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Indian cricket board expels its former president Dalmiya

Kolkata, November 29, 2005 

The new Indian Cricket Board President Sharad Pawar on Tuesday promised to look into the issue of introducing changes in the BCCI's election process and said he would give top most priority to adopting a professional approach and bringing about transparency and harmony in the functioning of the organisation. 
"After the last election I had suggested to Jagmohan Dalmiya that we sit together and prepare detailed rules on the election process. Unfortunately, we could not execute it," Pawar said, at his maiden media conference hours after being elected to the highest BCCI post.

"The time has now come to go into details. The election observer T S Krishnamurthy has shown the way by introducing some new things. We hope to finalise rules of the election during this tenure," Pawar said, replying to queries from scribes at the crowded media meet.

Asked whether he would vote for himself as President in future BCCI elections, Pawar said "If time comes where I have to vote for myself, I will keep away".

On the issue of introducing transparency, Pawar said the BCCI was a major organsation and people in India and abroad were anxious to know about the Board.

Pawar announced that the Board would set up a media committee, which would be in addition to the system of appointing a media officer for the national team.

"We deal with public at large, media and sponsors. It is our responsibility to keep very good relation with this cross section... It is high time we take a professional approach in day to day running of the Board."

Chappell controversy:

Pawar downplayed the 'finger controversy' surrounding coach Greg Chappell but said the Board would look into the case to find out the truth before closing the chapter.

"I hate such things. But there is some discussion over the issue here and there. I don't want to give importance to it," Pawar said when asked to comment on the alleged indecent finger gesture made by Chappell towards cricket fans in Kolkata during the fourth one-day international against South Africa.

Pawar, however, said the Board would go into the case to find out the truth. "These are subjects where one has to take corrective action and close the chapter," he said.

Fair treatment to Ganguly

The newly elected president hailed the all-round contribution of Sourav Ganguly to Indian cricket and assured that the former skipper will be treated fairly by the national selection committee.

"There is a selection committee and it will definitely apply its mind for Ganguly and others," Pawar said when asked if he considered the left-hander's international cricketing carrier to be almost over.

Predecessors help:

Pawar said he would take help from all his predecessors, including Jagmohan Dalmiya, in the running of the board.

"The ex-presidents of BCCI have all run the board efficiently, be it (Raj Sing) Dungarpur, I S Bindra, Dalmiya or R S Mahendra. I'll seek their help and guidance to carry out my job," Pawar said in his maiden press meet.

On Kolkata crowd:

The Union Agriculture Minister also chose to dilute the issue of the crowd's 'anti-India stand' at the Eden Gardens following non-inclusion of Sourav Ganguly in the team.

"I met the Indian team in Mumbai. Nobody told me (anything on the crowd behaviour). My personal view of the Kolkata crowd is that they are very sporting and supportive. These are small things that happen here and there. Not much importance should be given to it," he said. 

BCCI and Associations
Cricket Board presents unified show in election

Kolkata, September 27. 2003.

The Cricket Board today presented a unified show with no hint of the
bitter power struggle, witnessed in the recent past, to grab the power at
the country's richest sport body.

Jagmohan Dalmiya is all set to enter the BCCI president's office for the third and
last year uncontested as expected.

But the two-day Annual General Meeting, which commences here on Saturday,
loses none of its sheen as crucial issues like graded payments of the players and
dispute with the ICC will be taken up for discussion. Though there are no
challengers for the post of the president, secretary and treasurer, a little twist in the
tale of smooth-sailing through another BCCI election could come from the fact that
there seems to be a few heads for the post of the joint-secretary.

Karnataka's Brijesh Patel, CK Khanna from Delhi and Goutam Das Gupta from
Bengal look to be the front-runners. However, the scales are tilted heavily in favour
of Ratnakar Shetty, a fourth contender. According to sources in the BCCI, Shetty
apparently has the backing of Dalmiya and will in all probability get his support if
the race boils down to him and Patel.

All the office-bearers for the year 2003-04, including president Jagmohan
Dalmiya and secretary S K Nair, were elected uncontested at the annual
general meeting of the Board being held here.

It was in sharp contrast to the power struggle seen in the Board for the
last couple of years as Dalmiya had fought a bitter battle with A C
Muthiah two years ago to wrest control of the cricket body at Chennai.

Last year also Niranjan Shah, of the rival camp, gave a tough fight to Nair
in the election to the post of secretary.

Expressing happiness after his re-election, Prof Ratnakar Shetty said,
"I'm happy that I have been given the charge as joint secretary and I am
more happy that there was no election on this account".

Asked about the Mumbai lobby's lack of representation in the new body,
he said "there is nothing like the Mumbai lobby."

Shetty, also the Mumbai Cricket Association joint secretary, hinted that
the Dalmiya group had met yesterday and decided that S K Nair was to
be elected the Board's secretary and Jyoti Bajpai treasurer.

"It is true that there were a number of persons to get this post (Jt
Secretary). But the group decided that I take this charge," he said.

