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Katrina Kaif Biography...
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Katrina Kaif has spent good part of her life in London where she was born and grew up to be a confident charming lady. She has been very lucky to get the best of both the worlds, with her father an NRI and mother a British. An Indian director Kaizad Gustad noticed her while she was modeling and was quick to offer her a role in ‘Boom’ which was didn’t fare to well at the Box Office but proved to be a perfect launching pad for Karina’s Bollywood career. Katrina’s striking beauty didn’t go unnoticed and soon she was the talk of the tinsel town. Her ravishing looks and a body which makes people drool, put her amongst the top of the ladies vying to make it big in Bollywood. Even before becoming regular in the movies, she was almost famous and a sex symbol for many. She cherishes a photograph of her dancing while she was taking her Kathak classes. Her 40 days training program could go as long as seven hours and she literally had to sweat it out.
A self confessed romantic, Katrina is full of dreams and fantasies of any teenaged girl who waits for the Prince charming. She doesn’t shy from unfolding her emotional self and says, “Ideally the person whom you love means everything to you. There are no two ways about it.” Her professional assignments require her to wear all kinds of attires, but personally she prefers clothes which are not that revealing. Jackie and Ayesha Shroff production ‘Boom’ got some acclaim at Cannes Film Festival. It was her debut and she didn’t show any signs of being a newcomer or a novice, who has been thrown into the cold water. Instead, the stunning Katrina showed a lot of poise and promise. Coming back to India has not been strange as she is quite conversant with this culture and her Kashmiri father was instrumental in keeping her close to her roots. She is one of the eight sisters and her family has never dissuaded her from following her dreams. She is muses philosophically, “Where you come from wherever you go. At the end you go back to be loved and care for.” Katrina accepted her first offer from Kaizad as the script was to her liking and she wanted to rediscover her roots to India. And Bollywood has offered her just that. She has refused some offers and some people say it’s not a good thing to do early on in your career. But then as she confidently conveys that she has nothing to prove to anyone. If she is not comfortable with it, she is not going for it. As simple as that. She doesn’t need to run from pillar to post for work. Only roles which are good enough excite her. With her head on shoulders she for sure knows where she is heading. Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif The rumor has it that she was booted out of Mukesh Bhat’s Saya because of her alleged link up with Salman Khan but she is quick to hit back by Salman had nothing to do with it. The reason for her omission was taken on considerations only best known to Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt. Being a professional she thinks her personal life would not have any bearing on her signing movies and completing them. She is very shocked at how things have been blown out of proportions. She doesn’t feel the need to clarify any further. Her flick ‘Boom’ is an interesting plot which explores the nexus between the mafia and the fashion world. Commercial flicks are what she’ll focus on. Will her inability to converse in Hindi hamper her plans? She replies by stating that even Indian actresses from south like Sridevi made it big in spite of being not so proficient with Hindi. There’s no argument to sound logic, especially in this case. Her looks, intelligence, poise, confidence and guts to face it all, make her an ideal case.
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Katrina Kaif Biography...
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Katrina Kaif..Films and Awards...
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Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif
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Katrina Kaif Biography...
Katrina Kaif Family...
Katrina Kaif..Films and Awards...
Katrina Kaif..Latest News...
Katrina Kaif Interviews

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Katrina Kaif Biography...
Katrina Kaif Family...
Katrina Kaif..Films and Awards...
Katrina Kaif..Latest News...
Katrina Kaif Interviews
Hot Katrina Kaif Hot Katrina Kaif
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