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Our brave soldiers have encircled the intruders at the Tiger Hill and other hilltops in the 
Kargil, Dras and Batalik sector, and soon the enemy shall  meet a dog's death. 
The mountain ridges and gorges are resounding  with cries and  wails of the insurgents 
on one hand and on the other with the victory slogans & ‘BHARAT MATA KI JAI’ 
of the Indian jawans. The intruders shall meet the inevitable as there is no escape now. 
They have played  foul and have violated the Geneva Convention by savage and barbaric 
treatment of our soldiers who died while trying to oust them.  We shall not let them do such 
inhuman acts with impunity. This dastardly act has transformed every Indian 
into a gladiator - it is  question of " do or die" now. Soon shall these sneakers 
become their own grave - diggers, Kargil sector shall become another 
Kurukshetra. The horrors we shall inflict on the guilty  will haunt them for decades. 
And very soon shall our brave soldiers show them " the writing on the wall". 

            A country that learns nothing from its past soon crumbles and 
disappears from the world map. Threats are made by cowards; 
and by those who fly with "borrowed" wings, we Indians are not afraid of 
'Nukes' and 'Ghauris'. Let them try and watch the holocaust. 
Nero  was playing on the harp when  Rome was burning. 
The Pakistani leaders might flee from  their Country and watch the 
"horrendous circus" from a distant country. 
It is still time that  sanity should prevail and prevent the lunatics 
from indulging in any mischief. The entire world is watching the war 
being fought at the highest terrain in the world, and they know who is guilty.
Swami Rajesh Chopra

General V.P.Malik
Must Click
"of those brave jawans killed in action" 
at  SARVODAYA HOSPITAL, Pitampura, Delhi-110034
Dr.A.J.Chitkara MD. S/o Late Ex.Subedar R.L.Bans. Rajputana Rifles
Gen VP Malik and officers

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam's speech in Hyderabad

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I have only this words for my mother place, I am in usa.but i miss my mother land.i love india and I am proud of my indian brave army. I sloot to army once again bhart mata ki jai
vinod sharma.Address = 1052 montgomery ave sanbruno ca94066
e mail = robinishan@net.netzero
dear soldiers don't feel isolated or insecure, we,nation as whole are there after you. if really i could do something, then it is keeping others happy and making the world tension free and free of pain and disasters. i would feel really, really great to sacrifice my life for the better of my country."live life longer". 'vande mataram'.
ANAND PANDEY, Address = kl-6(a)-4/1,sector.1,kalamboli,navi mumbai
e mail = arp178@yahoo.com
At first iam to say iam indian.Well i feel unlucky not to take part in war,but hope to take part in future.Well every one to my mind should sing the national anthem in the before attending their duties.This will make every realise not only to live for themselves,but to think about our dear soldiers who fight in the bitter cold leaving every thing behind them.I salute the matry's and the wounded soldiers,and promise to save my our motherIndia from treators.JAIHIND
Prashanth, Address = tarnaka. e mail = bpreddy78@hotmail.com
I salute the Indian soldiers. Pakistan is supporting terrorism and we should bomb the hell out of them for doing this. I cannot believe India is letting them get away with this murder of innocent Hindus. I fully support the Indian attack to stem out the terrorism that the Pakistan is supporting. Go get them ,Jai Hind  Raashid Khan.
Address = 34, Computer Center Tikamgarh(MP)472001,  e mail = raashid@vsnl.com
I am a pacifist, I despise war, and its devastating affects on the innocents, But when a man, will sacrifice his own life for god and country, that is the most honourable thing anybody can do. I commend these brave men for their sacrifices, and hope that peace will remain, so their deaths will not be in vein.
The pacifist, loki, Address = 5308 Gayla ln. Baytown Tx, 77521, e mail = scoobyloki@aol.com
I think Indian Government should declare a KARGIL DAY and whole nation should have one minute silence in memory of brave soldiers.
ashok jain, e mail = jashoka@aol.com
Respected Mr. Rajesh Chopra,congratulations for the making this kargil web site. 