Shetty also had a word of praise for Dalmiya saying that he had done an
excellent job "because he has taken up the cause of players."

Former BCCI President Rajsingh Dungarpur, known for his anti-Dalmiya
stand, said all elections were unanimous, "but there may be some
changes in the selection committee."

He said in view of the sickness of Brijesh Patel a change was required in
the selection committee and that some proposal might come from south
zone, particularly from Tamil Nadu, and a decision was likely this evening
about the formation of a new selection committee.

On the other hand, Rajiv Shukla, MP and a member of Board Finance
Committee, also expressed happiness at the unanimous support to the
Board President Dalmiya and all executive members for their election.

"No individual or association put up any contest against Dalmiya and
other contestants elected today," Shukla, an important member Dalmiya
camp, told reporters here.

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Kirmani replaces Patel to head selection panel
Kolkata, September 28. 2003.

Veteran keeper and a member of the 1983 World Cup winning team,
Syed Kirmani was on Sunday unanimously elected the Chairman of the
senior national Selection Committee at the annual general meeting of the
Cricket Board here.

Kirmani's name was proposed from the South Zone to replace the
previous Chairman Brijesh Patel, who is undergoing treatment following
a heart surgery.

That Patel was not going to continue in the selection committee due to
his illness was hinted at yesterday by the Board President Jagmohan
Dalmiya when he said that they would think twice before burdening Patel
with more responsibilities in view of the state of his health.

Patel has already been appointed as director of the National Cricket

The remaining four members of the selection committee -- Kirti Azad
(North), Pranab Roy (East), Kiran More (West) and Sanjay Jagdale
(Centre), however, retained their posts. Board secretary S K Nair will be
the convenor.

According to Board sources, names of Kirmani and Azad were considered
for the post of chairman but the balance tilted in favour of 'Kiri' because
of his greater experience at the international level.

Kirmani has to his credit 88 Tests and 49 one-day internationals as
against seven Tests and 25 one-dayers played by Azad.

Incidentally, both were part of India's World Cup winning squad in 1983.

The National Junior Selection Committee will be headed by Pravin Amre of
West Zone.

BCCI President and BCCI Honorary Secretaries
B C C I     P R E S I D E N T S
1 R.E. Grant Govan1928-29 to 1932-33
2 Sikandar Hyat Khan 1933-34 to 1934-35
3 Mohammad Hamidulla Khan 1935-36 to 1936-37
4 Jamsaheb Digvijaysinhji of Nawanagar1937-38
5 Dr. P. Subbarayan1937-38 to 1945-46
6 Anthony S. D'Mello 1946-47 to 1950-51
7 J.C. Mukherji 1951-52 to 1953-54
8 Dr. Maharajkumar Sir Vijaya Ananda of Vizianagaram 1954-55 to 1955-56
9 Sardar Surjitsingh Majithia 1956-57 to 1957-58
10 R.K. Patel 1958-59 to 1959-60
11 M.A. Chidambaram 1960-61 to 1962-63
12 Fatehsinhrao P. Gaekwad of Baroda 1963-64 to 1965-66
13 Z.R. Irani 1966-67 to 1968-69
14 A.N. Ghose 1969-70 to 1971-72
15 P.M. Rungta 1972-73 to 1974-75
16 R.P. Mehra 1975-76 to 1976-77
17 M. Chinnaswamy 1976-77 to 1979-80
18 S.K. Wankhede 1980-81 to 1981-82
19 N.K.P. Salve 1982-83 to 1984-85
20 S. Sriraman 1985-86 to 1987-88
21 B.N. Dutt 1988-89 to 1989-90
22 Madhavrao Scindia 1990-91 to 1992-93
23 I.S. Bindra 1993-94 to 1995-96
24 R.S. Dungarpur 1996-97 to1998-99
25 AC Muttiah 1999-2001
AC Muttiah is the son of MA Chaidambaram (no 11)
26 Jagmohan Dalmiya 2001 to 2004 
B C C I     H O N O R A R Y     S E C R E T A R I E S
1 Anthony S. D'Mello 1928-29 to 1937-38
2 K.S. Ranga Rao 1938-39 to 1945-46
3 Pankaj Gupta 1946-47 to 1947-48
4 M.G. Bhave 1948-49 to 1950-51
5 A.N. Ghose 1951-52 to 1959-60
6 M. Chinnaswamy 1960-61 to 1964-65
7 S. Sriraman 1965-66 to 1969-70
8 Prof. M.V. Chandgadkar 1970-71 to 1974-75
9 Ghulam Ahmed 1975-76 to 1979-80
10 A.W. Kanmadikar 1980-81 to 1984-85
11 Ranbir Singh Mahendra 1985-86 to 1989-90
12 Jagmohan Dalmiya 1990-91
13 C. Nagaraj 1991-92 to 1992-93
14 Jagmohan Dalmiya 1993-94 to 1996-97
had resigned from the post after he took 
over as the President of ICC w.e.f. 15-7-97
15 Jaywant Y Lele 1997-98 -2000
16 Niranjan Shah
17 S K Nair 03 - 04

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