Shakumbhari Devi / Shakumabhari Devi

(A Symbol of Botanical Energy)

Katha tells us that Meri Maiya helped the living creatures to survive only upon plants and vegetables, when no water was available on this earth, for full long hundred years. Hence, SHE was known as SHAKUMBHARI DEVI  i.e. Meri Maiya who feeded upon vegetables.

Stating in terms of botanical-science, there exists a form of energy behind the growth of plants and vegetables; the evolution of this energy is caused due to the multiplication and compounding of atoms. The same energy has been worshipped as Meri Maiya SHAKUMBHARI in Katha

Here, Meri Maiya is represented by four idols. Bhramari and Bhima Devi are enshrined on the right side of SHAKUMBHARI DEVI is also known as Sheetla Devi. Actually all these names signify the same deity, who incarnated HERSELF with the different names in different ages.

In present context also, this aspect of worship is utmost relevant, because the world began to think about the importance of plants and trees only a few years ago, whereas, the Indian Culture had adopted the same thousand of years before, when the worship of SHAKUMBHARI DEVI was started.

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