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Harman Baweja's first live performance at IIFA

May 21, 2008. Harman Baweja is slogging day and night to get his steps right for his first ever live performance. "So far I've danced only in front of the camera and my bathroom mirror. So I'm petrified. I'm performing my love ballad ‘Milo Na Milo’ from Love Story 2050."

Harman Baweja suffered a sunstroke after playing cricket for long hours, all for the cause of his film. 

"Yes, I've suffered terrible headaches and a sunstroke," Harman said. "It comes from being made to do what I hate the most—shooting long hours in the sun. For the last one week I've been indulging in the national passion, cricket. And I'm not talking about watching IPL matches. I've been playing cricket in the scorching sun for my film Victory, where I play a national-level cricketer." 

So will Priyanka join him on stage? "Not really. But she has her own performance. Now of course people will say she got me the IIFA performance, just as they're saying she got me What's Your Raashee?," Harman ends sarcastically. 

Shiamak Davar will choreograph the number for Harman at the IIFA that Remo has originally in the film. 

Harman concludes appreciatively, "And look at Shamiak’s graciousness. He has decided to retain almost 60 percent of Remo's steps so that Remo doesn't feel the least offended. Normally at events when other choreographers redo a number, they transform it completely into their own idiom."

Harman said: "There was no time for me to rush back into my van between shoots. We shot almost non-stop to catch the light. On Saturday, I shot almost continuously from 7 a.m. till dusk. And the result is I'm sick." 

For the film, Harman has played cricket in Australia with international legends like Brett Lee. "But now we've been shooting my character's early days. It's a league match showing me trying to get into the Ranji team. And I’ve more cricket scenes to shoot in the sun. I'm looking at the mirror as I speak to you. I can't recognise myself!"



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