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Deepika Padukone
According to Deepika Padukone there are three Dís which 
are needed for someone to grow in any field of life 
and they are dedication, discipline and determination.
Within this small span of 21 years she has acclaimed fame 
and has a huge fan following. She is the heartthrob of todayís 
youth and the most promising newcomer.

Deepika Padukone nude


Me and Ranbir are equally possessive - Deepika Padukone

29 Jul 2008. Deepika Padukone has been linked to a string of men in the past - from her ex, Nihar Pandya, to Yuvraj Singh.

It's only now that the rumours have finally stopped at Ranbir Kapoor. So when Rakhi Sawant asks her to clear the air, she gets candid and retorts, "It's only Ranbir I am in love with. I don't understand why the media always points a finger at me. It really unnerves me. No one ever talks about what the boy has done to me. I feel men should be taken to task equally."

A movie with her beau and two more sizzling beauties for company - this would prompt anyone to ask the lady if she ever felt jealous seeing her guy romancing two hot Bollywood babes. To which the actress replies, "I don't have many scenes with Ranbir, Bipasha and Minissha. I would not say I was jealous but yes, I do hope Ranbir and I get a good film together."

Chic and gorgeous Deepika also confesses that she is not comfortable with her body shape. When Rakhi probes further by asking whether she would sport a bikini for a Yash Raj movie, she surprises her with, "No. I don't have the body to carry it off." And what about her much talked about height? "The actors I have worked with so far are quite short, but that's not a problem as I anyway don't like wearing heels. And it should not be a problem any longer because the newer actors are all tall."

In your next film Bachna Ae Haseeno, Ranbir romances two other girls... 

It was a great experience. We three girls didnít really interact. But we did a music video for the film. That was the only time we shot together. It was great fun. 

So does Ranbir get you at the end? 

That I donít know... 

How do you deal with the attention he gets from girls and vice-versa? 

He understands the profession I am in and I understand the profession that he is in. And itís about trust. 

Whoís more possessive? 

We are both equally possessive. 

Do you feel better now that you are open about your relationship and donít have the paparazzi chasing you? 

Itís easier in a certain way, yet itís difficult. The main thing is that itís not about hiding our relationship or wanting the world to know. Itís about being sure. And I think when you are sure and you truly are in love, why would you want to hide it? 

When you came to Mumbai did you have a back-up plan just in case things in the glam world didnít work out? 

No. I was very sure of what I wanted to do. I didnít know if Iíd do well or not. I didnít even know that I would get into films. I started getting a lot of assignments for endorsements in terms of print, ramp etc. I think Farah noticed one of my music videos with Himesh and sort of decided to take me in her film. 

Now that youíve got much appreciation and even bagged so many awards for the best debutante, are you feeling the pressure? 

Not at all. I always say if you enjoy your work and enjoy the process of being part of a film, everything else will follow. 

Whatís the nicest compliment you have received? 

Ah, well, that was when I met Husainji in London. He said when he looked into my eyes it was the first time he saw the stars, the sky and the universe. 

You were on Rakhi Sawant Showz on Zoom TV. How was the experience? 

Very nice. It was more like a conversation between two girls. Rakhi is very honest and always speaks her mind and thatís so good about her. Before I was signed for Om Shanti Om, I used to go to the same dance class as her. We were never introduced and I was just a model then. She came up to me one day and said, ďIíve heard Farah is considering you for her film. I donít know you well but Iím sure you are extremely talented.Ē That gave me a lot of confidence. 


Me and Ranbir are equally possessive - Deepika Padukone
Me and Ranbir are equally possessive - Deepika Padukone




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