Miss World 2004 - Contestants
Brianna grew up in the Capital, Nassau, which is on the island of New Providence, Bahamas. Having won a scholarship to attend Elmira College in upstate New York she recently graduated with a BA in Economics magna cum laude. Since then she has worked at two of the most prominent national development non-profit organisations in the US, Local Initiatives Support Corporation and the Enterprise Foundation, in order that she may gain knowledge and experience. Her ambition is to further her education and take a PHD in Planning & Development. Brianna has had a variety of part time jobs to help supplement her education and where ever possible enjoys working with the non-profit organisations.
BARBADOS - Kennifer Marius
Kennifer lives in Christ Church with her family and having completed her high school education, took courses in small business management, massage & spa therapy, nail technology and is currently working as a Beauty Therapist. Her ambition is to qualify as a Reflexologist. When not working Kennifer enjoys Latin Dancing, listening to music, volleyball and swimming. For the past 3 years she has been a swimming instructor for young children and with the local health team visits the nursing homes to give therapeutic massages to the elderly. Personal motto is: "Success is not a Destination. It’s a Journey". 
BELARUS - Olga Antropova
Olga grew up with her family in Polotsk, a small historical town in the Republic of Belarus. On completing her secondary education she trained as a Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist, then worked as a stylist in a modelling agency. Olga is also studying design, as her ambition is to join her father, who is a designer, and open a design studio. Leisure/sports interests are: History, literature, visiting exhibitions, riding her bicycle, fitness, yoga and traditional folk dancing, she also enjoys collecting stone boxes. Her motto is "Treat people in a good way"
BELGIUM - Ellen Petri
Ellen grew up in a town called Merksem centred on the city limit of Antwerp, a city famous for its cultural and modern locations. At the age of 9 she started ballet classes and fell in love with its history, culture, passion and rhythm, she also specialised in the study of human beauty and make up, graduating at the age of 20. Ellen is currently working as a model and choreographer, her ambition is to work with television. Hobbies include: ballet, fitness and travel. 
Favourite motto is "Love life and Enjoy it to its 
BOLIVIA - Maria Nuvia Montenegro Apuri
Maria was born in Reyes-Beni, a state surrounded by a beautiful rain forest, rivers , lakes and many rare animals that are close to extinction. In the year 2000 a fire almost consumed her town, she will always remember how all the people came together and helped each other in this critical time. Maria is a student and would like to study foreign languages and marketing. Her hobbies and leisure interests include: reading, basketball and dancing to tropical music. Personal motto is "Live this day, like the last day in your life"
BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA - Njegica Balorda
Njegica was born in Sarajevo, she has just completed her secondary school education and is planning to study Psychology, her ambition is to become a Psychologist with a first class degree. Njegica loves talking with people and learning the way they think and how they behave in different situations. Her hobbies include: reading, modern dance and swimming. Her motto is "If you really want something and believe in it, you will make it happen.
BOTSWANA - Juby Peacock
Juby was born in Maun which is the centre of the Tourism Industry and gateway to Botswana’s most treasured wetlands this has turned her into an explorer and a nature lover. At the moment Juby is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, she also is a singer/songwriter who is on the verge of releasing her first single album titled ‘First Love’. At school Juby was a house captain, member of the debating club an active member of PACT, in university she has been a volunteer at the career and counselling centre. During her school breaks she has worked in a hairdressers and as a receptionist at a computer company. Juby’s ultimate dream is to open a School of Art where she can use her background as a social worker.
Hobbies/sporting interests are: Reading, music, badminton & ballroom dancing. Her motto is ‘Life is precious and rare; the only hope is to cease the moments and live them with clarity, honesty, perception, vision and love.’
BRAZIL - Iara Maria Resende Azevdo Coelho
Iara was born in a small town named Luz, situated in the interior of the State of Minas Gerais. She grew up with her family surrounded by dairy farms and cattle ranches. On finishing High School at 17, Iara lived in Belgium for a year as a Rotary exchange student. Many other exchange students from Australia, USA and Belgium have stayed with her family and became like her own brothers. Iara is currently a student at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica, she also works part time as a model, her ambition to become a good professional lawyer. In her leisure time Iara enjoys travelling, swimming, playing "peteca" (a kind of shuttlecock), acting and dancing, especially the Samba. Her personal motto is "In life, we should appreciate only the matters we could keep in our hearts. Being all the remainder borrowing from life only. Knowing that when it wanted it back, it would take it without asking".
BULGARIA - Gergana Guncheva
Gergana grew up in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia, this is situated at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain, and is a favourite place for tourists in all seasons. Gergana is currently studying polygraphy and photography and will complete her secondary education in 2005, her ambition is to study journalism at University and eventually become a Television Journalist. Her father is a volley ball coach and her mother has been a rhythmic gymnastic dancer, being brought up in this sphere has helped her enjoy both sport and dance (including rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, Latino, folk and traditional dances), and to win many prizes. Gergana also enjoys: drawing, painting, going to the theatre and cinema. Her personal motto is "To give and not to expect anything in return".

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