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Pryinka.i read your email.i love you so much.plz pryinka my english is so weak.but i like you so much.how many brother and sister do you have.and what is your mobile number.
plz send me i am big fan of you.plz plz
sajid durrani" <sajid_durrani2002@yahoo.com> 
I am 38 years old. I came back from delhi since 2 weeks. I have a friend in the capital. And during my journey i discovored the film Don with you priyanka...
Honestly, you are marvellous and i was surprise by the difference beetwen bollywood films and Don. Ok it's bollywood to, but there are something more different and interesting. I have a question? Do you think that Roma and Don come back for Don " le retour" or the second part... Honestly, i hope so. Because i am a fan about your country, sharuk and you...and cinéma..And a fisrt scene is in Paris!!! Fabulous and we are sensible about this.
And the enterview of sharuk in Paris, genial...Well si you maybe for the part two...Have a nice day and be continue your ascension..Véronique from France
giauffret veronique <giauffretv@yahoo.fr>
hi namastehow are you?im finei hope your fine too
i am 18 yeard old and im your biiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggggggggg fan
i really love your films mostly your dances and acting!!!
i always wait for your new films!!
take care 
keep it upbye
your biggest fan
"K. Ahmad" <larki_punjaban_no1@yahoo.de>
Hi Priyanka,My name is Manisha and i am emailing you form london. I am one of your biggest fans and i just love your work. I loved you waqt the race against time and in many more of your movies you have done.I met you at the zee carnival 2007 on a friday and i gave you two gifts i am not sure if you remeber. I also saw you in harrow town center when you were shooting for app ki khatir but did not get a chance to talk or meet you then as there was to much of a growd.You are not only a greate actress but your also really very pretty and i have read your interviews and from there that your a wonderful person. I know that your a really bussy person, and i also know that you must be gettin alot of email from fans like me but i am your hugets fan ever. I would be very greateful  if you did reply back. good luck with all you do. And i really hope to hear from you. Take Care Love form Manisha age 16 from london
"Manisha Asher" <manishaasher@hotmail.co.uk>
Heya Sunshine 
I know that you have a really really busy life and as a fan I understand that. I too have a busy life. I hope you do not mind that I write from time to time and mainly I like to write you poetry if that is ok with you. I am ever so happy for you that you are living your dreams, there is another fan of yours we met about a month ago online, she really adores you and she has made your popularity grow loads with many people she speaks so highly of you, i love talikng to her on MSN because she tells me things about you that I did not know or something new from recent interviews(really nice things like your favourite perfume, your personality traits ect). The reason why I am saying this is becasue of the way that you are you have inspired her to be a better person, you know she is really young (13) but she looks up to you and has learned to really respect herself dearly by listening to what you say in some of your interviews, so that to me is inspiring and I truly thank you for being the wonderful way that you are. You are doing good things that surpass all the bad things that we may sometimes see on television and in films. So from me and her Thank YOU. Another thing that you should know I always ask her to pray for you and your family everyday and since she became a muslim not so long ago and I became one 8 years ago, then we do not only pray for you and your family once a day but five times a day everyday. I am 27 years old and my name is richard. I am gonna right some short song if we can call it that, i hope you have enjoyed the poems i sent you previously
richard Caycedo <richialex@hotmail.com>
hi Priyanka....
well there are no words to say how beautiful u r.... u are amazing.... i m a fan of urs.... but this is regarding my friend.... she is absolutely crazy about u... she admires u.... she is really really crazy n u would never believe how much.... she simply loves u..... it would be really nice of u if u respond....
hope to get a response...
