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Respected Priyankaji, I saw FASHION. I think you deserve an OSCAR. Now we can say to HOLLYWOOD. HEY WATCH OUT. Please accept my HEARTIEST RESPECT. GOD BLESS YOU    MUKESH KHANNA (NOT FROM MAHABHARAT) 
mukesh khanna" <khannamukesh@hotmail.com>
hi priyanka di i am your biggest fan i really like you .you are very beautifull my faimily also like you,you are very quite you are looking very beautifull in indian dresses i love you can i talked to you please give your contact number or chating with me my name is also priyanka bansal please be my friend take care and contact me soon my contact no is  i am from delhi i love you please friendship with me
Priyanka Pradeep" <priyankapradeep87@yahoo.com
hi priyanka, Hope u r in best of ur health? i dnt know what happen i just went to ur website and saw that u r a cancerian like me , pehle mujhe lagta that all cancerians are emotional fools like me and life mein  dreams bahut dekhte hai par pura nahi kar patre , par tumko dekhkar , i feel very good , even i had a big dream since childhood but now it has been shattered, anyways can we be friends, i know its not normal for u to be  a friend with  a normal unknown  person but anyways thought to welcome u in my life. take care.With loads of love,Moomal,
moomal 83" <moomal83@gmail.com>
Saw Fashion yestrday eating a plate of parathas.Found the movie intresting.Would like to compliment you on the work.Here life is living on the edge as trying to establish a base is tough job,especially when you have been away from friends for long.I rang your secrertary on 12 for a meeting but it did not work out. Why dont you hire a footpath outside your house it will be comfortable for me as long as I can get your glance.I have found my place as an oscar omen this year too. Would let you know about it later.What keeps us away is probably a materialistic gap which happens to be criterion of the society that happens to surround you.My values are basically centred around god and spiritual satisfacdtion although I have seen everything that materialists cannot buy for billions. My younger siswter is getting married in January,that is one of the preoccupations in the mind. Her fiancee is in An american bank in Singapore.Good reason to be around home.I am trying to establish a solid foundation of matters pertaining to l independencde ,when you are watched at every step by people who are looking for an excuse to pull you down.The day I get my target I will be in front of you as a surprise.Doing some resarch on a story as well.Busy trying to frame destiny of millions of subjects as well.Soldiers salvation is the theme of the work withg some characters that you can recognize.Wont go back to the green lobby that is certain.
Yours truly Manvendra "manvendra khati" <manvendra_k1@rediffmail.com>
hey...Im Tashna...im 14 yrs old and im writting this email to u from australia...( adelaide) ....and i think u just recently came here!! LOL anyways...
To tell u the truth im not going to say to u rite now that im ur " biggest fan" beacuse i noe im not....im just someone who finds u extremly talented.....and plus i think who eva writes to u...they probably say..." IM ur biggest fan"...LOL...anyways....im not even sure that u got my email that im writting rite now but if u do get this even if u read this in the next 5-15 yrs ...plzz. do reply bak!!! lol....anyways...one more thing....I just wanted to say that..if you dont mind can i call u "Didi" plzz...lol....dont mind but i always wanted a didi but never got one..lol...anyways.." Didi"...take care ....and i will always luv u..and i wish u all the gud luck for ur future...bye bye...love from ur younger Sister...Tashna...
Tashna" <indian-chic-2u@hotmail.com>
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Hi Priyanka this is Deepu and I am a favourite fan of yours. Your movie fashion was brilliant, acting NO 1. Priyanka I would appreciate it if you can personally email me. I live in Canada, city (Toronto). I would like to discuss about how can I pursue my career in acting. I always wanted to become an actor and I'm only 21 yrs old. If you can please email me with some tips on acting I will appreciate it. I am coming to India on December 3rd so I was wondering and I know it is hard but if I can just meet with you. After watching fashion I just want to speak with you. My cell phone number is 4164003112 and my home nmber is 4166587259. Please if you can call me or give me your number. Im Indian just to let you know. My backrounf is India my father is from Delhi and my mother is from Punga Haryana (Punjab) But I was born in Canada.  Yes I speak Hindi and Punjabi very well. So I hope I get in touch with you. Email me or sms me even phone me. Thanks Priyanka. Take care
amandeep singh" <ultimatedesi14@hotmail.com>
Hi Priyanka,
Hope you are doing good. I am not sure if you will receive this mail, but I am trying my luck hoping that you would receive it and reply to it.