Dear Soldiers, We all proud of you and i want to thank you for saving our motherland from the hands of evils who look like human but the fact is that they dont have anything like humans.( human values, feeling,dignity,self respect and more above the gesture to love someone ). I think the time had come to show them that we can also go for attack rather then defence. I want to join the army my age is 19, please tall me prosedure  how to go for it.  I am doing my graduation 1 year i am also NCC credit ( B certeficate ) going for C certeficate now. Please show me the right way and provide me the ful information.
e mail = manu18@mantraonline.com
Dear soldiers , Just to let you know that you are not alone in battling the enemy against overwhelming odds. Your indomitable courage and tenacity are beyond words. We are confident that you will attain your ultimate mission and come out victorious. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families in this hour of crisis.Mrs. Ranju Chopra    e_mail:- ranju@artlobby.com
What do you say to a country that tortures, mutilates, savages and kills disarmed soldiers of the opposite camp captured during operations? SHAME ON YOU PAKISTANI ! Shame Shame. Robin Chopra, e_mail :- robin@artlobby.com
I am the son of hav/clk b.n tripathi .he is in the army and he wanted me to join army . but i could't . when i heard that so many our soldiers lost their life during action. my bloo goot hot and felt that why did't i join the army . then i thougt this is mt bad luck that on this moment i am here  in russia . those who lost life in war, are lucky. I salute all lucky soldiers those who lost life and those who are still fighting .  this is my bad luc... 
e mail = dilip_tripathi@mail.ru
The site infuses a great determination to serve the country and whole hearted support for the brave army officers & jawans fighting for the country. I as a proud son of Late Ex. Subedar R.L.Bans of Rajputana Rifles who fought the 1961 and 1965 war and retired in 1970 from active service hold my head high listening to the tales of bravery of the said regiment. My message to jawans 'Keep it up', The whole country is behind you.
Dr.A.J.Chitkara, Sarvodaya Hospital, Pitampura, Delhi-110034
e mail = chitkara@liveindia.com
The Indian Army has been torturing,killing,raping the innocent Kashmiri men,women and children for the last 10 years.The Kashmiris are only asking for independence as was asked in 1947.What is their crime?They have the same rights as the others to fight for freedom.Freedom from the hands of the barbaric,inhumane and torturous hands. God will never forgive such hands. The 
hell belongs to and is eagerly waiting to embrace the DOGS of the Indian Army. Shame on you Bastards.Long Live Kashmiri people,Mujahedeen and we will liberate our homeland very soon.
Dear Soidiers,Well done !!!,Bharat mataki Jai
Srinath,Address = 2 harvey court, Oxford road, Redhill, surrey UK RH1 1DT
e mail = srinath_raman@hotmail.com
I'm Proud of Indians Jawans Victory about the LOC
Jai Hind,Surinder Singh, e mail = Monty_m@usa.net
I salute the Indian soldiers. Pakistan is supporting terrorism and we should bomb the hell out of them for doing this. I cannot believe India is letting them get away with this murder of innocent Hindus. I fully support the Indian attack to stem out the terrorism that the Pakistan is supporting. Go get them ,Jai Hind 
Suhas Kurse, e mail = Suhask@aol.com
This is very good site that will elevate the feeling of patriotism in the minds of all indians.It is said that a dog's tail never becomes straight even if it is inserted in pipe.Pakistan is just like that But our soldiers will convert the impossible into possible one. I salute all the soldiers who devoted their life for our country.S A Sathye,Address = Mumbai, e mail = samsat99@hotmail.com
I would like to thank our brave soldiers for protecting us from evil eyes of Pakistan.I wish that our government should take complete care of them and thier family.I think our soldiers should not be overburdened for maintaining internal peace;but every citizen should be awake to maintain internal peace.I think all citizens should be provided military training for future needs of our country.
Long live the Indian soldier,Wilson Vaz,Address = Mumbai
e mail = wilson_vaz@yahoo.com
I believe that the Kashmir problem is not taken seriously in the West.  I am an American, and understand the volatile nature of the Kashmir situation, however, our media does not show us more.  That is why I am logged onto your site.  As of his date, I know little about the official policy towards Kashmir, and nothing of Kargil.  Please give me more details.