"megha sinha" <justforu_megs@yahoo.co.in>
Darling Mimi,
I'm a graet fan of U-from Sri Lanka. I love to see Ur success always.I'm same age of U. U are so beautiful & talented.U look so innocent in "KRISH"and U look like a hollywood star in "DON"
darling mimi I would be very happy if I hear from U.so when U get a free time please don't forget to reply me.because I would be honestly happy if U could reply me. Bye !!! Love U always .....................! 
love from Anjalee
"Thanushka Suria-arachchi" <thanu_su@yahoo.com>
hi pryinka,
                 I am one of your Fan in the crowd of millions of your friends.I have seen all of your movies.I have one dream and that is to meet you once in my life .Ya i rember you came to australia in 2006 ,i read in one of the local indian news paper of sydney ,May be next time.By the way i am studing social work in sydney .Any way please reply me ,i will be waiting for your reply.
vishnu patel <rahuaka@yahoo.com.au>
hi priyanka sister,
                            actually i m not an indian,but i like way of ur acting in the film,specially( musa shadi karooke) ur way of acting realy very charming and the performance of the stage is really perfect and non other heroine cant challenge to u.really i love all ur film and you know i choice you as my best herione.
my name is TASHI TSERING and i am a tibetan(maybe u know or not)m not sure...
i was refuge india since age 3 and go to school in the TCV(tibetan children village school) from 2003 till now i always look ur film in the eargely.
best of luck for ur future and hope u will reply me as soon as possible
Tenzin Tashi <bir_ten_tashi@yahoo.com>
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hi priyanka,my name is raza.i m a big fan of yours. i  have watched all of your 18 movies although some of hem didnt work but stil i saw them and they were
great your best performance was in andaaz bluffmaster,don,msk,krrish and aap ki khatir.priyanka i dont know why but when i sit on the internet i
always search about you,your movies interviews etc.i dont say i m the biggest fan of yours because there are millions of your fans worldwide.but what i can say
is, i m a fan of yours.plz plz reply me i will be waiting.if you reply me you cannot imagine how happy i wil be.thanks and keep smiling
"raza bhatty" <raza_bhatty@yahoo.com> 
Good morning           Priyanka Chopra Jee 
Today I am very happy to find your email address for .................For your information, I am heartly like you and your acting. I am your heartly fan from a long time. But u know when your picture comes on TV. they say that I am only like you due to your sexy cloth. But u don't faith on him because they are lier. I only like you due to your attractive face and acting. I always want to see in the film with Shahrukh Khan. May you inform me when u r going to make a film with shahrukh khan. I love you too much. But its only imaging because you are a big star and I am only a poor man. I am working in Saudi Arabia as a secretary of Director in King Fahed University of petroleum and Mineral.I will wait for your reply. I think you have a soft heart and u will not break a human heart. 
If you will reply me i will ask a question with you. I will be in wait...........................................................................................
 Your's only     Juned Akhtar "Junaid" <jakhtar@kfupm.edu.sa>
you are a very good actress and i love your acting,talent and confidence i want to talk to you. my e-mail adress is adi_rocks_12@yahoo.co.in. do not take me wrong. I just want that please send me a message because you are for me  not below than GOD. FROM YOUR GREATEST FAN  ADI.
Hello Priyanka di. Remember me, I'm Suman<male>(20),math<hons> from kolkata. Plz plz plzzz give your email ID. Plz reply. I am your greatest fan. I have my second year exam from 20th july so I wish for your birth day<18th july '82> in advance. I am waiting for your reply in my ID  . Plz don't upset me. Have a nice day."suman dutta" <suman007_friend@rediffmail.com>
hi priyanka ur acting is good and ur personality makes it it very very good.u r the first actress to reach the top in such small period its a great achivement for u.i wish u all the best for the futur and u will reach greater milstones.i want to see u in real but it is not possible then also if u can reply me that will also be very nice of u and send ur best pic in the email plzzzzzzzzz bye
"raj dave" <raj_dv21@yahoo.com>
Dear Priyanka! 
I am Your great fan and I would be very grate ful it I could get some informations about You like for example posters. Could You send me also
Your autograph with pictur I would love to have them. It is my adress:Justynka Jaczynska F.Nowowiejskiego 7/18 20-880 Lublin
Poland I hope that You won"t have much truble. Best greetings
Your fan
Justynka (13 years
"alicjajustyna@interia.pl" <alicjajustyna@interia.pl>
Hai! It's Arun...I never miss your movies...I'm a greatest fan of U...I'm very interested in enjoying  your Glamour,style,beauty,way of dressing... 
