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Educating the girl child is most important: Priyanka Chopra
Shefali Sagar, Merinews 24 May 2007, Thursday 

Apart from setting the screen ablaze, Priyanka is well-informed, well-read and socially aware of her surroundings and makes no bones in drawing attention to issues such as education, female infanticide and foeticide that inspire her. 

If you thought you’d seen all of Priyanka on screen, think again - she is much more than a mere pretty face. In this interview Priyanka reveals her political thoughts and social leanings as flamboyantly as her on-screen acting. 

What are the social issues you feel strongly about?
I feel strongly about many things but the most important are educating the girl child and female infanticide and foeticide. I think it is extremely important to educate the girl child in our country. It is time that people realised that a girl can, is and will be stronger than boys. It is very important that a girl is educated and is self dependent. Only then will she be able to raise a better family and in turn a better society.

I have seen in affluent urban families female foeticide take place and it is absolutely shocking that in today’s day and age people still prefer a boy over a girl. This is absolutely wrong and we should collectively as a society do something about it and fast.

I am also pro research…
I think sources of alternate energy and its use should be worked upon as soon as possible. We take all that we have for granted because it is in abundance without realising that if we do not stop exploiting our environment there will be nothing left for our future generations. 

I also feel strongly about Thalsemia. Much is being done about cancer and AIDS which is fine and needed as well but I don’t see much happening for thalesemic children in this part of the world. I would certainly like to take up this cause and do something for them.

Are you attached to any of these social causes and how?
Yes, I am and since things are just about starting to take shape I prefer not to talk about it at this point in time.

Do you keep track of current issues?
Ye, I do. I watch news, read newspapers and keep myself abreast with what’s happening around the world.

Favourite world leader and why?
Oh, you’ve put me in a fix by asking about a world leader…mmmm

Ok, an Indian leader?
I really admire our President, Dr Kalam. He is an educated leader with an outlook that is much beyond petty politics. I admire the work that he does in the field of education as that is the crux of the society that needs to be addressed in India. He realises the potential today’s children have and has a vision for tomorrow’s India. He is a very sober, intelligent, noncontroversial and a dedicated ‘First Citizen of India’ and I have a lot of respect for him.

What are your views on the current political and social scenario in India?
Oh politics in India is colourful, it is very interesting. It is very easy for us as citizens to sit and pass judgments on what is going wrong in the society but I think we need to look at ourselves first. Do we pay our taxes? What do we as citizens do to make our society better? Where taxes are concerned, the film fraternity in India is the highest tax paying community. 

Another question one should ask is-- do you go and vote? If you don’t then you are instrumental in sending the wrong candidate to the assembly to represent you. It is a choice you make. 

Also, do we take education seriously? If each family is determined to educate its children, the system would change on its own. It is all very cyclical but education is the very basis of everything. We would have good politicians / leaders if we have an educated society, then politics would be more positive than colourful!

What is a change that you aspire to see in India?
Outlook of a normal Indian, that is how we can make a difference. Our country has immense potential. Half of the professionals in America are Indians, if you remove them from there US would crumble. We should use the potential we have for the good of our country. We should take a stand and not take things lying down. Where politics and leadership are concerned we need younger educated politicians to bring about a revolution in this country.

Do you think cinema can bring about a social change?
Of course, films are a very important medium to convey a social message and can bring about a change. Having said that, I also think that social liberty and space to create should be given to filmmakers. This is a democracy and we are free to say what we want to. It is not necessary that every film should carry a message, the people need to realize that this is a film and not real. I have been extremely lucky to be associated with some good cinema myself. 

Your message to your fans….
I have said a lot about the causes that I feel strongly about. If they can take up even one of them, it would bring great happiness and satisfaction to me.