Miss World 2004 - Contestants

PANAMA - Melissa Del Carmen Piedrahita Melendez
Melissa has completed her high school education and is in her first year of University studying psychology, it is her ambition to be a psychologist.. Melissa enjoys the sport of boxing, professional salsa dancing and exercise. For the last eight years Melissa has been modelling in her spare time.
PARAGUAY - Tania Maria Domaniczky Vargas
Tania was born in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, which is known as "The heart of South America". She is studying Social Communications at the UNIDA University of Paraguay. She is at present entering the Media field, some of the activities include television programmes at the Paraguayan television, theatre workshops and dance festivals. In her leisure time she enjoys Paraguayan dance with the traditional Tenaha over the head, Paraguayan and Arabian Music, reading and painting and socialising with her large, extended family and friends. In sport she likes: Polo, handball and keeping fit
PERU - Maria Julia Mantilla Garcia
Maria Julia was born in Trujillo, a city on the north coast of Peru. She is currently studying to become a High School Teacher, but also plans to start a second career in Tourism in order to help promote all the interesting places of her hometown, which has the biggest archaeological monument on the coast of Peru, CHAN, a city made of sand. Three years ago Maria Julia was a national champion of Triathlon and Pentathlon, she considers it very important to combine intellectual affairs with sports as it is the only way to have balance. In her leisure time Maria Julia enjoys painting, watching movies, sport and dancing, she is a professional in the typical local dance, The Macarena . Her personal motto is "My family are my strength".
PHILIPPINES - Ma Karla Bautista
Karla was born in Cebu City. She is currently studying Mass Communication at the University of the Philippines in Dilman ,(having transferred on winning her national title, from the University of San Carlos Cebus where she was taking Philosophy). After completing her current degree she would like to go back and finish a degree in Philosophy as she considers this to be the right course for her pre-law. It is her ambition to become a broadcaster / lawyer. Karla is a good orator and writes inspirational stories for her school, she was a member of the Speech Club and is a thespian. Hobbies and leisure interests include: reading, writing essays, cooking, singing, badminton, swimming, fencing, Filipino folk dances and has a special talent for baton twirling
POLAND - Katarzyna Weronika Borowicz
Katarzyna lives in Ostrow Wielkopolski in Poland and is a student of the University Humanistic & Culture Science in Poznan. Her main aim is to carry on the family music tradition and perhaps record her own record. Since the age of 8 she has attend music school, played the piano and danced. Katarzyna used to belong to a Dance group, she enjoys singing, aerobics, sport and watching television.
PORTUGAL - Patricia Oliveira
Patricia grew up in Lisbon-Cacem, a town surrounded by beautiful gardens. She is currently in her first year in the faculty of Sport. She has two career ambitions; her principal ambition is to work as a children’s sports teacher but would like to combine this with the amazing world of fashion. Her proudest moment was when she had the opportunity of doing the rappel, escalada and slide. It made her believe that we can really fly and dream about all the things we always judge impossible. It gave the sensation of freedom. In her leisure time Patricia enjoys Volleyball, step, aerobics, dance (especially the Hip Hop), and listening to music. Her favourite motto is
"Each person who passes in our life doesn’t pass us quietly, because they leave a little of themselves and take a little of us. Nobody meets for no reason
PUERTO RICO - Casandra Castro Holland
Casandra was born in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, she is currently in her second year at the communications department of Sagrado Corazon University in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Her ambition is to continue her studies, complete her master’s degree and start her own agency in advertising and public relations. In her free time Casandra enjoys going to the movies, reading about social interests, acting, dancing the Latin dances, going to the beach with her friends, playing beach volleyball, practicing medication, and spending time with her family, Casandra is also a volunteer on the environmental commission for the conservation of Trees and uses her title to become an example to young women everywhere maintaining the idea of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’.
Her motto is "Limited exist only in the souls of those who do not dream
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