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The new Ferozesha Kotla Grounds Stadium promises to take the game of cricket to the unparalleled heights. It incorporates the best of modern design and materials. No stone has been left unturned, as the new stadium will cater to every whim and fancy associated with hosting Big Match Cricket .
From the player point of view - newer and plusher pavilions, better ground facilities and a wider audience to play to.
Longer Boundaries:       -From 60 meters increased to 75 meters
    Modern Sightscreens On Channels:       -Easier, Quicker Adjusments
    More Seating Capacity:       -From 30,000 Seats to 60,000
    Multi-level Seating System:         -Divided into 6 Stands
   New Player Pavilions    Modern Media Center
    Better Ground Facilities

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Live

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Live

Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi

Left to right(sitting): SURYA PRAKASH SHARMA, VINOD TIHARA(Convenor), ARUN JAITLEY(President), 
SUNIL DEV(Sports Secretary), RAMESH SACHDEV Left to right

 Ferozeshah Kotla  Grounds,New Delhi-110002.
Phone   : 23319323, 23312721, 23313143 
Fax       : 91-11-23722097 
E-Mail   : adminjr@ddca.in 

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W / M
Rajesh Chopra, 
L.C.Premium Cables,
1826, Amar Nath 2nd Building, 
Bhagirath Palace Delhi - 110006, India.
Shri Arun Jaitley
President DDCA Executive Committee 
Shri C.K. Khanna
Vice President
192, Kailash Hills
 New Delhi - 110065
 Res : 26917171, 26932200 
 Mob : 9818363737, 31058147
Shri Chetan Chauhan
  Vice President 
 D-202, Nagarjuna Appt
 Mayur Vihar Phase l, Delhi
 Res : 22714817
 Mob : 9810223882
Shri Suresh K. Chopra
  Vice President 
 45/4, Rajpur Road
 Civil Lines, Delhi-110054
 Res : 23969898 
 Mob : 9810062486, 25731252
  • Feroz Shah Kotla
    DDCA AGM.....

    ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Live

    Shri S.P Bansal 
      Hony. General Secretary 

     B-405, New Friends Colony
     New Delhi - 110065
     Res : 26920908, 26914176 

     Mob : 9810024529


    Shri Sunil Dev 
      Hony. Sports Secretary 

     B-531, New Friends Colony,
     New Delhi - 110065
     Res : 26847630

     Mob : 35977447


    Shri Anil Khanna 
      Hony. Club Secretary 

     274, Kailash Hills
     New Delhi - 110065
     Res : 26847420 

     Mob : 9810039984


    Dr.Ram Babu Gupta 
      Hony. Treasurer 

     C 4B/45, Janakpuri
     New Delhi - 110058
     Res : 25553312 , 255528474

     Mob : 9810362887


    Shri Sunil Khanna 
      Hony. Joint Secretary ( Sports ) 

     B-V/718, Ekta Garden
     Patparganj, Delhi-110092
     Res : 22721535   Off : 23301252

     Mob : 9811722334


      Shri N.K.Batra 
      Hony. Jt. Secretary ( Finance ) 

     W-11, Greater Kailash II
     New Delhi - 110048
     Res : 29211111, 29212222

     Mob : 9810818181


    Shri Anil Jain 
      Hony. Jt. Secretary ( Co.Affairs ) 

     B-5/12, Azad Appt
     Aurobindo Marg ,New Delhi-110016
     Res : 26569603 , 26569604

     Mob : 9811333103


    Dr.S.S Sareen 
      Hony. Joint Secretary ( Club ) 

     M-7, Lajpat Nagar III
     New Delhi - 110024
     Res : 26834172 , 26834810

     Mob : 31030923

    Shri Anil Gupta 
      Member Executive 

     907,Chhatta Sheikh Manglu
     Jama Masjid, Delhi - 110006
     Res : 23267788

     Mob : 9810128600


    Shri Brij Mohan Gupta 
      Member Executive 

     8/1, Ram Kishore Lane,
     Civil Lines, Delhi - 110054
     Res : 23911088

     Mob : 23958862


    Shri D.S Bawa 
      Member Executive 

     3/9, D.B. Gupta Road
     Paharganj, Delhi - 110055
     Res : 23267788

     Mob : 9810128600


    Shri Ravi Jain 
      Member Executive 

     C-II/32, Bapa Nagar
     New Delhi - 110003
     Res : 23267788

     Mob : 9810128600


    Shri Pradeep Kashyap 
      Member Executive 

     I-50, Lajpat Nagar IV 
     New Delhi - 110024
     Res : 23267788

     Mob : 9810128600


    Shri Vaneet Kumar 
      Member Executive 

     Flat No 311, Guru Apptt
     Sector-14, Plot No. 9
     Rohini, Delhi - 110085
     Res : 27567949
     Mob : 20062631