This is definitely the most craziest thing I have done till date. I am not the kinds who would ever send a mail to any actor/actress but there is a reason behind this one. I know you have probably heard this a thousand times before but my husband, Rahul is totally crazy about you. He is probably one of your biggest fans. He finds you fascinating, sweet, beautiful, hot, down-to-earth, kinda like a girl next door. He calls me PC (Princess Charming) but then there is also another full-form for it..Priyanka Chopra. So I guess you know how much he adores you if he can call me that! :)
He has your picture as his wall paper on his computer. He hasn't changed this since the past 4 years!! Even after we got married 7 months ago after dating for 6 years, he didn't change it in spite of a lot of people telling him that now that he is married, another woman on his screen is not a good idea:) But he is so charmed and floored by you that there is nothing in this world which will make him change his wall paper!
We saw your movie "Dostana" last Friday and were quite impressed by it. You have acted brilliantly and it was good to see the chemistry between Abhishek, John and you. (Personally, I went to see John whereas my hubby went for YOU!)
I just have a small request from you. I would really appreciate it if you could reply to this mail. Also would appreciate if you post an autographed picture of yourself. I would love to gift it to Rahul as a surprise. He would love this gesture.
Thanks in anticipation.Warm Regards,Shweta
P.S: Rahul doesn't know about this mail so hoping for a positive response from you so that I can complete my surprise
Shweta Ganguly" <shwetajhawar@gmail.com>Add sender to Contacts 
hiii priyanka....I am a big diehard fan of you....I really admired you from the first time I saw you in The Hero...But I became your fan when I saw you with the cricket commentry team with Sastry and wasim....just before the release of mujhse shaddi karogi..actually the girl whom i love is very much lookalike  you ...... due to which my heart beat increases  whenever i see you in   any movie or any photo of yours....I am really a shy guy and havent proposed yet..... I am really confused whom to propose... I think you are a better choice as I am really in love with you after seeing your stunning performance in FASHION and Eye captivating looks in DOSTANA...I am from a small town ranchi....Waiting for your reply....
shashanka jamuar" <sjamuar07@gmail.com>
Hello Dearest Priyanka, My lots of blessings are with you, you dont know me but i am completely awaired of your life, you cannot judge how much i feel to see you.I have almost 2000 of you pictures which i have collected since last 5 years.I wont hesitate to say its Love or well wishes whatever, but the moment I saw you for the first time I told my friends that she will be on the top of Bollywood. I saw ur first movie and I claimed that she has the best tellent and potential in the bollywood acctresses.It is my dream of life to see you live at onece in my life and have a snap with you. God knows this wish will be granted or not ?Let me tell you a little about myself. I am Shahid Khan, Lives in Lahore, Pakistan.I am a business graduate and now serving on a very seniour position in a MNC. Its my daily routiene I see your pics since last 5 years, daily ......................Now a days I am trying to search for your childhood pics I already had 4 pics but looking for more. i havent misssed any single movie of yours.I love your attitude, behaviour, style, expressions, the way you speak, the way you appear in the shows, parties etc etc. as I told you my prayers and blessings will be with you as long as I live and after that too..Lots of LOVE, I will be intouch with you soon.If you replyed me I think that willl be the most luckiest moment of my life.Best regards, UR FAN No 1......Shahid Khan
Shahid Rafique Khan" <shahidrk1@yahoo.com>
hi priyanka,this is satabdi from kolkata,one of your biggest fan ever.true fact is that i have been bowled by your beauty and execllence in acting.i had watched your latest film FASHION for thrice alrady.You are superb. You rock. Really i wish all the best for ur future but there is a little request from my side,plese do send me a feed back after getting my email. i know you are very busy personality but hopefully i will be that lucky to get a reply from you..just i am looking forward for your reply aur may god bless you.keep smiling..
satabdi dutta" <satabdi_dutta2007@yahoo.co.in>
hi priyanka.....
last week i saw fashion.....your work was fabulous.....it was a mind blowing experience for me.....i want to say something like that......
"aasman mein lakho sitaren timtimate hain par unse chandani nahi hoti,ik chand hi bas aisa hota hai jiski chandani se virangi nahi hoti"
u r such a that kind of person.....i know that ki tum mere liye bas ek khwab ho.....
main chahoonga ki is neend se main kabhi na uthoon....main us pal ka hamesha intezaar karoonga jis pal main tumhe ik nigah bhi dekh loon.......
hope u will always rock da screen n a heartly wish for ur upcoming movies.....u always glitter in such a way that thousands of stars together will not able to glitter like u....have a fabulous future ahead.....
good bye ATUL JINDAL" <forever_aj@yahoo.co.in>
hi Priyanka,
Yesterday i saw your movie fashion. You were superb there and i hope from you to see more powerful roles like these. I'm really happy that Fashion is being appreciated and hope for a big sucess. 
