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Harman Baweja's 'V' for Victory
February 22, 2008. Saif Ali Khan inscribed lady love 'Kareena' on his hand and the whole world oogled while he tried hard to play Led Zeppelin's rock guitar. Cricketer Usman Afzal followed soon with Amrita (Arora). And now, there's another hot tattoo that's doing the rounds in Bollywood but more for pragmatic-n-professionally stylish reasons. Harman Baweja reportedly has got a big 'V' tattooed on his back. When Bollywood Hungama called up the hunk, he confirmed the news but politely apologized stating he has been asked not to speak to the press yet. Considering his big debut Love Story 2050 is awaiting release, we guess it's understandable. 

Baweja's business manager, Gauri Malhotra, stated that the tattoo is meant for Harman's under production Victory. “Harman is having a big V on his back in the centre. It's a painted tattoo. It's just one of those elements in the film that heightens the character,” Gauri says. Ajit Pal, director of Victory added, “V stands for his character name Vijay. It also stands for Victory which is the title of the film.” Harman is also having Vijay inscribed in Devnagri (Hindi) script on his hand as well. Were you inspired by Saif's Kareena tattoo? “Absolutely not. In smaller towns names are generally engraved on the hands. It is inspired from reality,” Ajit refuted. 

Victory is the tale of a young man from Jaisalmer who goes on to become one of the biggest cricketers in the world. “It is based on modern cricket.” Ajit said. An added attraction to the premise of Victory is the presence of lots of world cricketers like Wasim Akram, Ravi Shastri, Brett Lee etc. With IPL bidding creating news world over and with presence of cricketers from all the cricket playing nations in your film, do we see a league system being created in Victory to create a novelty value? “Victory is as contemporary as IPL,” Ajit Pal signs off.



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