Champions Trophy QualifiersOct 7 - Oct 14 .2006
Sri Lanka v Bangladesh
1st Qualifier, Mohali - Chandigarh  Oct 7

 West Indies v Zimbabwe
2nd Qualifier, Motera - Ahmedabad  Oct 8

 Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe
3rd Qualifier, Motera - Ahmedabad Oct 10

 West Indies v Bangladesh
4th Qualifier, Jaipur Oct 11

 Bangladesh v Zimbabwe
5th Qualifier, Jaipur Oct 13

 Sri Lanka v West Indies
6th Qualifier, Mumbai  Oct 14

Champions Trophy 
Oct 15 - Nov 5 2006

England v India
1st ODI, Jaipur Oct 15

 New Zealand v South Africa
2nd ODI, Mumbai  Oct 16

 Pakistan v Qualifier 1
3rd ODI, Jaipur Oct 17

 Australia v Qualifier 2
4th ODI, Mumbai  Oct 18

 New Zealand v Qualifier 1
5th ODI, Mumbai  Oct 20

 Australia v England
6th ODI, Jaipur Oct 21

 South Africa v Qualifier 1
7th ODI, Motera - Ahmedabad Oct 24

 New Zealand v Pakistan
8th ODI, Mohali - Chandigarh Oct 25

 India v Qualifier 2
9th ODI, Motera - Ahmedabad Oct 26

 Pakistan v South Africa
10th ODI, Mohali - Chandigarh Oct 27

 England v Qualifier 2
11th ODI, Motera - Ahmedabad Oct 28

 Australia v India
12th ODI, Mohali - Chandigarh Oct 29

 A1 v B2
1st SemiFinal, Mohali - Chandigarh Nov 1

 B1 v A2
2nd SemiFinal, Jaipur Nov 2

 Finalist 1 v Finalist 2 Final, Mumbai  Nov 5

India in South AfricaNov 19 - Jan 6 2006-7
 1st ODI, Centurion Nov 19
  2nd ODI, Durban Nov 22
  3rd ODI, Cape Town Nov 26
  4th ODI, Port Elizabeth Nov 29
  5th ODI, Johannesburg Dec 3
  1st Test, Johannesburg Dec 15 - Dec 19 
  2nd Test, Durban Dec 26 - Dec 30 
  3rd Test, Cape Town Jan 2 - Jan 6 
The Ashes 2006Nov 23 - Jan 6 .2006-7
 1st Test, Brisbane - Queensland Nov 23 - Nov 27 
  2nd Test, Adelaide - South Australia Dec 1 - Dec 5 
  3rd Test, Perth - Western Australia Dec 14 - Dec 18 
  4th Test, Melbourne - Victoria Dec 26 - Dec 30 
  5th Test, Sydney Jan 2 - Jan 6 
Sri Lanka in New ZealandDec 7 - Jan 9 .2006-7
 1st Test, Christchurch Dec 7 - Dec 11 
  2nd Test, Wellington Dec 15 - Dec 19 
  1st ODI, Napier Dec 28
  2nd ODI, Queenstown  Dec 31
  3rd ODI, Christchurch Jan 2
  4th ODI, Auckland Jan 6
  5th ODI, Hamilton Jan 9
Pakistan in South AfricaJan 11 - Feb 14 2007
 1st Test, Centurion Jan 11 - Jan 15 
  2nd Test, Port Elizabeth Jan 19 - Jan 23 
  3rd Test, Cape Town Jan 26 - Jan 30 
  1st ODI, Johannesburg Feb 2
  2nd ODI, Centurion Feb 4
  3rd ODI, Port Elizabeth Feb 9
  4th ODI, Cape Town Feb 11
  5th ODI, Durban Feb 14
VB SeriesJan 12 - Feb 13 2007
Australia v England
1st ODI, Melbourne - Victoria  Jan 12

