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Our flying grapevine tells us of the gushing love and affection that our beautiful Piggy Chops seems to be overflowing with – especially if it involves anyone ‘Baweja’. 

Also, after doing a film for Karan, she knows ‘it’s all about loving the family’ – so PC used that to full effect while traveling with Harman and Harry B for the movie promotions. 

My sources in the sky (yeah, I have my ears in the clouds, too) tell me that loving Priyanka was pretty disturbed to learn that she had been allotted a first-class seat while beau Harman and daddy Baweja had chosen to travel business class. Apparently, Priyanka felt so bad at being treated to this starry status by the Bawejas that at first she tried making amends by requesting the airlines to upgrade them as well. But it was ‘no go’ on that front. Then she did the next best thing, behaving in a fashion that would behove a bahu (uh, excuse the twister). 

Damn all the starriness, she promptly offered Harry her seat, insisting he takes it, then she plonked herself on his seat, by Harman’s side – looking at him oh-so-lovingly. 

Now you know why we don’t feel bad for PC? Surely, Harman is a lucky dude to have such a ‘first-class’ girlfriend. And hey, if there was some extra turbulence on that flight, blame it on business class, puhlease?

They only kept talking about a kiss in Love Story 2050. Harman Baweja didn’t even get a peck from his real- life girlfriend Priyanka Chopra.

But newcomer Arjan Bajwa already has a full-fledged love- making scene with Priyanka Chopra in Fashion—her boldest to date, far more so than what she did with Akshay Kumar in Andaaz and Aitraaz.

Priyanka laughs off the suggestion of boldness in the love-making scene. “Please! You make it sound so HOTTTTTT! It is NOT! What’s all this about explicit love scene?

Please, I’m too much of a girl nextdoor to do any of that. We don’t kiss. But yes, Arjan and I do share a lovers’ relationship. So yes, we do have a love scene. But it’s nothing to get all hot and bothered about, not in today’s day and age.”

Interestingly Arjan isn’t the first newcomer to do a love scene with a screen diva. Irrfan Khan had a torrid love sequence with the gorgeous Dimple Kapadia in his debut film Drishti and Shekhar Suman in his very film Utsav poured milk all over a semi-clad Rekha.

Laughs Arjan, “Was I nervous? You bet I was. Although I’ve done six Telugu films before Fashion I hadn’t really done a love scene like this before, and that too with someone of Priyanka’s stature.

To her credit Priyanka put all my nervousness to rest. If it wasn’t for her I’d have died of anxiety. For a newcomer the co-star is decisive point in his confidence level for all times to come.”

Laughs Priyanka, “Arjan was far more petrified than I imagined. I had to forget all my own nervousness.”

Adds Madhur, “This isn’t the first time that I’ve done intimate scenes with my lead pair. There was an even more sensitive scene between Tabu and Atul Kulkarni in Chandni Bar.

Page 3 had some really hardhitting moments of sexual content. Fortunately for me the actors trust me and my judgement. Priyanka surrendered completely to my vision. When you see her love scene with Arjan you’ll realize there’s absolutely nothing there that’s meant to titillate.”


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