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Harman Baweja - Latest News

New James and Bond - Baweja making 

And now Harry Baweja is ready to make his version of the desi Bond, that's what we may assume since Harry has registered an interesting title that reads JAMES AND BOND. "The title caught my fancy, that's it, " Harry laughs as we probe into his next project.

"When an idea strikes, the first thing you do is to give it a name. Right now, it's just a thought… perhaps, the idea may not fascinate or excite me six months down the line. 

But, yes, I begin to start paperwork in October. The past three years have been very hectic, I needed a break. But I've already started thinking of my next venture, " Harry informs.

Obviously, son Harman will head the cast, while there's talk that two more lead actors will be finalized. "I haven't thought of the casting yet. That will follow once I am okay with the script, " he states.



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