 Australia v New Zealand
2nd ODI, Hobart - Tasmania  Jan 14

 England v New Zealand
3rd ODI, Hobart - Tasmania Jan 16

 Australia v England
4th ODI, Brisbane - Queensland  Jan 19

 Australia v New Zealand
5th ODI, Sydney Jan 21

 England v New Zealand
6th ODI, Adelaide - South Australia Jan 23

 Australia v England
7th ODI, Adelaide - South Australia Jan 26

 Australia v New Zealand
8th ODI, Perth - Western Australia  Jan 28

 England v New Zealand
9th ODI, Perth - Western Australia  Jan 30

 Australia v England
10th ODI, Sydney Feb 2

 Australia v New Zealand
11th ODI, Melbourne - Victoria Feb 4

 England v New Zealand
12th ODI, Brisbane - Queensland  Feb 6

 Finalist 1 v Finalist 2
1st Final, Melbourne - Victoria Feb 9

 Finalist 1 v Finalist 2
2nd Final, Sydney Feb 11

 Finalist 1 v Finalist 2
3rd Final, Brisbane - Queensland  Feb 13

Australia in New ZealandFeb 16 - Feb 20 2007.
 1st ODI, Wellington Feb 16
  2nd ODI, Auckland Feb 18
  3rd ODI, Hamilton Feb 20
India - forthcoming Test and one-day series
Year Month/s Teams/Tournament Tests ODIs 
2004/05 Nov HOME v South Africa 2 0 
2004/05 Dec-Jan AWAY v Bangladesh 2 3 
2004/05 Feb-Mar HOME v Pakistan 3 5 
2004/05 Apr HOME v Bangladesh *tbc *tbc 
2005 Aug AWAY: ODI series (Ind, Sri Lanka, W Indies) in Sri Lanka 
2005/06 Oct AWAY: Super Series (Aus, Eng, Ind, Sth Africa, New Z'lnd, Pak, Sri Lanka, W Indies, Zim, B'desh) in Australia 
2005/06 Oct AWAY v Zimbabwe *tbc *tbc 
2005/06 Nov HOME v Sri Lanka *tbc *tbc 
2005/06 Jan-Feb AWAY v Pakistan *tbc *tbc 
2005/06 Feb HOME v England *tbc *tbc 
2005/06 May AWAY v West Indies *tbc *tbc 
2006/07 Oct HOME: ICC Champions Trophy (Aus, Eng, Ind, Sth Africa, New Z'lnd, Pak, Sri Lanka, W Indies, Zim, B'desh, Kenya) in India 
2006/07 Nov HOME: Asia Cup (Ind, Pak, Sri Lanka, B'desh) in India 
2006/07 Nov AWAY: ODI series (Ind, Sth Africa, Sri Lanka) in Sri Lanka 
2006/07 Dec AWAY v South Africa *tbc *tbc 
2006/07 Feb AWAY v New Zealand *tbc *tbc 
2006/07 Mar-Apr AWAY: World Cup (Aus, Eng, Ind, Sth Africa, New Z'lnd, Pak, Sri Lanka, W Indies, Zim, B'desh, Kenya) in West Indies 
2007 Jun-Sep AWAY v England *tbc *tbc 
2007/08 Oct HOME v Zimbabwe *tbc *tbc 
2007/08 Dec AWAY v Australia *tbc *tbc 
2007/08 Feb HOME v West Indies *tbc *tbc 
2007/08 Feb-Mar AWAY v Sri Lanka 3* 5* 
2008/09 Oct HOME v South Africa *tbc *tbc 
2008/09 Jan AWAY v South Africa *tbc *tbc 
2008/09 Mar AWAY v Pakistan *tbc *tbc 
2009/10 Oct HOME v New Zealand *tbc *tbc 
2009/10 Dec-Jan HOME v Sri Lanka *tbc *tbc 
2009/10 Mar AWAY v West Indies *tbc *tbc 
2010/11 Oct HOME v Australia *tbc *tbc 
2010/11 Jan HOME v Pakistan *tbc *tbc 
2010/11 Mar AWAY v Zimbabwe *tbc *tbc 

* = Unconfirmed

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