Chamunda Devi

The demons ‘Chand” and “Mund” were  killed 
by  Maiya here, hence known as “Chamunda”.

Chamundadevi Mandir is seven hundred years old; build by Meri Maiya bhakt 
(still unknown) from the village, who was asked by Meri Maiya Herself in his 
dream to fetch the idol across Ban Ganga and place it in the temple over 
"Holy Meri Maiya Pindi" and worship HER. 

Meri Maiya Mandir is a holy shrine of 'Shiva and Shakti' and is known as 
'Chamunda Nandikeshwar Dham'. Meri Maiya Mandir is a seat of spirituality 
since ancient times and is situated on the bank of Ban-Ganga. Meri Maiya 
Mandir is surrounded by natural beauty, peace and bliss and as such 
a natural refuge for saints and meditators since time immemorial. 

This in only Meri Maiya Mandir where Meri Maiya Puja and Cremation of 
Dead body is done at the same place. Here the great Lord 'Ashutosh 
Shiv Shankar' in the form of death, destruction and devourer is sitting with Meri Maiya 
Chamundadevi. Ancestoral worship (Shradha Ceremony) is also performed here. 
After taking a dip in Ban Ganga it is auspicious to listen or recite 'Shat Chandi' Path

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