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Priyanka Chopra and I are very Close, Says Harman Baweja

Apr 22nd, 2008. Checkout this picture, in your left side most beautiful and gorgeous actress Priyanka chopra and right side, Priyanka’s new boyfriend Harman Baveja. Among Bollywood’s new crop of actors, Harman Baweja like Ranbir Kapoor, seems to have what it takes to win audiences’ hearts. Killer looks, a positive attitude, his feet on his ground and sincerity.

Harman is already shooting Victory and an another untitled film with Anees Bazmi. Harman, the son of film director Harry Baweja, has no illusions about stardom. ”

Dad says if something goes wrong with Love Story-2050, he will pack his bags and go back to Punjab. I just hope the film works for him at least,” says Harman in his first interview.

He had assisted his father for seven years before daring to step before the camera himself. “I have gone through the Friday fears with dad’s films, so I hope I will be able to handle mine,” he smiles.

Harry Baweja got into a major financial crisis after his last film, Main Aisa Hi Hoon starring Ajay Devgan, bombed. “We lost everything, people asked whether father and son had gone mad, but we survived and are now here,” Harman says. Now people who have had sneak looks at his debut film, have praise for the son as well as the father. “People compare me with Duggu (Hrithik Roshan). Maybe from a certain angle I resemble him, but that’s about it. Every newcomer goes through this. Shahid was compared to Shah Rukh, Ajay Devgan to Sunil Dutt. At the end what matters is your luck and hard work,” he says.

Strangely, Kareena Kapoor who walked out of Hrithik’s debut film Kaho Na Pyar Hai did the same with Harman’s Love Story-2050. Harman now hopes he has the same success as Hrithik because of this. “I hope the legacy continues,” he jokes. He has a take on the stars who run Bollywood, having grown up in the industry. “Shah Rukh is my real superstar. I like Amit uncle’s films of today more than yesterday, because I couldn’t relate to them earlier. Aamir is an industry in himself. Akshay and I bond like brothers. And Ajay’s silent demeanour is inspiring,” says Harman. But everybody wants to know whether he and Priyanka Chopra are a couple. “We are close and are very good friends, but we have decided not to talk about it. I want to make things on my own, but yes, relationships will always remain my priority,” he admits.



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