Miss World 2004 - Contestants
Agnese has just finished High School and is newly registered as a student of political sciences at Prishtina University & Academy of Fine Arts. It is her intention to be a diplomat, especially in charge of cultural affairs, and in time start her own TV programme on the national channel. Agnese is a co-ordinator for the organisation of conferences on the UN model, this has been certified as "The value based leadership programme" and Friendship without Boarders". Hobby/sports interest include: music, literature, foreign policy, travel, basket ball and dance 

Silvia was born in Luanda, the capital of Angola, where she is a first year student at the Angola Polytechnic University of Information Technology. She also works part time as a model and TV Presenter. It is her ambition to complete her degree and to promote her country. In her spare time she also works on a counselling and information exchange for HIV/Aids & Tuberculosis. Her hobbies are: reading, cooking, aerobics, singing, dancing the salsa, rumba, samba and pop. Personal motto is "solidarity among people"

Shermain has had a great love for dance and song from a very early age, making her singing debut in church choir at the age of 12, she also took many leading parts in the school musicals. In school Shermain was an honour student, Deputy Head Girl, on the debating team and won many speech contests. She also had an athletic side, being on the basketball & track teams, and was awarded MVP for basketball, and athlete of the year. At the beginning of the millennium Sherman moved to NY, attending the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and became the recipient of the Thrugood Marshall Scholarship for academic excellence and the Student Service Award for excellence in Service on campus and in the community. In June 2004, Shermanin graduated magna cumme laude with a B.A. in International Justice and a minor in English. At this present moment she is employed by the Government of Antigua & Barbuda and is posted in New York at the Permanent Mission to the U.N. where she is the special assistant to the Ambassador. In her leisure time she enjoys: Dancing singing, writing songs and lyrics, reading, track & field events, ballet, Hip Hop and Jazz dance.
Veronica lives in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. She is a third year University Student studying Kinesiologia, one of her future ambitions is to have her own Medical Beauty Centre. In her free time Veronica enjoys sports, especially aerobic and gym. She also loves the sea, and when she has the time she goes to the beach to swim for a long time. Another hobby that she is enjoys is dance, especially jazz dance.
ARUBA - Luisana Cicilia

Luisana comes from the town of Dakota, which is a small town just outside of Aruba’s capital Oranjestad. Having completed her high school studies, she is currently working in the tourism industry and modelling part time. Her ambition is to finish her studies in Travel & Tourism and to work for the Aruba Tourism Authority. Luisana enjoys an array of activities & hobbies which include: Poetry, Cinema, Volleyball, "Hoggs" childhood, and dancing to the Salsa, Merengue, Tambu & Ballads, she was part of the "Popcorn Dancers" Personal motto is "Dreams do come true!"

AUSTRALIA - Sarah Janette Davies
Sarah spent her early years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where her father managed the construction of a unique landmark building, and returned to the subtropical city of Brisbane, Queensland for her education. Secondary schooling was in Brisbane where she was involved in many extra curricular activities, music and sport. Her special passion was for Rhythmic Gymnastics and was proud to be the Queensland Champion. She was also elected House Group Sport Captain & Prefect. In her final year of school she participated in a Chinese Exchange program and lived for a few weeks with a family in Shanghai. Since leaving school Sarah has acted in TV commercials and modelled professionally on a part-time basis whilst studying at university, graduating on 12 October 2004 with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Communication and Public Relations. Sarah’s plans for the future include establishing a career in television. Personal motto is "Nothing happens first unless first a dream".
AUSTRIA - Silvia Hackl
Silvia was born in Linz. She completed 5 years at Business School followed by 2 Semesters at University studying law, she is now working as a Marketing Assistant for a P.R. Agency. From the age of 6 to 16 Silvia played professional Table Tennis and has won the Austrian Table Tennis Tournament. During her leisure time she keeps fit, swims, plays table tennis, enjoys all kinds of dance, and inline shooting. She has visited many foreign countries and likes meeting new people. Favourite food is Pasta, Pizza, Chinese and Mexican food. Personal Motto is “Live every day with all its ups and downs.”


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