Miss World 2004 - Contestants

FIJI ISLANDS - Aishwarya Sukhdeo
Aishwarya was born and brought up on Suva, the capital of Fiji. Fiji is a tropical island located in the Pacific Ocean with a multicultural population. 1995 she received her International baccalaureate Diploma, won various public speaking & essay writing contests, is a graduate with MBBS degrees is in her final year as a medical student and is due to graduate at the end of this year as a Doctor. During her studies she has worked as a trainee doctor in different countries helping humanity. During her leisure time Aishwarya enjoys: Kathak (Indian classical dancing), she is a green belt in Hapkido (Korean marshal arts), aerobics, jogging, walking, swimming, tennis modern & contemporary dance and public speaking. Her personal motto would be: "Live and let live".
FINLAND - Nina Johanna Tikanmaki
Nina was born in the city of Turku (former capital of Finland) and moved at the age of seven to Naantali, a small town on the S-W coast of Finland, where she obtained her high school diploma. Nina plans to take one year off her studies to fulfil her duties as Miss Finland, her ambition is to continue her studies either in Economics or Hotel Management at University level in either Finland or Switzerland. During her school holidays Nina has done a variety of jobs, one of the most interesting was working in a small local hotel and being with the exchange students teaching them Finnish or to ice skate. Hobbies include: Reading, sailing & travel. Her sporting interests are: Gymnastics, jogging and most types of dance i.e. modern, ballet, hip hop and break dance. Personal motto would be "Turn your face to the Sun and leave the shadows behind". 
FRANCE - Laetitia Marciniak
Laetitia grew up in a town in the North of France. She has completed her High School diploma and two years of the four year university course. Her ambition is to become a school teacher, especially to children who are unable to go to school due to ill health. She is a sportswoman, practising dance (jazz, modern and African), volley ball, fitness, running, swimming & motor cycle. She also gives sports lessons to children. Any spare leisure time she has is enjoying socialising with friends, travelling, and reading, listening to music and sketching. Laetitia is a godmother of the national association "Children’s Dreams" which has been in existence for 10 years. Her personal motto is "As long as there is a dream, there is some hope!".
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