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Harman Baweja, the handsome hunk who has already become a star due to his girlfriend Priyanka Chopra, is attending Suresh Sharma’s Institute of Memory to improve his dialogue delivery in his films. Harman finds it hard to memorize the long passages of dialogues of his film and this institute specializes in providing ‘instant record system’ to help memorize the needed stuff.

As a source close to Harman says, ‘ Harman attended classes to help him learn the dialogues. Such training provides an immense boost to an actor in not faltering in his dialogues; otherwise he has a lot of retakes on his hand.’

The institute is run by Suresh Sharma, whose name has already featured in Limca Book of Records for memorizing a five hundred word passage within thirty eight minutes. He repeated this feat live on television in a Zee t v show Shabbash India.’

Currently, Harman Baweja is busy with his debut film ‘ Love Story 2050’, where he is paired opposite gorgeous Priyanka Chopra. The film is being made by Hamran’s father Harry Baweja, who has already made several hit films. The insiders claim that the film has turn out to be a smashing product and Harman’s personality more or less looks inspired from superhero of bollywood Hrithik Roshan.

Harman Baweja with Priyanka Chopra
Harman Baweja with Priyanka Chopra
...Films and Awards...
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    Harman Baweja
    Harman Baweja
    Harman Baweja
    ...Films and Awards...
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    Harman Baweja Morning person or night person?
    Night person. I stay up late. I wake up early. I can survive on less than six hours of sleep normally.

    Harman Baweja Coffee person or tea person?
    Milk person actually. With loads of cream. I am a true Punjab da puttar

    Swear words you use all the time.
    All unprintable ones

    Dying to try...
    Sky diving.

    Harman Baweja would never... 

    Song you are most likely to hum all the time?
    Love Story 2050's title track. Cliched but true.

    One other movie you would've like to make your debut with?
    Maine PyarKiya. It's my Bible.

    Name one 4 am friend. 
    Priyanka Chopra I guess.

    Harman's nickname?
    Trinky. How embarrassing. And my sister is Trincy.

    Most romantic thing you've done for a girl?
    When I was in school I saved up my pocket money for weeks (I used to get eight rupees a week) and bought a teddy bear for the girl I had a crush on. Only to get dumped. Tragic.

    How about one that's a little more recent and grown up? 
    I burnt a CD of 12 of my girl's favourite tracks, went to a recording studio and inserted a romantic couplet that I had written myself before each track. I mixed the sound professionally so each couplet would seamlessly precede each song.

    Who makes up first after a lover's tiff?

    What's a dream you have for yourself?
    I want a big house for my entire family and this includes my chachas, mamas, buas... and I want everyone to live together and play cricket and eat great food. An ideal Sooraj Barjatya world.

    Harman Baweja
    ...Films and Awards...
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    Harman Baweja’s Victory
    Harman Baweja’s Victory