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....What's Your Raashee?

What's Your Raashee?  is a forthcoming Hindi film to be directed by the noted director and actor Ashutosh Gowarikar. It will star Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra.
It will be a romantic comedy. It deals with the tradition of arranged marriage. It will be based on US based Gujarati writer Madhu Rye's novel Kimball Ravenswood. The author calls the novel a side-splitting tingly comic, which studies human nature.It has many devilish characters and can be termed even as a sex thriller. But he also said that, Ashutosh Gowarikar might make few alterations in the plot to make it more appealing
Production House: UTV Motion Picutres & AGPPL 
Director: Ashutosh Gowarikar 
Screenplay: Ashutosh Gowarikar 
Story: Ashutosh Gowarikar 
Dialogue: Anurag Kashyap 
Music: AR Rahman 
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar 

It's My Life
Its My Life is an upcoming Bollywood film directed by Anees Bazmee. Its stars Harman Baweja, Genelia D'Souza and Nana Patekar in lead roles. The movie is mainly a candyfloss romantic story. But, it also focuses on human values and love between family members.It throws light on the bonding between parents and children in an urban setting.It speaks about the tensions that are part of any dominant and over protective parents can spoil their children's lives. Shashank's(Harman Baweja) father is the M.D. of a vast construction company.His father is from a joint family consisting of his wife, eldest son and his wife, his daughter and her two kids, and his youngest daughter. All Shashank does is nod his head at the decisions taken by his father. By strange quirk of fate, the Hero runs into Natalie (Genelia D'Souza) at a local temple and it is love at first sight. He is bowled over by her charm and her humbility.She is not the regular kind of girl.She is a bratty, energetic girl who appreciates all things simple.Slowly and steadily he is drawn towards her and expresses his feelings to her. But what will happen if his dominant dad finds about this affair?Many unexpected twists and turns add colors to this romantic comedy.
Harman Baweja ... Shashank 
Genelia D'Souza ... Natalie 
Nana Patekar ... 

Victory is a 2008 Indian cricket-based sports film starring Pammi Baweja's and Harry Baweja's son Harman Baweja and Amrita Rao.It is Harman Baweja second release after his debut film Love Story 2050.The movie is currently being filmed in Australia and is to be one of Bollywood's most expensive movies to date.
Harman Baweja... Karan Malhotra 
Amrita Rao... Sonia/Anjali 
Anupam Kher 
Gulshan Grover 
Brett Lee 
Harman Baweja’s Victory........

Love Story 2050

Love Story 2050
Producer: Pammi Baweja 
Director: Harry Baweja 
Story/Writer: Harry Baweja 
Music: Anu Malik / Harry Baweja.
Background Score: Amar Mohile 
Cinematography: Kiran Deohans 
Editor: Merzin Tavaria 
Screenplay: Bhavani Iyer 
Dialogue: Anurag Kashyup & Mayur Puri 
Publicity Designs: Marching Ants 
Lyricist : Javed Akhtar.
Pammi Baweja
Love Story 2050
Harry Baweja

Star Cast
Harman Baweja Priyanka Chopra Boman Irani Archana Puran Singh Harsh Vasisht Mehezabeen Sarela Rachit Trehan
Karan Verma Priyanka Chopra's double role in 'Love Story 2050'
Priyanka Chopra plays a double role for the first time in the futuristic Love Story 2050 and the two characters are starkly different. 
SINGERS Alisha Chinoy.  K K.  Shaan.  Alka Yagnik. Kunal Ganjawala.

Rowena, producer-director Harry Baweja 's daughter, who is assisting her father on ‘Love Story 2050’, is effusive in her praise for Priyanka. The actress came to Baweja's rescue when Kareena Kapoor walked out of the film. 
"Priyanka was elated and she jumped at the offer. It was a challenging role for her since her character goes through a spectrum of changes. The audience will get to see two very different sides of her personality in the film. She has pulled off both the characters with élan," said Rowena. 

Harman Baweja with Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka's get-ups are diametrically different in the film. 

"One part has her playing a mellow, coy, next door kind of girl while the other one is very outlandish, loud and headstrong. She's brilliant in both of them and I am sure her fans will love it." 

Shot in Adelaide, South Australia, the film, which is loosely based on H.G. Wells' "Time Machine", is a futuristic science fiction loaded with special effects. 

"It's a sci-fi love story that travels through time. As the title implies, the film is set in 'present' and 'future'. It is a romantic love story blended with science fiction and this unique combination of both the genres is the USP of the film. 

"It's the first of its kind probably," said Rowena, adding, "A lot of computer graphics will be used to create Mumbai 2050. Oscar winner John Cox has worked on the animatronic robot Boo that we have used in the film." 

Rowena elucidated the need for the robot in the film. 

"Boo is Priyanka's companion in the film. He is her pet who talks to her, who does everything a human being can and who is someone every girl dreams of having." 

Her brother Harman Baweja makes his debut with the sci-fi movie. 

"Harman too has an interesting character to play. We have carefully outlined his role and hopefully the audience will connect with his character in the first 10 minutes itself," she said. 

Rowena says it's her most exciting experience to date. Seventy percent of the shooting is complete and they are tentatively planning to release it in August. 

"Very few have dealt with romantic sci-fi films. There's so much to explore when you're making a futuristic film. We are slogging really hard and I sincerely hope people enjoy watching it as much as we did making it. I am sure people would be curious to know how Mumbai would look in 2050." 

Rowena admits that the film got delayed for various reasons but refuses to divulge the details.

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