"arun benedict" <farunbenedict@yahoo.co.in>
hi priyanka how r u
i m ricky frm ahm  im very bigesst fan of u me aap kabohat hi bada deewana hoo hey priyanka its ur id so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me as early as soon 
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me  plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
"rks krn" <rks_krn2000@yahoo.com>
hi priyanka ur great i luv u u ar my source of inspiration (iam a boy) i liked ur film don  kriish and salam-e-ishq ur great thanks for ur performance in these film and i hope u will have a excellent carrier plz i will feel really exited if u reply me at this adress bollwood_fan68@hotmail.com thanks a lot and god bless u
ali ferdosi" <bollywood_fan68@hotmail.com>
hi priyanka...
im hetish menon frm malaysia......im also half malaiyali n half punjabi......im 15..really wanted 2 c ur shows but im having major exams this year. just wondering, will u be coming down next year? I really want to see you in person. Hetish Menon" <hetishmenon@hotmail.com>
Lovely Priyanka!
I have seen your beautiful fotos on the internet.I congratulate to you  for a Miss Word winner!! You are really very beautiful ,pretty lady 
with very nice long dark hair and a seductiv eyes!I am Zoltan from Hungary,a well-educated hardworking man.I  teach a matematics.
I would be very glad,if you will answere to me.I wish you a lot of kiss Zoltan
"Hollo csaba" <greenboy357@freemail.hu>
PRIYANKAJI, i dont want to ask anything i just want to tell you that you are very very very very.... beauty and just like an angle. and also you are bestest actor, no one can beat you. you are no 1 and you will be no 1 in heart of many indian. best of luck for your bright future. "ankit choksi" <ankit_choksi1985@yahoo.com>
Dear Priyanka Chopra,
Namasthe. My grand son aged 6 years is very fond of you. He has seen all of your pictures. He wants to talk to you. He is telling me he wants to tell you he likes you. He is insissting me to find  your telephone no. My grandson's name is Siddarth Rai.  Can you please call this no.  whenever you are free. or send me your no. I am really surprised to see his admiration for you. that is why this request.Thank you,
UshaRai "Usha Rai" <usharai@gmail.com>
hi there,
how are you? i am 28 male from New York. i am one of your biggest fan. first movie i have seen urs, i become ur fan. god bless you and be a good gal. you have lots of year to come with a great movie for us. keep up the goog job.ceaser
Amerimax Capital Vice President Manhattan, New York
Hi  This is Nadia Khan,mailing from karachi,i just want to be a friend of priyanka,i am of her age and like the way priyanka carries herself,i am looking forward to reply,and i love to hear few words from priyanka. "Nadia Khan" <nadiarkhan_81@yahoo.com>
Dear Priyanka,            My name is Simran and I live in New York, USA.  I dont know exactly what to say. i have been a really big fan of yours ever since 
you won the Miss India and Miss World titles. You have done so many things at such a young age. Winning the Miss World crown in a rascist world isnt 
an easy task. After looking at the amazing charity work you have done, I could say that you are the true epitome of beauty and brains. After looking 
at you in your pictures from the contests, i feel that you are a true indian girl with values and morals. Back here in New York, it is hard to find 
indian girls that have those values because the Western Culture has taken over completely.          Throughout my life, i have gone through many struggles like 
many of us go through. It was hard for me to acheive success in anything because i didnt have anyone to look up to. Now that you are here, i feel that i 
have someone to look up to. I always keep small cuttings on you and every deed that you have done for charity. Now I have finally found another chance 
to be a good person again. I just wanted to say that you're a great actress and may you always have success in your life. God Bless you , priyanka "Simran Kaur" <simransandhu87@hotmail.com>
Dear Priyanka ma’am,        I have seen many of your films am I must say that you are one of the most brilliant actresses ever. Specially the way you carry yourself. i doubt if any one else in the industry has an attitude like you.        Well I am a 16 year old from Gujarat, Ahmedabad. I happen to be very interested in fashion designing. And It would surely   be a privilege if you ever let me design for you. I have just appeared for my boards and hope to pursue a carrier in fashion designing. I promise that you will never regret allowing me design for you. I know that it is not as easy as it seems. But I am determined and also ready to make sacrifices. Please allow me to design for you. I hope that you will consider my letter. I would be thrilled to receive your reply. Thank you for the precious time that you spent reading my mail. Thank you very much.   ours sincerely,  Ruchi Pandya
"Pandyas" <jayeshrashvi@yahoo.co.in>
Miss Chopra, 
I just wanted to say thank you for your great work in all your movies!!  I've really enjoyed every movie I watched of yours.  I am a soldier in the U.S. Army getting ready to go back to Iraq in two weeks.  By watching your movies, I am able to go to a different place and pretend that there is real love in the world.  I don't understand your language, but the way you look at your fellow actors and the music sometimes brings emotion to this veteran.  It takes me away!  I wish you the best and all the happiness in the world and thank you for sharing yourself with us, your fans, a little of yours.  Take care and know that even hardened Soldiers appreciate beauty and art!!! 
