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Goa allows four more casinos

20 May 2008. PANAJI, Goa --  "Notwithstanding strong objection by the main opposition political outfit, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Goa government is all set to permit four more off shore casinos with ships already anchored in the Panaji port. 

"Goa already has an off shore casino `Caravela' run by M/s Advani Pleasures company while state government is open for five more licences for these off shore gambling dens. 

"Then Pratapsingh Rane-led State cabinet had opened up Goan waters for off-Shore casinos, which had met with the strong opposition from the BJP. 

Goa, the place where tourists almost double the strength of its population visits annually, allows off shore casinos which are governed by Anti-gambling Act. The State government has already moved for a legislation, which will regulate off shore casinos." 

It was just another easy Sunday evening at Zanzibar as this shack on Baga beach burst into a riot of colours and electronica as the sun set. 

DJ Ajit dished out some pulsating music which was a mix of techno and lounge. People hung around chatting, smoking hookahs or just chilled out at the bar. 

Frangipani garlands kind of made a style statement with everyone sporting the flowers round their necks including Zanzibarís owner Kennedy and DJ Ajit. 

Goa casinos
Spotted at the shack were DJ Gomzee of Kamakiís with Heather, a tourist from the UK. Young party kids, the Jonathansí spent the evening relaxing with their friends, Lawrence and Elton.

Soaking up the mood on the beach were HR consultant Orlene Dísouza, teacher Maria De Mello, insurance consultant Minelle Fernandes and physiotherapist Bindiya De Mello with her kids Diya and Nichika.

Choosing a spot away from the speakers to spend some quality time together were AIR RJ Lloyd, event manager Clyde, model Leanne and musician and event manager Claudine.

Walking in, way past sunset, were DJ Benson from Dubai with his friends Shane, Sarah from Australia and Ashley from Mumbai. Next Sunday Zanzibar opens for the last time for this season.


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