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NAMIBIA - Adele Basson
Adele was born in Windhoek the capitol of Namibia. In 1996 she was chosen as an ambassador for her school and went to Germany as an exchange student,. At the end of 1997 she was fortunate again to be chosen to go to Nevada USA on a rotary exchange programme. 1998 chosen as Head Girl and awarded the Prestige shield for leadership. 1999 started studying for a Law Degree at the University of Stellebosch and successfully completed her studies. In January 2004 she enrolled at the University of Northwest for a six month practical Legal Training Diploma, was top of the class and invited to write articles for the circle magazine. Also during her school holidays in 1999 she took an exam and qualified as an Estate Agent (Realtor), this has enabled her to make a contribution towards her study costs. Adele’s ultimate goal is to be a Family Advocate. In her spare time she enjoys reading biographies, debating & oratory jogging and keeping fit in the gym. She has also had 3 years training in ballroom dancing and is an enthusiastic Formula One supporter.

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NEPAL - Payal Shakya
Payal was born and brought up in Katmandu, the capital of Nepal. She has one younger brother and one younger sister. She has completed her high school education, won first prize in Public speaking in a school competition and is now a management student. Payal was appointed a Conservation Ambassadress for the World Life Fund and Goodwill Ambassador for the Nepal Cancer Relief Society. In her leisure time Payal enjoys listening to music, cooking, swimming, playing badminton and has trekked in Everest areas. Personal motto is "Life is the gift of god but what you make out of your life, is your gift towards god

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NETHERLANDS - Miranda Slabber
Miranda was born and raised in the south of the Netherlands, in a small village named Arnemuiden, in the Zeeland area. It is a fairy-like place to live, with its beautiful beaches, dunes, walks and many dykes. Without which it would be flooded as it is also below the sea level. A lot of the local senior citizens still wear the folkloric costumes. From the age of 14 till 19 she trained and coached a korfball team and also enjoys ballroom and Latin American dancing, winning several prizes with her partner on a National Level. Having completed 4 years at Teachers Training College, she is now a Primary School Teacher. Her hobbies are: Drama, Formula 1 cars, listening to music, shopping and socialising with family and friends. Sporting activities are: boxercise, handball, korfball and dance.
NEW ZEALAND - Amber Jean Peebles
Amber was born in Wellington and grew up in Auckland, she now spends half her week with her family in Karaka, which is well known for its horse studs and sale yards, and the other half working in the city in broadcasting, she is also a qualified make up artist. Her ambition is to be an International TV Presenter. Her hobbies are: Art, Debate, Fashion Design, singing, rap and dancing Hip Hop and Rock n Roll. She also enjoys: kick boxing, swimming and going to the gym. Her personal motto would be: Honesty and integrity are the corner stones to success and with drive and ambition you can achieve any goal
NICARAGUA - Anielka Maria Sanchez-Castillo
Anielka was born and raised in a small city called Masaya, it is one of the best known cities in Nicaragua for its Folklore. She is currently in her last year at the University in Managua studying Economics. It is her ambition to graduated with Honours and go on to be a successful business owner. In her spare time she works as a fashion model and is a volunteer at the S.O.S. Children’s Village. Hobbies: Listening to music, reading drama & science fiction books, basket ball and the typical dances of her country, marimba, palo de mayo and folk. Interesting Fact: One of identical twins.
Her motto is " I can do anything I set my mind to
NIGERIA - Anita Uwagbale
Anita come from the Edo State in Nigeria and was brought up in Lagos, she studied accounting in Maddona University in Port Harcourt where she gained her pre-degree in Accounting, her ambition is to be a Chartered Accountant. Whilst at University she participated in most social activities and helped generate funds for charity. Anita enjoys traditional and many other forms of dance, listening to music, visiting and making friends. Her motto is 'Nothing good comes easy'.
NORTHERN IRELAND - Kirsty Anne Gabriel Stewart
Kirsty comes from Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. During her college years she was elected to the Shadow Youth Council and received an award from the Youth Mission and Northern Images. She attempted to master the guitar but soon realised it was not for her and joined the school choir. She also has a keen interest in sport: squash, swimming, boating, has played in the netball & basketball team, and was undefeated for three years in the high jump. Kirsty enjoys contemporary and modern dance, she has won medals for her Irish dancing. After completing her education, Kirsty started work for the family business as a sales assistant and trainee butcher, this she enjoyed immensely as it was a very sociable place to work. Now, since winning Miss Northern Ireland, it has paved the way to pursuing her dream in modelling or television, but no matter what path Kirsty chooses in life she is sure it will bring her happiness, peace and a sense of achievement.
NORWAY - Hega Torresdal
Hege grew up in a suburban area called Aksdal on the west coast of Norway, surrounded by forests, moors and the rural environment. She currently living in Bergen as a student of science studies. Her ambition is to be a veterinarian. Hege is also a keen footballer, and comes from a family deeply rooted in sports, both her parents are handball-coaches. Her interests span from football to jazz-ballet to golf and like many Norwegians she enjoy hiking in the mountains, in the winter she goes snowboarding. This fall she had planned to go to Australia to work on a horse-farm, in order to gain the experience required to enter the studies she is hoping to attend in England, but plans have been postponed until after the Miss World Final.
Her motto is "Carpe diem!", Seize the day! This defines her personality to a great extent, but she still does not take anything for granted
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