MPs leave their sprawling bunglows in Lutyens Delhi
Rajesh Chopra 
What does the Govt expect from people who have been running there business & livelihood from their respective places for past 20 or 30 years ? That they should shut down their shops & look for a shop in a Mall ?? By the way, where are the Commercial Shops & Malls in Delhi & how many do we have ? There will be approx 3,50,000 shops to be shut, are there even 10% of the so called commercial shops available in Delhi ?? So what about the balance people & what about the people who cant even afford to buy a shop ? Should they retort to crime to feed their family's ?? Should they leave their family's to die or beg on the streets because the Govt has now woken up & have come out with these reforms with RETROSPECT effect ?? 
Why doesnt Govt or the Hon'ble Court & look within themselves & their souls that they are previlged to have sprawling bunglows in several acres with beautiful drive ways & lawns, in the most prime locations of New Delhi. Why should they be having such previleges, whereas a common man who contributes to the exchequer of the govt & also contributes to the salary of these respectable & the previleged, is not allowed to operate from his shop of 10' x 10' which has been a livelihood of his family for past 20 years or more ?? The Honble Court says that places like Sadar Bazar, Kashmere Gate, Pahar Ganj etc are Residential Areas & are being misused Commercially !! I would like to know that now since the Court has officially announced that the above areas are residential & have stopped the commercial activity's in these areas, so does that mean that the public will shift to these places & start living there ?? And if at all these are residential areas & provide a good quality life & atmosphere then why dont these be occupied by the above said officials & rather they should volunteer to live here with their family's & leave their sprawling bunglows in Lutyens Delhi !!!!!

Judiciary should work in a constructive manner & give justice to people rather than destructing people. 
It is noteworthy that our Judicial machinery considers killing of a Black Buck as more serious than killing of a Jessica Lal !!!! This says it all !!!!!!!

Its high time that govt should think about the interests of the inhabitants of Delhi and find logical ways out to achieve the best ways instead of this Emergency kind of rule or this Heirarchy Orders as to "Do or Die". 
Democracy is said to be the Govt of the People, for the People, by the People. Whereas in present situation it seems - its Govt of the Courts, for the Courts, by the Courts !!! 
Then do we actually need a Govt ???????????

There is evident lobbying, the lobby of the Mall Builders, the lobby of the Giant Industrialist who are getting into Retail business, the lobby of the Multi National Company's which are already knocking doors to enter Retail business in India.
It seems the Govt is laying path for these Capitalist to come & rule us & ruin us !!

They want to make Delhi like Paris, and they want to facelift the city for the 1 lakh visitors who will visit Delhi in 2010 !!! 
Wow !!! 
What a shame !!! 
To impress 1 lakh tourist which will visit Delhi for 10 days & go back, probably never to come back again, to impress them at the cost of effecting lives of almost 70 - 80 lakh people & leaving them jobless on the streets of the newly turned Paris. And this New Paris with a dented exchequer & revenue loss due to closure of these shops, poorer delhites turning to crime will certainly shout slogans of  "Atithi Devo Bhava"

Has the Judiciary & the Govt thought of some other improvements too as required to turn Delhi into an International City ?? Have they looked around & seen the corruption within their own Deptt, under their own nose happening ? Have they seen lack of civic amenities ? Have they seen lack of water & electricity ? Have they seen the condition & situation of our means of Transport & Trains ? Have they looked back & noticed that what contribution has been done by them to beautify Delhi ? Have they constructed even 1 Building since 1947 which is worth talking about or is of any international standard. The only 1 was the Vikas Minar which was on International level but now see the dilapidated condition of this also. All the talked about structures in Delhi are the ones that were made by the British prior to 1947 & nothing more has been ever done & rather even they are not well looked after. See the skyline of Delhi as made by our own Govt, you will see ugly, unkept & dilapidated structures all over the city.

Would this not give a bad impression to our 1 lakh guests ?? "Atithi Devo Bhava" ??

Yes I also agree that also WE as public had also gone way beyond too much & spoilt our city & always thought that all we do, we can get away with it, scot free. Ofcourse the law has to be strict & stringent but at the same time, the law enforcers have to keep in mind that they have to achieve their planned target of rectifying the skyline of Delhi but at the same time they also have to see that there are human lives effected & connected with this. So they should have done it with a more careful study conducted by a Comittee keeping in mind all the pros & cons and should have come out with an Instrument or a Yard Stick to rectify & facelifting Delhi. They should have kept in their mind also their own incapacity to provide equal number of Authorized Commercial premises before uprooting the public by closing down almost 3,50,000 shops.

Jhuggi clusters on Govt land are demolished & are given a 1 month Notice, they are also provided with compensations by various Political Party's, whereas we are being uprooted from our own land which we own, without any Notice or without being heard & ofcourse no Political Party's even come to our rescue, leave alone any compensation they dont even raise their voice to find out a citizen friendly solution to this situation.

What a shame !!!!

Warning to Government, Judiciary and other Authorities. Rajesh Chopra
Has Delhi again gone under dictatorship or is any emergency? Rajesh Chopra

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What does the Govt expect from people who have been running there business & livelihood from their respective places for past 20 or 30 years ?