20.05.07. Rajesh Chopra. LiveIndia.com New delhi.
Has our Police become incompetent ??? This is a very wrong approach. Why are people blaming police? Police dept. is restricted. They also have their limits. Today people have high expectations from police, which is higher then their capabilities. What can Police dept. do?

Today aspirants willing to join police force have to mortgage their homes so that they can feed officials with that money as to get into the dept. Then they have to spend money for promotions and they also have to spend money so that they can be posted at a location where they can get handsome bribes. Once they buy posting at a good location, it is now that they make huge profits and cover the entire amount they had earlier invested with huge interest. It is their job to send the share till top level.

Except this a normal police officer has to take proper care of all VIP’s, Politicians, and other influential and rich people. His mind is always busy in chalking out new schemes to generate more and more money & how to capture different innocent individuals in his trap.

If you think after being so busy with so many things a police officer will have time to think about general public then what you are thinking is wrong.

The only way out is that for our own security public should formulate efforts on its own or government should construct a new agency which works for Public and shouldn’t do mistake of naming it as Police. Rajesh Chopra. LiveIndia.com New delhi.

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