Miss World 2004 - Contestants

SCOTLAND - Lois Anna Weatherup
Lois grew up in Linlithgow, near Edinburgh, famous for its beautiful loch and Linlithgow Palace (birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots). Lois has a BA in Textile design from the Heriot-Watt University in Galashiels and has also been modelling part time. Her proudest moment was winning the Clayton Prize for originality whilst at school for designing and making an Indian Mask, this was the main feature in the art exhibition that year. In her leisure time Lois enjoys horse riding, drawing, sculpture, weave & textile design, fashion and socialising. Her ambition is to be a successful model
Julena was born in Sarajevo, but spent most her teenage years in Canada, she is now a grade twelve high school student, a member of the Serbian folklore ensemble and Serbian Theatre Company. Since the age of 15 she has had many part time jobs in fast food restaurants, movie theatres, clothing stores and church organisations organising charity events for children all over the world. Her hobbies are: dancing, jazz ballet, acting, fitness, camping, volleyball, basketball and tennis. She is a modern, ambitious girl well aware of her capabilities and goals, it is her ambition to study Child Psychology. Jelena’s motto would be "There is no happiness without sadness, and when we feel the worst, we learn to appreciate the best".
SINGAPORE - Shu Jun Lisa Huang
Shu Jun is a recent graduate from the University of Manchester having achieved and Honours Degree in Business Management. Her ambition is to be a successful lecturer as she has always had a passion for education and teaching. Currently Shu Jun is working as a model. Hobbies and sports interests are: Singing, dancing (including: Chinese, Malay, Indian and modern dance), photography, swimming, running, tennis and golf. She has also travelled extensively
SLOVAKIA - Maria Sandorova
Maria was born and grew up with her family in Kosice. She is currently in her second year of studies at the medical faculty at the University of Presov, nursing being her major. She works part time in a café. Maria enjoys studying foreign languages and reading non fiction as well as fiction and taking part in knowledge contests and quiz shows, she once had the opportunity of being part of "Who wants to be a millionaire?" and won approx 1,500 euros. Whilst at school/college Maria was part of the women’s soccer, handball and volleyball teams. She also enjoys: Aerobic’s, football, ice-skating disco and the Slovak national dance
SLOVENIA - Ziva Vadnov
Ziva comes from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It is called "The Garden of Europe" because of its great biodiversity and many green forests that cover the country. Since the age of 5 she has loved to dance and now has her own show dance group called ‘DIESEL’, which has appeared on TV Shows in Europe. She started learning German at the age of 8 and then later English, French and Spanish. Ziva is now a senior at the University of Social Sciences, studying sociology and management, she intends to complete her studies next year and then travel to widen her knowledge. During her school breaks she works to enable her to have the money to travel once her studies are completed. Her other interests include: reading, cycling, skiing, swimming, athletics, roller blading, travel and dancing. Personal motto is: "Never be sorry if a specific decade in your life is finished, be happy that you lived it
SOUTH AFRICA - Joan Kwena Ramagoshi
Joan grew up with her family in a small town called Mamelodi, in Pretoria, and is currently staying in Johannesburg. Having completed her matric certificate she went on to study Public Relations & Business Communications at College. After which she worked as a Manager at a clothing store and a volunteer at a place called NAPWA (a national association for people living with HIV/AIDS). She is currently enjoying her year as Miss South Africa. Her ambition is to become a successful business woman and run her own business in corporate clothing and events management.. Joan enjoys: Horse-riding, tennis, netball reading, dancing especially ballroom and the traditional "sotho" dance. Her motto is "The sky is the limit. Dream big as everything is achievable
SPAIN - Maite Medina Cerroto
Maite comes from Barcelona, the capital city of the region of Catalonia, in the north east of Spain. She has a degree in taking care of children under five years of age, and hopes that one day she will run her own kindergarten. In her leisure time Malte enjoys travelling, socialising with friends, skiing, ice-skating, fishing and riding a bike. Her favourite motto is: "Carpe Diam" which means Enjoy the Moment.
SRI LANKA - Anarkalli Jay
Anarkalli was born and raised in the capital Colombo, she is an only child of parents who are both in the film industry. Anarkalli started acting from the age of nine and has appeared in cinemascope movies and TV Dramas, she attended drama school and is now an Actress. Her ambition is to become an Ambassador for UNICEF. Her hobbies include: writing speeches, writing songs and designing clothes. Sporting interest are: Netball, basketball, cricket, croquet, bowling, pool, athletics, Western dancing and Kandyan Dancing. Her personal motto is "Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else".
ST LUCIA - Sascha Andrew-Rose
Sascha was raised in Rodney Bay on the beautiful island of St Lucia. It is a quiet little town which is very tourism oriented and has easy access to some of the top resorts on the island. Whilst growing up she was a member of the Squash Tournament Team, took part in extra curricular activities such as netball, drama and chess. She has successfully attained A-level passes in Mathematics, Economics and Management of Business as well as an Advanced Subsidiary pass in General Paper. Her next goal is to attain a Bachelors in computer Information Systems and Business, she eventually hopes to run her own multinational company. During her school holidays she has worked on various projects in her parents company and for a local ice cream company. Sasha also enjoys reading and socializing. Her motto would be: "Your dreams are as magical and attainable as you make them, and in order to achieve them, you have to believe that you can".
SWEDEN - Helena Hietonsson
Helena lives in a little town named Kalmar, situated in the south east part of Sweden, with her parents and elder sisters. Having completed nine years of schooling, she is currently working as a waitress. Her ambition is continue her studies in to the medical field and in the future qualify as a doctor. Her dream is to live by the ocean and enjoy nature, in her spare time she enjoys horse ridding and socialising with friends. Music is another interest of Helena’s
Fiona was born in Zurich, spent two years from the age of 3 in Tunisia, (due to her fathers work). At 16 again her family moved, this time to Paris and she spent two years in high school, after which she finished her secondary education in Zurich. On completion of her general education she took a year off and went traveling around Europe. On completion of her travels he resumed her studies at University in psychology, pedagogic, languages, art and sports. Her ambition is to be a primary school teacher. Hobbies include: Reading, Cooking, and most sport, tennis, aerobics, dance and driving. Her personal motto would be "Treat all people like you want to be treated

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