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Harman’s emotional gift to papa 

16th June 2008. Harry Baweja, father of Harman Baweja celebrates his 53rd birthday today and on this D-day beta Harman has gifted him an emotional gift whose position in Harry’s eyes is much higher than his any other possessions. Harman has gifted his dada (as he calls his father) a poetic letter which he has written specially for him.

"I didn’t want to give dada materialistic things like a swanky car. He has given me a Rs. 50-crore film — Love Story 2050. I wanted to gift him something extremely personal. I have penned a long poem in English on paper on father’s journey in life — from his first birthday to now, his dreams and wishes. I will read it out to him first thing in the morning after wishing him," says Harman.

He collected the information from his daadi (Harry’s mother), mother Pammi and sister Rowena. Harman has penned down all his emotions and feelings for his father in words. He has also arranged a birthday party for him which will be attended by his family, friends, cousins, relatives and friends.

His debut film Love Story 2050 will release next month but Harman Baweja is already partying. 
The actor decided to celebrate his father, director Harry Baweja's birthday not at home but at a local radio station, which had invited him for an interactive phone in session. 
So while the Baweja family celebrated, Harman also revealed that working with daddy wasn't always as easy as it appeared.
“First two days were very nervous. I did not allow my father to enter the set, the camera was placed here and he use to be in the other room to monitor the shot. Then on the third day I let him come on the sets,” he says.
With much pre-release hype already setting in, the actor is aware expectations are riding high on the film. He has just one request for the audience.
“It’s my sincere request to go with a open mind to watch the film and understand this is a new boy who's worked hard and just see him as he is,” he says.



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