Eric Kimbro
I am Kashmiri, i have dsire to be free man like anyone else, why dont you leave us alone and go back to your own country (India, pakistan).......If u have a right to decide your own fate, having freedom from Britsh.SO HAVE WE THE RIGHT TO BE FREE FROM INDIAN IDIAN GUNS, POINTING TO OUR HEADS !!! DONT YOU UNDERSTAND SIMPLE FACT..WE DONT WANT TO LIVE WITH U.WE WANT OUR OWN COUNTRY, JUST LIKE U HAVE. You indian within your little mind may think that you can opress us for ever......right? Hell no.just look at USSR what happened to them..and by the way idian unity is so artificial.it never been a one country and it never would it future..its unnatural to be india as it is today...just get out of Kashmir  "live and let us live"
BUTT.  A, Address = BC. Canada
e mail = robinjaqi@yahoo.com
My lastname is Ghauri and my father said that I had a great great great great great grandfather who was the king of India. I'm a muslim Pakistani and I have been looking everywhere to find information on if this story was true. I haven't been successful. This site gave me a little info. At least I have something more to think about
Huma Ghauri.
It is indeed unfortunate that even after meeting a dead end so many times, these "neighbours" of ours keep on pushing on with their own agenda.May God give them sense. 
Anurag Sahgal, Address = G 20 Mansarover Garden, e mail = theadarsh@bol.net.in
I think you should give Kashir to Paskistan so that you solve the problem. You see kashmir 
belongs to pakistan. Pakistan ones nuclear Weapons  so do you but rightfully Kashmir Belongs 
to pakistan. So give it back.OR I WILL KILL ALL OF LIFEFORM IN INDIAA... @*$* you. Indians.Sharukh Khan ,Address = - cant telll you -,e mail = Mansoor45@hotmail.com
When a human mated with a dog, the thing that came out was the PAKISTANI!!!!!!! 
So they suck big time! 
Pallavi. e mail = pallavidhir_@hotmail.com
I am so proud of our Jawans and the way that India has risen to the threat of violence in such a 
patriotic and strong way.  I have recently  returned to America after being in India for the past two months and am so honored to be Indian, for what it stands for.  The one country truly great in a world of such selfish people, Indians have truly made their mark in history. "Bharat mata ki jai!" 
Ajit Narasimhan Address = San Diego, Ca. USA e mail = turbo_eagle@hotmail.com
Three cheers to our brave soilders they have done a great job driving out the enemy from our borders. Our defence experts should recomend to our govt for purchasing apache copters and other missile launchers and frequent/routine border bombings will be the only way to keep the enemy at bay. Raise the taxes if necessary but we will keep the enemy at its place. Great job done by the army we will remember it all our lifetime 
Address = 249, B.P.C.L. STAFF COLONY, AZIZ BAUG , CMR, BOMBAY-71. 
e mail = madhusudananp@bharatpetroleum.com
Rakesh Anand ,e mail = info@swarantaj.com
 Mera Bharat Mahavan. I salute those brave soldiers that laid there lives for my motherland. 
May there soul rest in peace.Jai Hind 
Ranu Jaiswal, Address = 125, Hawthrone Ave  Central Islip, e mail = ranujaiswal@hotmail.com
Good Job indeed,I made my daughter to listen to our national anthem,very touching and overwhelming website.I am proud to be Indian and my heart goes to those Jawan who suffered in the hands of coward and sickminded enemies we have.Jai Jawan!God bless those who are fighting for our country and help their families,if there are many more like you Mr.Rajesh  I am sure we will reach the goal we are hoping for our beloved country.Jai Hind! 
Priti , 43N Orchard Dr,Warsaw, Indiana., e mail :-  milind@kconline.com
Our heart goes out to the families who lost their dear ones in yet another battle in which there will be no victors but where every one is a loser. Vested interests in Pakistan are trying to create most dangerous situations in order to garner more power for themselves. Our soldiers are fighting a just battle in most hostile conditions with 100% dedication. Our brave young men are laying down their lives just as their lives were beginning to blossom and dreams were coming alive. This war which came out of the blue has cruelly and abruptly ended their lives in the snows of Kargil, leaving young women widows, and young children orphans. Let us- the civilians- make an attempt to be worthy of our heroic men in the military.
