was the last player to score a century on his Test debut ?

59. Which wicket-keeper holds the record for most dismissals in a Test match?

60. How long was the slowest Test century and who scored it?

61. Where would you be watching a Shell Shield match?

62. Who captained England for the first match against Pakistan in 1954?

63. What was the score in New Zealand's Test series in England in 1978?

64. What do W. R. Hammond's initials stand for?

65. What is the number of Kerry Packer's Australia television channel?

66. Who was the last player to do 'the double' of 100 wickets and 1,000 runs in an English season?

67. Which former New Zealand international is now a rugby international?

68. Which country toured England in 1976?

69. Who won the women's World Cup in 1977?

70. Who last won the English county championship three times in a row?

71. Which wicket keeper has taken most Test catches and what's his tally?

72. Which was John Edrich's only Test as England captain?

73. Which two countries play for the W. J. Jordan Trophy?

74. What was Mike Denness's first match as England captain?

75. What is the highest score by a player on his Test debut and can you name him?


76. Who holds the highest batting average for an English season?

77. Who won the 1975/76 West Indies v India series?

78. Who won the Prudential World Cup in 1975?

79. What were the Christian names of W.G.Grace?

80. What is the name of Cambridge University's ground?

81. Who was England's principal 'bodyline' bowler in the 1932/33 tour of Australia ?

82. At which Test ground would you find the Kirkstall Lane end?

83. In which Test did Tony Greig make his debut as England captain?

84. Which English county plays at Taunton?

85. How can you be out from a no-ball?

86. Who is Australia's leading wicket-keeper and whose record did he take?

87. Who is England's leading Test run-maker?

88. Who holds the record for most Test stumping?

89. Which Australian has taken most wickets in a Test innings?

90. Who was the last Englishman to score a century in each innings of a Test match?

91. What is South Africa's emblem?

92. Who was the West Indies wicket-keeper on their 1978/79 tour of India?

93. Who was the first English player to hit a Test century on the 1978/79 tour of Australia ?

94. What is the main competition in India?

95. After whom was the Lord's ground named?

96. Who succeeded Hanif Mohammad as Pakistan captain?

97. Is Inshan Ali and Indian, West Indian or Pakistan player?

98. Whose 307 Test wickets make him the second most successful bowler of all time ?

99. In which Test team would you have found an Engineer and a Contractor?

100. What is the Christian name of the third of the Chappell brothers

101. Which player was nicknamed Johnny Won't Hit Today?

102. Who were the Middlesex 'twins'?

103. Why were Test series in Australia increased from five to six from 1970/71?

104. In which one series were England captained respectively by Mike Smith, Colin Cowdrey and Brian Close

105. Who was the last Australian to take a Test hat-trick?

106. Who captained the 1978/79 England tourists in Australia?

107. What is a bye?

108. At which Test ground are Yorkshire's headquarters?

109. Which Kent opener was first picked for England in 1956?

110. Which cricketer has the Christian names Robert Baddeley?

111. What is the signal for a batsman given out?

112. Who was recalled as England opener against Australia in 1956 at the age of 41?

113. Who took the other wicket when Jim Laker took 19 wickets against Australia at Old Trafford in 1956?

114. Who succeeded Alan Knott as England wicket-keeper?

115. Which player was flown to Australia to bolster England's sagging fortunes in the 1974/75 tour?

116. Who was the first Pakistan player to score a century on his Test debut?

117. Which Australian Test ground is in Richmond Park?

118. What was the name of the club whose members formed the M.C.C.?

119. Who opened the batting for England in the Centenary Test against Australia in 1977?

120. Who was the first player to hit a century and a double century in the same Test?

121. What is the distance between bowling and popping creases?

122. What is a 'yorker'?

123. Who captained New Zealand to her first ever Test win over India' in 1967/68?

124. Who made South Africa's highest individual Test score?

125. What do the initials I.C.C. stand for?

126. What position is taken up by the umpire standing at the batsman's end?

127. In which county was Jim Laker born?

128. At which Test ground would you find the Warwick Road end?

129. For which country did Lindsay Kline play?

130. How did Australian bowler lan Meckiff cause such a controversy?

131. In which season did England first play six home Tests and why?

132. Why was MCC's projected tour of South Africa in 1968/69 called off?

133. In which country would you find the Queen's Park Oval?

134. What was Glenn Turner's outstanding performance in New Zealand's Test win over Australia at Christchurch in 1974?

135. When was the last 'timeless' Test, who played in it and how and why did it end?


136. True or false: India  played South Africa in 1968.

137. Who is Australia's leading Test wicket-taker?

138. At which ground did Jim Laker take his record 19 wickets in a Test?

139. Whose Christian names are these: Denis Charles Scott?

140. Who was recalled as Australia's captain after Greg Chappell?

141. By what score did England win the 1978/79 Ashes series?

142. For which form of cricket was a yellow ball first used?

143. Which England bowler took four wickets in five balls during the first Test against Pakistan in 1978?

144. After how many six-ball overs is the new ball due?

145. How often is the Prudential World Cup held?

146. Who were the beaten semi-finalists in the 1975 Prudential World Cup?

147. Whose record did Rodney Hogg break for most wickets by an Australian in an Ashes series ?

148. Who was the last South African tour captain in England?

149. Who played for the Guinness Trophy?

150. Who is the only cricketer to have played for England and India ?


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