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Harman Baweja - The Secret Of His Dance

Much hyped futuristic film ‘LoveStory 2050? is everyone’s point of discussion these days. Harman Baweja has made it known that he is a little bit nervous before the release of the film and he said the same even while rehearsing for his stage performance with his lady love and co-star Priyanka Chopra for this year’s IIFA at Bangkok.

Harman is currently battling the media comparison of himself with the established actor and heartthrob Hrithik Roshan which is based on the resemblance of his face with that of Hrithik. With just a single dance performance, it is yet to decide whether Harman is also a good dancer like Hrithik. “Harman is a very dedicated dancer and has committed himself 100% to build up the dancing skills and achieve this kind of excellence”. Sanjay Yadav is the man who said this and if you ask who this unfamiliar guy in the news is, the answer is- he is the man who was responsible and who is still in charge of teaching the new kid on block to shake his leg like a professional. Harman is not the only star who was under the tutelage of dance master Sanjay.

Vivek Oberoi and Ranbir Kapoor had attended his classes before they gave the try to make it big in Bollywood.
He did not become what he is now with ease. After coming to Mumbai from Nagpur, the guy had to struggle a lot before he got a chance to assist choreographer and singer Ganesh Hegde. Sanjay assisted Ganesh for more than two years and then ventured out of his own by staring a dance school called Neo Dance Class at Oshiwara in suburban Mumbai. Harman came to know about Sanjay through some of his friends and then decided to try out to polish his dancing skills under his guidance and now it has been more than two years since Sanjay started teaching dance to Harman.
“He has always been a good dancer, but now he is exceptional”. Harman can remember these words said by his master Sanjay to get strength if he ever feels low on confidence and gets nervous before a grand performance

Harman Baweja is about to make debut as hero in coming soon film "Love story 2050". He recently appeared as guest in the one of the reality shows in the Star Plus channel. Star plus is telecasting a series of episodes "Jo Jeeta wohi superstar" and this reality show comes with new episodes on Friday and Saturday every week from 10 pm to 11.15 pm. Herman appeared in the yesterday's episode and if any one missed the program, please tune Star Plus on this Sunday, i.e., 29th June 2008, repeat of the Friday episode will be telecasted in the morning.

Harman before leaving asked all the contestants to dance with him and top three dancers will be given special prizes from him. So, contestants in the show were Abhijeet Sawant (First Indian Idol winner), Debojit (Winner of Sa re ga ma), Rahul Vaidya, Toshi and Harshit Saxena danced with Harman. Harman declared the winner while he was about to leave and winners were Abhijeet Sawant, Rahul and Debojit. The other 2 contestants got a consolation prize and Harman break dance was awesome to me. I feel Harman has good future like Hrithik Roshan and his looks are somewhat mix-up with Hrithik Roshan

Harman Baweja - Dance


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