Patriot, India. web. http://www.indiaforward.com
Some of the brave sons of India have laid down their lives fighting to protect the sovereignty of our motherland, leaving their wives widowed, children orphaned and families bereaved.Now it's for the rest of the Nation to do it's duty to the jawans.
Sumeet Sharma   e_mail:- sumeetsharma@artlobby.com
All of us know that nucs are not a solution and peace is what gods preach, but time is a witness to the fact that good has evicted the evil in wars.And peace is what even we want but no way on the cost of self pride and that is precisely what yourgallantry efforts on the front enthuse us with 
PRIDE. Gaurav Ahuja. Address = B-50, Malka Ganj, Delhi. e mail = gauravahuja@usa.net
I, my  family : salutes the soldiers of our beloved country , we proud to be indian ,As the country is always before religion , family and god. As honesty boosts the morale and always brings success.
We are proud that the country is in hands of people like our respected prime minister mr. Atal bihari vajpayee,Our hon'ble army chief mr.v.p. malik , our defence ministry and the people like same at present running the country With full of pride and success.  We feel that we are lucky to have the situation in the country , the time we are blessed with the most honest , competent And reliable team running the country as political , ethical and courageous. We first say " bharat mata ki jai " ( jai hind ) and then of course " jai mata di " to be blessed for all success.
e mail = umeshkg@vsnl.com
 Excellant site.
Dear Soldiers,Excellant brilliant work. well done. We are with you. Let me know if I can be of any help to any of your family members. I am cancer surgeon from Ahmedabad.With kind regards,
Dr. Kiran Kothari,Kothari Onco Surgical Hospital,  Ahmedabad, India
e mail = kirankothari@hotmail.com
first of all i am feeling jealous of our soldier brothers.because we are not getting chance to die for our country.Secondly to teach a lesson to pakistan we should show them what is hindustan,what are indians by creating a iop (india occupied pakistan) Thirdly none of the third class politicians should be allowed to interfere in military tasks.Jai hind 
Deepak a k. Address = #43,3rd temple street,malleshwaram,bangalore-3 
E mail = deepakak@hotmail.com
With all due regards to azim premji but our kargil soldiers are the richest men in india today. Nitin kumar, e mail = nitin@hotpop.com
On behalf of the global network of Indians in Los Angeles, USA, and all friends here, I salute you and we pray for your success. We are striving to divulge the truth to stop the false and totally untrue propaganda by the Pakistani establishment, whose only purpose is to destablise our janambhumi. Please take care and be alert as we need you back. P K Kapila
I want to be a greatest soldier of my country and would like to kill every enemy to my country. may god bless me and bless all the people of my country have the same thinking like me. as i am too small to go to the warfield to fight ,but would wish that all our soldiers come back alive successfully to inspire me how to protect the pride of my motherland.jai hind. 
RAGHAV, Address = 1/3, Under Hill Road, Civil Lines , Delhi - 54 
e mail = raghavg89@hotmail.com
Dear Soldiers, Keep it up. Realy its your efforts & sacrifies - We are seating in fron of Computers and sending the message -Just due to you only. We all salute you, your family & your sacrifies for BHARAT MATA. "BHARAT MATA KI JAI - KARGIL KE VEERON KE JAI". 
SUNIL GAUR, Address = 12/3, Saket Block, Mandawali Fazilpur, Delhi - 92 
e mail = sunilgaur8@hotmail.com
Indian Army should capture not only the areas within the LoC but also upto our original territory.  There should not be any area left for Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.  The whole Kashmir should be captured and integrated with India.  The problem should end at this attempt itself. 
Jai Jawan !  Hats off to the Jawans who are fighting Kargil. 
