Miss World 2004 - Contestants

ECUADOR - Cristina Reyes Hidalgo
Cristina was born in Guayaquil, the main commercial port of Ecuador. She is a lawyer from UCSG (Universidad Catolica Santiago de Guayaquil) and has a Bachelor degree in Politics and Social Science, a minor in Public Law and is now in her second year of Mass Communication at UTPL. She completed her apprenticeship at the Court of Law and then worked for an attorney in her city. Currently she is the anchorwoman of the local newscast at TC Television. Cristina is also a poetess and has published a book with her best friend called "Travesia" plus she is the vice president of a foundation called "Espiritu de Esperanza" which helps rescue and support the street children. Her ambition is to obtain a masterís degree in Human Rights, participate in Politics and her dream is to become a Mayor or even President of her country. In her leisure time she likes to sing and play guitar, acting, reading, walking swimming, biking and dancing the merengue. Her grandfather taught her that the best things in life are: to love your country, help each other and work with responsibility to conquer your dreams
EGYPT - Heba Ahmad
Heba is currently living in Cairo. She is a student of Law at Elmansoura University studying English in the British Counsel, and is taking acting classes. Her ambition is to become an actress. In her leisure time Heba enjoys: reading, travelling, most sports including aerobics and handball, acting and dancing the salsa and traditional belly dancing.
EL SALVADOR - Andrea Denise Muschenborn Charlaix
Andrea has just graduated from the German School in El Salvador. Throughout her life she has practised many activities, amongst the most important were: playing the piano, clarinet, ballet, jazz, lyrical & hip hop dances, horse ridding, kick boxing, karate, swimming, diving, surfing. She also enjoys, tennis, jogging, reading, music, meditation and painting. When she was 10 years old she won a medal for swimming, at 12 she won another in Karate, at 14 she won a scholarship of Dance at the Jazzing Dance Studio and another scholarship to go to Germany for being one of the best German speakers in her class. Her most significant achievement was when she got the highest grade in an aptitude test called APES which is very important in El Salvador. It is her ambition is to be a professional in the field of mechanics and electronics and help her country be more competitive in a globalised world.
ENGLAND - Danielle Lloyd
Danielle was born and raised in Liverpool, a city renowned for having some of the most beautiful buildings in the world, it has just been awarded the Capital of Culture 2008, but is perhaps best known for the pop group ĎThe Beatlesí and its football teams. Danielle completed her general education and went on to take advance science in Chemistry and Biology at College, plus a further course as a Beautician which included Indian Head Massage, this lead to her opening her own beauty shop. She also takes on modelling and promotional work. In her leisure time Danielle enjoys travelling, all types of dance, especially music that has a good beat, running (Ran for Liverpool), swimming and the gym (is an ex rather rusty gymnast ). Her motto would be "Life is to short so enjoy every minute of it whilst you can, but never be afraid to ask for help" another one comes from her mother which is: TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More.
ESTONIA - Moonika Tooming
Moonika grew up by in a small village by Lake Peipsi which is the biggest lake in Estonia. She has been studying music and piano for 17 years and is President of the Student Union in the Estonian Academy of Music. She also teaches singing in high school and conducts a secondary school childrenís choir. Next year she would like to continue her studies in Educational Management and in the future establish her own school of fine arts. Her hobbies are: Astrology, crafts, composing ballardís for very special friends, singing, and playing the piano. Her sporting interests are: swimming, aerobics, racket ball and ballroom dancing.
ETHIOPIA - Sayat Demessie
Sayat grew up in Addis Ababa, she has two sisters and one brother. She is now a student, with the ambition of qualifying as a Lawyer and eventually becoming a High Court Judge. In her leisure time she enjoys: Reading, writing poems and short stories, gymnastics, tennis, acting and dancing, including Latin, Hip Hop, modern and the Ethiopian traditional dance. Her motto is "Have faith, honesty, trust, loyalty as long as you live in this world".
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