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Deepika Padukone
According to Deepika Padukone there are three Dís which 
are needed for someone to grow in any field of life 
and they are dedication, discipline and determination.
Within this small span of 21 years she has acclaimed fame 
and has a huge fan following. She is the heartthrob of todayís 
youth and the most promising newcomer.

Deepika Padukone nude

Deepika Padukone still studies hard!
When she is not busy with brand endorsements or pouring over scripts, Deepika Padukone spends most of her time studying. The actress is busy going through the study material of a distance education degree programme in Arts at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). The supermodel-turned-actress, who is in her second year, will major in sociology and economics.? 

Deepika, who moved to Mumbai after completing her undergraduate studies from Bangalore , could not attend full-time college owing to the extensive traveling that she has to do for work assignments. That's when she decided to enrol herself for a distance learning programme. She says, "I always wanted to strike a balance between education and my professional life. Yes, I do like studying and that's why I opted for a distance learning programme." 

A source close to the actress says, "She wanted to attend college like most youngsters. But unfortunately she can't attend regular classes as she has to frequently travel due to her work." 

During her school days in Bangalore , she realised that her strengths lay in the Arts stream rather than Science or Commerce. She says, "I went to Mount Carmel College for my undergraduate studies. I had sociology and economics as my subjects then as well. I used to score quite well. Naturally, I decided to major in the same subjects." 

From what we hear, Deepika believes in last minute preparations. She locks herself up and completely stops socialising a month before her exams. 

"You cannot distract her when she is preparing for her exams. She likes to be left alone just a few days before her exams," says the source. 


Deepika Padukone



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