Bijay Kumar Patro, Address = H-17, Sector-1, Rourkela 
e mail = bkpatro@hotmail.com
You don't need prayers 'cos you are on the right track , the track of truth... u there helping us to know how much the mother, nation is important for all of us .Just can't think of the conditions out there sitting here in an a.c. room ... but still there are milions & millions behind you ....don't just kill them but show them the way to hell... we are miles away  but still with u !!! 
BRAVO !! JAI HIND !!, Sandeep kolte. e mail = sandeepk@vsnl.com
Dear Indian Friends, You have to give freedom to Kashmiries.This is their human right.Look in past,Did you and Paksiatn not get freedom from British just like Kasmiries so this is just like that strugle.We have to think about this problem seriously and broad minded point of view 
Sincerely, Iqbal,  Pakistan, e mail = iqbalv@brain.net.pk
I like to see there should not be any disputed area such as Azaz Kishmir and/ or Occupied Kishmir. It could be one Kishmir or disputed part can marged with main body India and Pakiustan. If you read mine webpage I have recommended this long time ago. My webpage  address is: http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~nabi or seach "World Citizenship MNN Trust. There must be sattlement soon. Regards. 
Muhammad Nur Nabi (Dr), Address = 23 Vanguard Drive, Christchurch 4, New Zealand 
e mail = nabi@ihug.co.nz
Mr.Rajesh I must confess that if every Indin comes to have the same feelings you have for your country, INDIA will be the superpower one day against which no other country can dare to stand. 
Roop. e_mail:- rsdleo@hotmail.com
This is the kind of turbulent weather our country is going through right now. We have to fasten our seat belts and not be unduly alarmed by the plane’s rocking or dark clouds, lightning and thunder. We have to reaffirm our faith in the competence and determination of our jawans to drive out intruders who have sneaked into our land. At the same time we send a message to the people of Pakistan that we bear no ill-will towards them. It is their government, and more than their government, their army, which have betrayed them and us by colluding with religious fanatics and mercenaries to encroach upon our territory. No nation worth its salt will tolerate gundagardi on its soil. Nor will India. No matter what it costs us in terms of human lives or money, we will not rest till the last intruder has departed or is dead. We have been wronged. Nations of the world are agreed that we have  been wronged by the rulers of Pakistan. We will right the wrong done to us by mustering all resources at our command.
Khushwant Singh
If we both (India & Pak) will continue to fight over Kashmir, then Kashmir will not be a heaven on Earth, but will be a battlefiled, because war is not a solution for any problem, but PAK does not think so. Its better to have a talk with them in a straight way and grab our Kashmir back." 
I know PAK will not be agreee on my suggestion and this matter will continue to hang between sky and valley. Devender Gupta,Address = 3705/8, Narang Colony, Tri Nagar, Delhi - 35, 
e mail = dgiii@del3.vsnl.net.in
India has lot to learn from this misadveture of the neighbours.We have glorified ourselves enough. Now it is time to look at our short commings and upgrade our defence. Also, we need to take care of our Jawans who have laid their lives for the country or have been disabled. Lot has been said for them, but we need to implement what has been said. Not to forget about it when the dust settles.A lot of funds have been collected by innumerable associations in the name of Kargil. Is there any authority who will monitor these funds ? 
Sanjeev , e_mail:- intertrade@liveindia.com
we r proud of our INDIAN ARMY.we always SALIUT them for their sacrifise.as an indian i always try to do something for my LOVELY COUNTRY. 
JAYANTA BHUYAN.Address = panbazar,panbazar overbridge point, guwahati:1,assam 
e mail = necom@gw1.dot.net.in
Please pay homage to the Martyrs of Kargil at http://www.angelfire.com/in2/kargil/ 
Jaihind The Rock,Address = The Great Land called India 
e mail = Guy.4u@mailcity.com
The problem with Indian is, we are very accomodative and that is the reason we are seeing what is happening now. We have stand up united and teach pakistanis that we are not stupid. Drive out all the ? and also the timid politicians. ? are ruling us in our own Home, they have different laws and we are the underdogs.Kill the bastards. 