Best of luck for Dostana
Sumit Bajracharya" <sumit2sun@yahoo.com>

I started liking u when i saw ur movie KISMAT it was just fantastic and u were absoulutely amazing.I started liking u for one more reason also, the girl with whom i was in love "i said i was in love" she lookes like u.You r very beautiful and u deserve to be MISS WORLD. I liked Krish very much, your combination with Hritik was superb. U lookes amazing when u r in indian dresses.Will u please send me ur wallpaper in which u r in saree and the wallpaper which u like most of yourself.
Whatever happens in ur life pls keep smiling because when u smiles, u smiles with heart.I m sending u one wallpaper which i like most.
Once again happy birthday.Your small brother
Sameer from Bhilai, Chattisgarh
Dear,priyanka di my name is ajia i'm 16 years old, i'm your biggest fan in the world.I really love you from the bottom of my heart.Happy Birthday,May you have alot of birthdays with full of success,joys and happiness.Priya di i think that you have never read your fans mail,or never replied to anyone.I've a very small request that, whenever you read my mail plz,plz,plz,pllleeez reply me in atleast a single word.You're so special to me like a sister,i'm not your fan i'm your sister,and i'll pray to allah that he will gives you alot of success and happiness.Insha-allah,ap humari duaon sey bohat taraki karein gi,aik suggestion hai k ap apne fans say kabhi moh na morna kyoun ki apko ye success unhi ki duaon aurhonsla-afzaye say milli hai,Mujhey umeed too nahi karni chahiye par umeed par duniya qaeem hai is liye main apke reply ka intezaar karoon gi please Sis reply zaror karna.All the best,Love you,take care and again Happy Birthday.your's Ajia
Hi Priyanka 
Congratulation on You Birthday I am waiting ur bithday Now time have come 18 July Ur birthday, God bless in ur Birthday, God kiss in ur Birthday, God love in ur Birthday Kiss for Ur Birthday Kiss for Ur BirthdayKiss for Ur Birthday Kiss for Ur BirthdayKiss for Ur BirthdayKiss for Ur Birthday
ANAND KISHOR" <anandloveyou@gmail.com>
hi priyanka, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. i m big fan of urs and wnt 2 meet u once in my life. do you remember when u came ahmedabad i think 4 years ago for an opening ceremony of Personal Point, the owner Mr. Nitin Patel. he is my masa.   ok bye best of luck 4 ur career. god bless u!!!
"rumit patel" <rumit_patel1@yahoo.co.in>
hi priyanka,
im praveen from new delhi im ur biggest fan u have ever head ,i have all the dvd's and vcd's of ur all the movies u r the best actress i have ever seen
from so many days i was searching for ur email id or ur contact no.and i got it today.u look very beautifull in salwaar kamiz specially the one you sported in waqt.
u know i have three of the four walls of my room are full with ur poasters.im sure u would be wondering what abt the fourth wall actually that one
is for my parents.i like my parents very much.i can do anything for my parents and you.on ur birthday i tried to get ur address so i can send 
u a gift but my bad luck i did't get ur adress.still i wish you a prosperous and happy life . i have  a request to you .
 plz reply to this mail if you even writ one word i will be more than happy
praveen meena" <akon_rocker@yahoo.co.in>
Priyanka Chopra's , Happy Birthday and I wish you have many more to come. We love you; now please don't forget that!!!!!!! and one more thing i like to say you are an icon to others,  a source of strength to others. However, to me you are a Saint and all of the above. once again Happy Birthday may you see many more. God bless and keep you well.this is my very first email to you please dont forget to read and replay
 thank you zubair "zubair uddin" <triplez@hotmail.co.uk>
Dear Priyanka Chopra ,
            Related Happy Birthday . I know that ur B´day is on 18 July but I m mailing u now bcause My internet connection is not working and this email I am
mailing u from my grandfathers computer . I am the biggest fan of urs . On ur birthday is my fathers birthday . And I m very happy .So keep smiling .
Love Ananya Reply me .Ananya Panda" <ananya22apr@yahoo.co.in>

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