Miss World 2004 - Contestants
CANADA - Tijana Arnautovic
Tijana was born in Yugoslavia and emigrated with her family to Ottawa in Canada. She is an Honours graduate from high school; winner of a full scholarship to the prestigious Carleton university in Ottawa, Ontario. Her future ambition is to complete her degree in International Business and proceed to law school as she is planning to pursue a career in criminal law, however she is leaving her area of specialization open at this time in order to explore all her options. Her hobbies are: playing the clarinet, reading inspirational books, trying new foods and watching "Hockey Night in Canada". Her sporting activities include: Swimming, basketball, beach volleyball, she has trained in traditional Serbian and gypsy-style dance but also loves the salsa and cha-cha.
CAYMAN ISLANDS - Stacy-Ann Rose Kelly
Stacy-Ann, a Cayman’s first scholarship recipient achieved a First Class Honours Bachelor’s Degree from the University of the West Indies, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media and Communication (with specialization in Public Relations). She was actively involved in every facet of campus life and earned the respect of tutors and peers alike, Stacy-Ann occupied position like Deputy Public Relations Officer on the Guild of Students and Official Spokesperson for UWI, in addition represented UWI in intercollegiate sports. In the near future she sees herself as an accredited "Master Communicator" and her ambition is to hold a prominent position in Corporate Cayman. Sporting interests are: Basketball, netball, football, volleyball, badminton, squash, track & field and she enjoys Reggae, modern & contemporary dance.
CHILE - Veronica Roberts
Veronica was born in Santiago, Chile. Graduated school with outstanding qualifications and although both her parents are professional engineers, and Veronica inherited their mathematical skills, she has chosen a biological career and is studying to be a physical therapist at the Universidad Mayor of Chile. She is particularly interested in neurological rehabilitation, and has been working as a volunteer since 2001 at the therapy with horses rehabilitation centre. Veronica has various hobbies such as: reading, music, Scottish dances, ballet, writing and travel. In sport she enjoys: hockey and fencing.
CHINA PR - Jin Yang
Jin grew up in the city of Chongquing which is known for its mountains, hot dishes and warm-hearted people. She is now studying accountancy at the Zhong Nan University of Economics and Law. Her ambition is to be a financial specialist and one day become the General Manager of a hotel. Her interests are: Chinese painting, drawing, singing, recitation and dancing, especially her national dance. Sporting interests are: swimming, running and playing basketball. Her motto comes from an ancient Chinese poem which is difficult to translate, it is "The desirable come from being nothing desired: Far-reaching is out of a still heart.
Yi Hui comes from the island of Taiwan, and is a student of the Zhong Xing High School. Since she was a very young child she has loved to dance and is now part of a dance company. It is her ambition to become a great dancer. Yi Hui enjoys singing, basketball, modern and jazz dance, shopping and eating.
COLOMBIA - Paola Andrea Marino Garcia
Paola, influenced by her grandfather who was a director of a news publication called ‘El Colombiano’, is studying Communication and Journalism and is in her ninth semester. Because of her fathers work, he is a geologist, she has travelled extensively, she also won a one-year scholarship to the La Universidad de Comillias in Spain. Her mother is a psychologist and works with children, this has also had a great influence on Paola and for the past seven years has been helping in teaching disabled and special children. On a different note she has also been heavily involved in radio broadcasting and hosts a weekly program for children which is aired live throughout Latin America, USA, Spain and Italy. Her hobbies are: Reading, movies, theatre, travelling. Sporting interests include: Volleyball, swimming, water skiing, snow skiing, horse ridding, roller-skating, gymnastics, and Colombian typical music and all modern dances.
COSTA RICA - Shirley Calvo
Shirley grew up in a little town named Sabanilla, one of the highest places in Costa Rica. This town is located near the Poas Volcano which is the second largest crater in the world, it has great scenic beauty, and fertile soils. Shirley completed her Degree in Business Studies and is currently a government employee combining this with her studies in order to obtain her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and International Relations. She is also in charge of a project that is intended to protect the flora and fauna. In her spare time she enjoys reading and dance, especially tropical rhythms. Her motto is "The faith in action, is Love; The Love in actions , is Service
CROATIA - Ivana Znidaric
Ivana was born in a small town in the northern part of Croatia called Cakovec. She is attending the Linguistic High School learning English and German, Her ambition is to extend her studies when she has finished High School and study Russian, Italian and Hungarian at university because she adores their culture and history. Her hobbies are: reading, acting and dancing, especially classic, modern and Latin-American. Her sporting interests are: Keeping fit, swimming, bicycling and driving. Her motto is "Be yourself and always have your own opinion".
CURACAO - Sue-Ann Stephanie Hudson
Sue-Ann was brought up on the beautiful island of Curacao, located in the Caribbean Sea. From a very early age she has loved anything to do with singing, dancing and acting, she sang for her school concerts and at festivals. At the age of 14 she started modelling and working in her spare time at the local radio station. Not forgetting her education, she also focused on a two year course for Office Assistant, after successfully completing this, she started working as a flight attendant. Unfortunately the aviation company closed, but this led to Sue-Ann starting her own company the ‘Triple S Entertainment & Production Co. bringing famous stars to the island. Sue-Ann loves the outdoors, swimming, scuba diving, animals and nature. She also enjoys singing and dancing the salsa, meringue and cha cha cha.. Her personal motto is: ‘Love life and love what you do. Whatever you do has to be done with the heart, with love dedication, passion and patience otherwise it isn’t worth doing at all.
CYPRUS - Constantina Evripdou
Constantina comes from Limassol, the second biggest town on the island of Cyprus. She is currently a student of Physical education at the University of Athens, her ambition is to complete her degree. Constantina enjoys most track sports, volleyball, swimming, aerobics and jogging. In her leisure time she is a keen photographer, likes watching the movies and dancing the Greek Sirtaki. Her personal motto is "Dream as if you are going to live forever and live as if your are going to die tomorrow.
CZECH REPUBLIC - Jana Dolezelova
Jana was born in Spernberk and grew up in Unicov with her family. She studied at the faculty of Pharmacy at the Charles University in Prague, graduating in June this year. Her ambition is to continue her studies and qualify as a pharmacist and practise in the Health Service. Hobbies include: reading, good films, travelling, sports - such as swimming and cycling, dancing disco & flamenco and has played the piano for 10 years she has taken part in many musical competitions. 
Her motto is " To treat others as she would want 

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