Prabhakar Tenneti, e mail = tenneti@fortuna.com
 i am proud of indian soldiers... they did excellent job for us.they have given their today for our better tomorrow. my sincere PRANAME to those soldiers 
S N GAYEN, Address = D8/10 SHREERAM ESTATE,129 BIREN ROY ROAD, CAL-700008, e mail = sngayen@satyam.net.in
mere desh ke veer jawano ko dil se pranam. we love you all, vandematram
Dinesh, 14,yashoda d.m.road,santacruz(east)mumbai-55, e mail = theansha@yahoo.com
please leave kashmir for the seek of your chlidren and wife otherwise we pakistanis will kill them.
kaleemali, Address = a207 sucehs,e mail = kaleemali@usa.net
Dear soldiers, I am indian and i live in USA but I WILL LIVE FOR INDIA, DIE FOR INDIA. I just want to tell you guys that you are not alone. You are the heors of the country and I salut for all of you. Keep up with the good work. I will be there whenever u need me anytime. Pakistani SUCKS big time. And one more thing that NEVER FORGET HOW GREAT IS OUR COUNTRY. AAKE GOLI AAKE DUSHMAN. BY .Raj, USA rajsai15@hotmail.com
We should invade Kashmir and  kill the muslim dogs and then our pure nation can instill  fear in them. We need not to be so much tolerant for haven't tolerance only given us opression over the course of history? Bhagwan Ram says to fight when your dharma is in jeopardy, is not compromising our dharma for muslim happiness ADHARMA???
Satyanand Mahabir Prasad Mishra,  Basti Jilla, UK, e mail = dwija1@yahoo.co.uk
Hats off!! to all the indian soldiers.  We are extremely proud of you.  The whole country stands by you. We pray for the country and your families Jai hind!!
Anupama, e mail = believeinurself@hotmail.com
Dear Soldiers, Keep it up. Realy its your efforts & sacrifies - We are seating in fron of Computers and sending the message -Just due to you only. We all salute you, your family & your sacrifies for BHARAT MATA. "BHARAT MATA KI JAI - KARGIL KE VEERON KE JAI". 
Mahendra Khare, Address = 34,Computer Center, Tikamgarh (MP) mistkg@bom6.vsnl.net.in
dear and brave soldiers, you are not alone fighting with our enemys.we whole india are with you.really I hate pakistan.we believe that you will come up victorious every time.our prayers are with you and your families every time "vande mataram". 
kukreja sumit,  mumbai, e mail = kukrejasumit@alloymail.com
I think that pakistan will not stop this type unhuman activity.So INDIA should take the bold step.This killings in KASHMIR and all over INDIA it had cost us more than war.So,what is the solution? I think if we can't make pakistan stop, we should take weapon in our hand and show the world that we are not viewer to death of our own people .And make pakistan a history
Divyesh J. Mehta, Address = Royal complex, C/210, Eksar Rd, Borivali (E) Mumbai
e mail = djmehta@123india.com
Shabash!  Is site ke lie bahut dhanyavad.  Jaya Hind!  Jaya Jawan!
Sita- Hindutva ka Larki Jawan
Address = http://www.hinduweb.org/home/general_sites/sita
e mail = Sita@hinduweb.org
 I'm proud to be an Indian when i see the dedicated nature of our army men! ,Vishnu vardhini.C, Address = d-61,rajaji road block-18,neyveli-3,tamilnadu,india, e mail = vvardhini@yahoo.com
"MERA BHARAT MAHAN" I think that the indian soilder are doing a great job fighting and defending the motherland.we indians never drew the guns first pasistan did, which led to their own faith.proud to be an INDIAN JAI HIND  keep up the good work
G B e mail = Gsy548@aol.com
hello.I  think this problem is not good for country. both countries chief has to sit toghter and to solve this problem.Rupinder 
Address = Elverum folkehøgskule 2408 elverum norway, e mail = rupinder@hotmail.com
Musharraf has presaged a nuclear war in the subcontinent. India has comitted itself to a "No first use policy", so who does that leave to start a nuclear war?It is best that we let Pakistan engage in its cowardly acts. We should deliberately lower our guard and tempt them to commit and permit them to commit more heinous crimes so that later on they stand exposed as criminals in the eyes of the world.In the mean time we should not take any rash or hasty measures. We should build up our military strenght slowly and then in one fell swoop emasculate Pakistan. China is the main mischief monger in the whole episode. Pakistan is a mere Chinese pawn. China covets large swathes of Indian territory. The gameplan of the Mousie Dung and Company is to force a conflict between India and Pakistan. Though there is not doubt that India will annihilate Pakistan,our forces will have weakened considerably after a war with Pakistan. It is then that China will strike against a victorious but wounded India. The sole purpose of China setting up an Indo-Pak conflict is to minimise its losses in any future Sino-India conflict.China aims to exhaust our armed forces in a war with Pakistan. A war with Pakistan will leave India with a soft underbelly making it easy pickings for the Chinese.
