Miss World 2004 - Contestants

UGANDA - Barbara Kimbugwe
Barbaraís home is in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, characterized for its warm welcoming people and beautiful environment. Having just completed her A level education she is waiting to join university. In addition to her education she is also a television presenter on 3W.com, a programme, which explores local city life style. Her dream is of becoming a famous movie star. Interests/hobbies are: Meeting different people, interacting, cooking local dishes and those from different cultures, basketball and performing both the Magunju and Bakisimba local dances. Her motto is "Try and fail but never fail to try".
UKRAINE - Lesya Matvyeyeva
Lesva was born in the beautiful Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Having just received the Specialist degree, diploma in jurisprudence, she is continuing with the study of journalism and TV Art. And combines this with working at Inter, a TV channel where she assists with the lessons of skill of oration and style of speaking. Lesya ambition is to create her own TV Programme. Hobbies: reading, mainly classical literature, psychology and oriental philosophy, acting, Latin & ballroom dance, yoga and travel. Sporting interests are figure skating, callisthenics, karate, and riding.
Favourite motto is " Itís not beauty that will save the word, but the beauty of the human deed"
UNITED STATES - Nancy Randall
Nancy was born in Brazil, her mother was a Brazilian model & Carnival Celebrity, her father an American mathematician. The early years were spent in Ipanema, then at age 8 she moved with her family to New Orleans and graduated high school at 18. New Orleans is an exciting place, the birthplace of Jazz. Creole and Cajun culture and the excitement of Mardi Gras, a stunning city with both with Spanish and French influences. After her graduation from University she worked as a managing editor on the Journal of Latin American Anthropology and held a position at Chicagoís main history museum organising exhibitions. Her long term ambition is to become a cultural anthropologist, eventually earning her PhD and teaching at a major research university.
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