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"Caitlin Wright" <> 
i would like to have a free listing of just my 
email and some pictures.thank you
Name : Teena 
email id : 
Qualification: Electronics Engineer 
Interest: Dance, Acting and Public Speaking 
Interested in : Modelling & Acting 
Aishwarya Rai
On November 19, 1994,  Aishwarya Rai was crowned Miss World and India gave the world a second International Beauty Queen. Though she tripped at the national Miss India contest, she never faltered at the Miss World fete. Her smile beamed, her newly acquired nose-ring sparkled and her answers were well thought of, yet not lacking in spontaneity. Aishwarya had walked of the ramp of Indian fashion and advertising into an international realm of beauty.

Annie Thomas
She is dusky, with jet-black hair.Reserved is the first word that springs to your mind when you meet her and her looks only heighten your opinion. She has chocolate brown eyes that darken with thoughts directed inwards. When she is through she channelises her thoughts into writing poems.
Malaika Arora-Khan
There is nothing coy about Malaika Arora. Early on in life she was clear what she set to become. Very simply states, " I always wanted to be a model." Lady luck has a way of touching the fervent believer and while in college some of her photographs shot by lensmen Suresh Natarajan fortuitously fell into the hands of Suma
Varughese, then editor of that upmarket people ‘s glossy – Society. The magazine occasionally took time off from heavy  weight celebs to promote a new face
Purvi Sanghvi
Height : 5'5" Work done: Acting in T.V Serials: Paltan, Didi KA Dulha, Jaal, Bijee Ke P.G., Parampara, Daraar, Who, Jane Kahan, CID, Aahat.Anchoring for T.V Shows: Tele Housie (Live),Diwali Shopping, Falguni Pathak (Live), Peru Superhit Scenes, Hollywood ki Dhadkaney Advertisement Worked For: RaymondsSuitings,
Kores Scripto Ballpen, Nanubhai Jewellers, and
Annual Cineblitz - 97, Shohan Hair Products,
Suraksha Zero-B.Ad Films: Whisper, Siyarama
She's intelligent extremely professional and very down to earth; the perfect combination for this
industry. She has bagged prestigious
Ad-campaigns like Roop Milan, Roop Kala,
Kit-Kat and Nivea. Rakshanda started her
career at seventeen. Rakshanda's first assignment was to make a solo entry on a stage
filled with top models. She appeared on stage
wearing a bridal Lehanga weighing 18 kgs. She carried it off with such great panache that the audiences were awe-struck.
Nafisa Joseph
 (Miss India 1997)
Our reigning Miss India Universe is another Bangalore Beauty,who has modeled for us since
she was 13. She's always loved the limelight, and was one girl who planned every career move so far in advance. Sophisticated and glamorous, Nafisa at 18 is only at the threshold of   fabulous life. She'll go far, this one, and She deserves every last bit of the success that has come to her.

Sushma Reddy

Sheetal Mallar
Sushma Reddy
effervescence takes you by surprise. She talks
nineteen to a dozen, barely taking a breath. She is one woman however who makes  sense at even at high rate at  which she talks. She also has an  unnerving habit of looking you straight in the eyes when she  talks. She is one woman who oozes confidence.
Sheetal Mallar,
he one with the Face, can’t make  up her mind,
Paris, Milan or New York –  what’s it going to
be? " She was  crowned ‘Face of the Year’ in 1994 by Femina and was placed among the 12 finalists in the Elite supermodel contest held in the same year. After that life has been suitcases and planes for this supermodel as she jets from one city to another participating in  fashion shows and shooting for fashion  magazines. Elite the modeling agency groomed  her as a model of international caliber. She says  that there was a lot of hard work involved  because the people at Elite wanted everything to be perfect. She jetsetted around the world and also found time to model for some prestigious campaigns in India. Sheetal Mallar is now a face  to reckon with in the modeling world.
Priyanka Chopra Name : Priyanka Chopra
Age : 18 years
Height : 5' 7 1/2"
Weight : 50
Vital Statistics : 
32 - 25 - 34.5
Radhika Bajaj
Age: 19 years
height : 5.6
Weight: 49
Vital: 33 -  25 - 35
e mail :- 

Kareema Jiwa
She is strikingly beautiful, with jet-black hair and deep entrancing eyes.  This Canadian based model, Kareema, is a Commerce graduate from the University of Victoria.    She is a woman that oozes confidence and loves the limelight.  She is an intelligent fierce competitor and a risk taker and always believes that faith makes all things possible.  She is definitely a face to fame in the modelling industry. 
Height : 5.7", Weight: 50,Vital: 34 -  24 - 34.5 

NAME :Ranjana Mukherjee
Hobby   Watching T.v, Net surfing,and
obviousluy modelling. recently I worked in
publicity campaign for ETV BANGLA  in this year
Satistics :Height-164cm, Bust -84cm
Waist-64cm Hip-85cm, Hair colour :Black
Complexion   :Fair,Colour of eyes :Brown
From:  jyotsna mallik <>
Respected Rajesh Sir,
I am Jyotsna. I want to get listed in your website. I also want help forasinment for acting and modling. Should I except help from u,. This is my Biodata.Height: 5`3
Vital statistic: 29-22 ½ -31,Complexion: Dark,Hair & eye color: Black,Education Qualification : I am a science graduate. Have done Diploma in Information Technology and, have also done MBBS till Third year
Anuradha Mehta

my ht is 5'7",
vitals r 33-26-34

Julie Lodge
18 years old, 5'6",34B,24,34,110lbs,Strawberry-blonde hair
I am a determined and intelligent woman who loves to have fun and meet new  people.  I am currently living in Newfoundland, Canada where I am attending  the local college where I live doing a course in Business Studies.  I graduated from high school in June of 2001 & now I am interested and ready to see the world and what it has to offer.  During the week of January 17-21, 2002, I attended the American Model & Talent Convention in Charleston, South arolina.  While there, I received three awards and interest from many scouts.  The awards that I received are as follows: PHOTOGRAPHY- 1st place, COMMERCIAL ACTING- 1st place, & RUNWAY- 3rd place. 
These were awards for my category I competed in which was Female Fashion Petite (AGES: 18-23, HEIGHT: 5'5"-5'7").  Although I do not have a great deal of experience or even the minimum height requirement for a fashion model, I know that I have what it takes to succeed, I just need to find the right opportunity to show what I can do!  Afterall, big things come in small packages......
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