Barak Aga, Address = Hughes Road, Mumbai., e mail = barakaga@bom3.vsnl.net.in
Kashmir belongs to Kashmir.  India may have had some political claims at some point in its history, but if you back far enough it belonged to somebody else, maybe even Kashmir.  So let the Indian military return to India and let Kashmir live in peace.
Kevin Brown, e mail = kbrown_68@hotmail.com
I am proud of my country india. i pay my homage to the jawans who died in the action. I PREY FOR THE PEACEFUL WORLD. We should allow everybody to live in peace.After the war the land is never there for any human being because there is no human being to live there .I wish india pakistan  should get together again as one single country .I KNOW IT IS ADREAM. But only dreams come true for those who see them. I again prey for the peacefulness of souls of the jawans killed in actions. Pushpinder chhibbar, bc canada
e mail = pkchhibbar@hotmail.com
There is no honor in killing innocent people, peace is better than war, the Kashmiris have Allah- the only true God on their side, that is stronger then any tank, or plane.  Remember they don't only threaten you with bombs, but with the power of Islam- the Perfect way of life.  Iencourage you to learn about Islam before making such ignorant comments about the innocent of Kashmir, you rape their women and kill their children, who's commiting brutality them or YOU.  Take my comments into consideration, I don't want any return email from you, for I am in no mood to uselessly argue with hard hearted people who think about on Murder, this is what is happening.  I am not a Kashmiri but I still feel for those people.  It is their land.
Name.=No comment.Address = no comment, e mail = No comment
I think that it wonderful that free medical attention is being given to those children of the victims. However, let us focus now on those young children who are enslaved into rolling tobacco to repay their parents debts. 
Cscott. e mail = cscott69@aol.com
The Effort to Force people against their will to be a part of a nation largely fail, if there is no justice.  A Great man of India, Mahatma Ghandi proved that, and by PEACEFUL means and showing the abuse against hinmself and other Indians forced the British to leave India and Pakistan to their own native people.If Kashmir wants independance, let them have it. Let both India and Pakistan withdraw.  India has been blessed with TWO GREAT SPIRITUAL LIGHTS, Mahatma Ghandi and Mother Teresa.  Both must today be crying great tears, while begging God to hold back his RATH & Judgement against both nations. I tell you what Ghandi & Teresa would have said, had they been on the internet to tell you. PEACE, please, let us have PEACE.  "Love your enemies, and do go to them who do spitefully USE you" as Jesus Christ would say, IS saying to you now via me.  By being good to those who do harm you, you heap "hot coals" upon their heads.  Let Hindu, Buddist, Islamic, and Christian REFUSE to kill each other, refuse to hate, INDEED  LOVE and help each other.  Would Ghandi disagree with that.  Was there ever a greater Indian Founding Father than Ghandi?  Then do as he would, make peace. Give and do not kill, rape, and destroy.   I was part of the VietNamese war 30 years ago.  My best friend, my cousins Capt. Wagener & Lt. Overbeck died there, and after American & our puppet So. Viet namese allies LOST the war to the Godless Communists, they invited us back to spend our money.  So for what GOOD did my friends, comrades, and cousins die.??  Was any soul taught Peace by their death.  Over 1.5 million soldiers and civilians died.  Capitalism has returned to Viet Nam inspite of the "pro-communist" government.  So for what good?   You will find, after all the Death, the killing did little good.  I notice most of your PRO-war hardliners are safe in England or some far away place.   Make Peace, give Kashmir automomy and independance.  Let India be known for is high ideals of promoting independant states, not forced servatude.   You Indians and Pakistani are behaving more British-like than the British that Ghandi struggled against.   Forgive your enemies, so God can FORGIVE YOU! He will judge us by our mercy, not our military victories.  PEACE on EARTH, please.