    Shri Sunil Mittal 
      Member Executive 

     179, Block -B
     East of Kailash
     New Delhi - 110065
     Res : 26312632
     Mob : 9811040423, 23385201


    Shri Subhash Sharma 
      Member Executive 

     98, Sukhdev Vihar
     New Delhi - 110025
     Res : 26837060,26921621

     Mob : 9810400802


    Shri Sunil Jain 
      Member Executive 

     D-109, Preet Vihar
     Delhi - 110092
     Res : 22546159

     Mob : 9810000061


    Shri Ganga Prasad Gupta 
      Member Executive 

     C-101, Preet Vihar
     Delhi - 110092
     Res : 22516111, 22520044 

     Mob : 9811436577


    Shri M.A. Pathan 
      Member Executive 

     23-A, Prithvi Raj Road
     New Delhi - 110011
     Res : 24632446


    Shri Vivek Gupta 
      Member Executive 

     2474, Chippi Wara Kalan 
     Delhi - 110006
     Res : 23262766

     Mob : 9811165380


    ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Live
    In this crucial time I would like to back up the BCCI - Sunil Khanna

    Should be Life-Time ban on Mike Deness as a match referee - Rajesh Chopra

    Test Match Records at Feroz Shah Kotla

    DDCA AGM.....
    Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi.
    Also or formerly known as: Willingdon Pavilion
    Willingdon Pavilion
    The smallest of the four main Test grounds in the country, both in respect to capacity and size, the Feroz Shah Kotla has traditionally been a batsman's paradise due to the nature of the pitches which for the most part have been docile. Perhaps this is best exemplified by the fact that in the 1955 Test, India and New Zealand together scored 1093 runs while only ten wickets were lost. The average of 109.3 runs per wicket is still a world record. The Kotla has almost always produced tons of runs though of late the scenario has changed.
    The Kotla staged its first Test in the 1948-49 season when the mighty West Indies under John Goddard took on India for a five Test series and the ground has produced some really good performances. In the 1952 Test against Pakistan, Hemu Adhikari and Ghulam Ahmed were involved in a record tenth wicket stand of 109 runs - a record that still stands. In 1965, S Venkataraghavan, in his debut series, demolished the New Zealand line up with figures of 8 for 72 and 4 for 80. In 1969-70, Bedi and Prasanna combined to spin India to a famous seven wicket win over Australia, the duo picking 18 wickets between themselves. England's John Lever had a memorable debut at the Kotla in 1976, when he notched up a half-century and had match figures of 10 for 70. Five years later, Geoff Boycott surpassed Gary Sobers' world record Test aggregate. In 1983-84, Sunil Gavaskar scored his 29th century to equal Don Bradman's long standing record for the highest number of hundreds in Test cricket. But the crowning glory of all the feats at the Kotla came about when Anil Kumble became the second bowler in Test history to capture all ten wickets against Pakistan in 1999
    Test Match Records at Feroz Shah Kotla

    DDCA AGM.....
    Classic Old Gallery
    Test Records
    Cricket Ground
    Cricket Tips & Techniques

    ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Live

    DDCA Delhi & District Cricket Association
    10-12-2005 Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi.
    DDCA Delhi & District Cricket Association
    10-12-2005 Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi.
    DDCA Delhi & District Cricket Association
    10-12-2005 Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi.
    DDCA Delhi & District Cricket Association
    10-12-2005 Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi.
    DDCA Delhi & District Cricket Association
    10-12-2005 Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi.
    Sachin Tendulkar celebrates after reaching his 
    world-record 35th Test century with Harbajan.
    DDCA Delhi & District Cricket Association
    10-12-2005 Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi.
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