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Harman Baweja family want Traditional girl

Apr.03, 2008. There is still nothing official about the Harman Baweja-Priyanka Chopra ‘jodi’ and there doesn’t look like there ever will be. Harry Baweja is fine with his son’s relationship with Priyanka, but apparently the rest of the family isn’t.

They want Harman to get a nice traditional girl, ( sorry, but Priyanka is a true traditional and much better then Harman) 
They also think she’s older than him…someone please set them right, because she’s 2 years younger than him. I don’t get guys and their mothers. They have all the fun they want with one girl but when they wanna get married, they have to find the nice, decent girl. You want a decent girl, you should be worthy of her.

The Priyanka Chopra-Harman Baweja courtship has been in the news for some time now. But they have always claimed that they were only friends. When Harman's soon to be debuted film Lovestory 2050 was in trouble as there was no leading lady, Priyanka stepped in to help him salvage it. Both of them, after working together in the film, have once again come close to one another. Recently they started making appearances as a couple in public places, which set the gossip mills churning yet again.

Although Priyanka, like her colleagues Kareena and Deepika, has not moved into her boyfriend's neighbourhood (Harman lives in a row-house in Lokhandwala and Priyanka in Yari Road, Versova), people claim Priyanka to be a regular visitor at Baweja house. While dad Harry Baweja is okay with the relationship, the rest of the family do not approve of Priyanka for several reasons. Firstly, they would prefer a non-filmi bahu and secondly, Priyanka is older than Harman. So it seems there is a lot of pressure from Harman's mother to dump Priyanka, once the film releases, irrespective of whether it does well or not at the box office.

Maybe Priyanka has already sensed it and therefore plays it safe by not talking about her affair. Despite a lot of prodding from Priyanka and her parents (her father was unwell last year and wants to see her settle down) Harman has never mentioned marriage. So Harman’s mum thinks the best thing to do is dump her as soon as Love Story 2050 releases, whether it’s a success or not. He should dump her now rather than later. If you’re going to lose a girlfriend, might as well get some publicity out of it.

Undoubtfully Priyanka is admist the top rated actresses in the present scenario, that may be character ,status or family background wise. The guy who gets married to her will surely be on cloud nine and will be a very lucky person. whatever!! not many understand it!!...



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