B.J. Wagener Address = USA. e mail = bjWagener@hotmail.com
 We fought an extremely unprecedented mountainous war in kargil. It were our soldiers brave ones like Lt.Vijant Thapar, Captain Vikram Batra etc. etc. who saved the day for us. But some queries remain  unanswered in the minds of the general public. Let me elucidate:-
1) Was the kargil brigade totally unaware of the intrusion? 2) What was happening at turtuk
sector. 3) Could this war be avoided which cost the nation crores of Rs. 4) More importantly why were the officer casualities so high? Was this inevitable? 5) Could we have won the war, if we had all the modern ammunition and equipments at our disposal? 6) Why wasn't Carpet Bombing allowed? Ravi Taneja
Address = A-1/A 50 C JANAKPURI NEW DELHI - 110058 e mail = r_taneja@yahoo.com
Beware pakistanion , when it comes to our bharat mata we are one and just one and there lies our strength. you have seen it in the past and if u dont behave yourselfs u will see it in future also. live and let live . be human in the name of allah! dont misuse sentiments of innocent kashmiris who are our kith and kins and not yours.e mail :- india@123india.com
KASHMIR belongs to India..no question about it!! These Pakistanis are as it is useless bunch of killers...who should be hacked to death...and not to forget these  americans who think they are the masters of this world..and intervene in every country...
The Patriot. e mail = ilyn007@hotmail.com
I salute to my soldiers they fighting for my country i know they will success in the mission once again I salute to my brave soldiers vande mataram
anand nagireddy. Address = 16-6/4 patel nagar ATP rd  BELLARY (KTK) 
e mail = anand_n999@usa.net
God Bless Indian Soldiers.  The biggest curse to Hindustan was the Muslim Invasion. Ever wonder why Kashmir is the only state in India with majority of Muslims ?  The credit goes to Shah Jahan who had imposed the islamic law particularly to Hindus living in Kashmir.  The imposed law was that any Hindu girl/boy marrying a Muslim (converted Hindu by force..ofcourse) must convert and accept Islam or else face death!
I challenge that every Muslim living in India or Pakistan is a descendant of a Hindu !  Killing people, converting Hindus to Muslims, and destroying Hindu temples and looting our wealth was all Muslims did in India since 1000 years !  We were at the mercy of Mughals and Europeans.  We are robbed of everything including our written history !  The modern history protrays Mughal age as the Golden Age ... Ask yourself "Can Destroyers be Builders" ? In Islam the answer is YES - It is OK to kill infidels as long as you kill them in the name of GOD!
The world is cyclic ... I believe with both nations nuclear powered, the first attack is going to come from Pakistan without any doubt.  If we go nuclear, India will still remain India but Pakistan will become India too! The reason is that even after the bloody 2300 years of invasions our country is still dominantly Hindu.  The surprising part is that our culture, religion, people are still the same for the past 10,000 years. No one has the power to destroy our "Sacred Bharat" ! Jai Hind 
Address = USA, e mail = hamaradeshmahan@yahoo.com
Dear soldiers , We the civilians would like let you know that you are not alone in battle field against the enemy, Your great courage is that  what makes us confident that you will attain your mission (VIJAY) and come out victorious. Our thanks and prayers are with you and your families in this hour of war and hope Pakistan well get a lesson that they cannot win over India at anytime anywhere. Swaminathan 
#18, 14th Street, Jai Nagar, Arumbakkam, Chennai. e mail = swaminathan@goplay.com
India army

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