Maya Calendar - End of the World - December 21, 2012
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December 21st, 2012 A.D
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End of time? End of the world? 2012 ? 
There are lots of questions that cross our minds evryday. Some are worth of our time but some are not. But if we talk about end of the world? Extinction of life? and end of human race...

According to The Maya

A great deal has been written about the end times and December 21, 2012, the date the Mayan sacred calendar inexplicably comes to an abrupt end. And there is good reason for doing so.

The advanced Mayan civilization that we know of seems to have appeared out of the mist some 3,500 years ago in the jungles of Mexico. Interestingly, it was an elaborately developed culture right from the start. Edgar Cayce said their ancestry came from Atlantis. This civilization went into rapid decline approximately 800 years ago.

Nevertheless, the Mayan artifacts tell us in no uncertain terms that they were master astronomers with an intimate knowledge of the heavens. And they were obsessed with recording cycles of cosmic time.

The Maya described five different ages that existed in the distant past, each lasting some 5,125 years. They have also told us that all of those ages ended with some form of physical cataclysm, which was needed to cleanse our planet of mankind's negative karma. Then, with the start of each new era, our conscious evolution would begin again from the seeds of the survivors left behind.

According to the Maya, the fifth and final age began approximately 5,125 years ago. One has to wonder why their calendar, constructed more than two thousand years ago, mysteriously ended with the fifth age at "zero point," on the winter solstice of 2012. Is there no next age?

According to the Tibetan Wheel of Time

Equally compelling is that almost one thousand years ago, in another part of the world far from Maya, an Indian Yogi named Somanatha brought the Wheel of Time (Kalakachakra) to Tibet. Soon thereafter, the first lama, Karmapa, added refinements to the Wheel's date.

The Whel of Time contains a profound prophecy. It tells us that 960 years after its introduction in Tiber 1027 A.D., the end of time would come 25 years thereafter. Adding 960 to 1027 brings us year 1987. The Wheel of Time contains a profound prophecy. It tells us that 960 years after its introduction in Tibet in 1027 A.D., the end of time would come 25 years thereafter. Adding 960 to 1027 brings us to the year 1987. Add the remaining 25 years to this date and one arrives at 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar! 

According to The Hopi

It doesn't stop there. The Hopi, whose name means "people of peace," have sacred traditions that go back thousands of years. Their time-honored teachings point to certain prophecies that would manifest just before a great purification takes place on planet Earth.

The purification would be a time when the world would shudder and tremble causing much destruction, in order to cleanse the planet of the karmic negativity we have created while serving as its caretakers. Not too long ago, the Hopis said that those prophecies have now completed. It appears that the time for purification is upon us, as we approach 2012. 

According to The Peruvian Shamans

The Hopi's friends, the Peruvian shamans, have recently come forward to tell us that sometime between the years 2002 to 2012 the world will be shaken and transformed in ways that will be difficult to comprehend. It will be a time in which our reality will be turned inside out, upside down and completely restructured.

These same shamans also say that something very profound will occur this time around, with a possible break occurring between spiritually awakened individuals and those who are not. 

End Time Prophecies

Similar end time prophecies can be found in many Eastern and Western religious teachings, in various channeled messages given to individuals by other worldly sources, as well as in the lore of different native cultures and esoteric texts.

Many of these prophecies describe the return of Christ for the final judgment. Some point to financial collapse or even WWIII that will usher in the end of days. Others speak of a massive shift in human awareness, in which our old ways of thinking will end, as we birth the emerging Age of Aquarius with a new collective consciousness. 
Fingerprints of the Gods

In his best selling book, Fingerprints of the Gods, Graham Hancock conducted an exhaustive investigation into mankind's remote past. This effort took him all over the world from the Great Sphinx, to the Hopis, to the Andean ruins and to the monuments of many ancient civilizations, including the Maya. 

Hancock believes that within the records and monuments of these ancient civilizations there is an important message for us. He concludes that in our distant past there were others who were very advanced technologically, but not spiritually, such as the Atlanteans. This imbalance led to their demise.

The "fingerprints" of information that our ancestors left for us to discover and contemplate warn of terrible Earth changes that periodically afflict our planetary home. And the end of another cycle appears to be upon us. 

A lot of stories and prophecies relates to 2012 The End of Time. "Doomsday", Cycles of Time, The Wobble of Planet Earth, The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye. God bless us all.

Maya Calendar
December 21st, 2012 A.D
Interesting & Quick Facts
Mayan Religion
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