Warning to Government, Judiciary and other Authorities.
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What is happening out here? Helpless people are being forced to die out of starvation, Why? Today helpless people have been forced to stand on streets of delhi and abuse The government with slogans. Is govt. trying to launch a Civil war In this state or what? The first and foremost statement that is written in our constitution is that
only guilty should be punished. Today all these so called markets and shops are being sealed, is government and other important authorities arenít responsible for it?

For Eg.From a residential colony govt generates three diff kinds of revenue which are House tax, Electricity charge and Water charge. Suppose govt. generated 100rs  from this colony every month or year. And suppose after sometime 20 percent of colony starts commercial activity on their respective property. Accordingly government started charging these twenty percent for commercial house tax, commercial water charge and commercial electricity bill which is a bit costlier than residential 
usage,  Whereas According to govt. it never provided any facility which could help residence owner start commercial activity on their property. If that is so then why are they being charged for commercial usage? Apart from this they were also charged sales tax and income tax. So lets assume that revenue increased from 100rs to 300rs.So my question is where did that 200rs go??

If Govt would have bothered to invest those extra 200rs on building infrastructure of that area, by building parking, Better roads etc etc.Then today there wouldnít have been any problem in the city at all. So who is responsible for all this loss?

Since last 50 years all these unauthorized activities are being done without any restriction from govt, so how is a common man supposed to know that its not right? People have been selling their property for last so many years to buy shops in these markets which have been declared unauthorized. And for last so many year general customer is also going to all these shops for shopping, So why would any new enterant buy a shop at such a place which is authorized but no customer goes there. Who is to be held responsible for all this Shop owners, Customers or govt. which didnít did anything at that time. From every angle only govt is to be held responsible. So why are normal people being punished??

Today in our country one can very easily find corruption is every thing that is directly related to govt. like in Govt Tenders. An engineer creates a situation without any need, his senior permits him to go forward. they approach a supplier who submits three or four tenders and one having lowest rates is accepted by these officials. They
take the bill from these suppliers, give supplier the cheque for the amount in the bill on paper but under the table supplier returns these officials 80% of that bill which goes in their personal account. Today numerous scams are coming in front of us, but in reality these are only 1% of the total scam which none is able to track. 

Today in Politics everyone is becoming backstabber. The only reason these ppl want to come in power is because once a in power then you are open to do all forms of corrupt activity and earn huge chunks of money. And height of foolishness is that these corrupt politicians are provided with police guards to guard their bodies and cars with Red lights over the top. Whereas these are the only main criminals our country has. If anyone finds these words offensive or wrong then 
can you tell if they are so innocent why are these politicians against sting operations? if they are so innocent then what are they scared of? What is it that they donít want general public to know? 

Grave truth is that Everyone from top to bottom all of them are corrupt. They are thieves behind the dress of a politician or govt officer. These satans should be ashamed of themselves.

Donít test power and patience of general public. Alone if all the protestors against demolition join hand they can do anything possible because of their large number. They can shut down operations in PM house, Supreme court, High court. May be then only these top officials will realize our power.

One cn die with a police bullet in his chest but not with starvation. No one can see his own family and family of his employ die out of starvation. Government, judiciary and other authorities shouldnít forget they are here for Public not against Public. They get their salaries from public's money .
Rajesh Chopra. www.LiveIndia.Com

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What is happening out here? Helpless people are being forced to die out of starvation, Why?