CPT Paul Holt TC, USA "Paul" <hlt_pl@yahoo.com>
Hi Priyanka,     The very thought of you fascinates me, I am just crazy about you, given an opportunity I would love to meet you. I love everything about you, your smile, your eyes, your expression, your dressing sense and lots more. I just want to meet you once and kiss you on your cheeks. 
 Loads of love Arvind. "Arvind Ramaswamy" <arvind.g.ramaswamy@gmail.com>
Hi, I m Habib Khalili from germany and I m a big fan from PRIYANKA CHOPRA.
I saw all the films from you your fan habib
byeJohn Abraham" <john_xx@hotmail.de>
Hello Ms.Priyanka Chopra, 
My name is Meghna,I am a very big fan of yours.I have seen all your movies.I would love to meet you someday and get your autograph.And I will keep waiting for your forthcoming movies and to meet you.I would love to have your reply.And there's  hello coming from my family and friends.ALL THE BEST for your career and GOOD BYE. 
LOVE  YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From
Ms. Meghna A Gulati. "maggi gulati" <scarlet_maggi@yahoo.co.in>
Hi     it a great honour to write u this short note but before prolonging further i will like to introduce my self  to u .my name is alhaji sillah from west africa sierra leone and im a student  ALBERT ACADEMY secodry school grade 11 age 16 years old. Since the day i started watching  indian movies my first film to wach was salam namaste . and the role prity zinta played was so perfect because  she deservec all the characters that women should have in film industry .so  i  want to ask for her email address to make afriend with her (dosti) .i know she is the most talk about star today and she is so beautiful i"m kindly asking u  to explane this to her and ask her to please give me  her email address i want to comminucate  with her. 
THANK                        please reply me 
Dear Priyanka Chopra  My self Sanjay Grover is living in New Delhi. I wanted to tell you one thing that my daughter Miss Sanchi
Grover she is just 4 years old and she is very big fan of you. She is comparing herself with you in each activity. Once we went to see movie 34 China Town , in the last session of the movie when she saw u she said papa just see Priyanka Chopra Jee. She has also seen another movie like Krish, Buff Master etc. My son name
is Krish.  Is it possible for you to give reply of this mail or contact her on phone or send your photographs with your best wishes for her life. As she is having
breathing problem .  Waiting for your favourable reply 
Sanjay Grover ( Father of Sanchi Grover) 
Hi my Name is Adnaan!  Iam a big fan of yours!  You are an amzing actress/dancer/and singer.  I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world and wish i able to actually meet you one day.
Adnaan Mohamed" <adnaanmohamed@hotmail.com>
Hi Priyanka, How are you. How is your father I hope he's feeling better. I  want to tell you that my bestfriend and her sister opened a clothes shop called 'cupcake' its  amayzing. I want you to check it out. Love and Respect,                     Mariam Hayat 
hello priyanka 
how r we? sorry but i cant believe its ur own website. coz there are two many websites like this. but i could not help myself mailing you. anyway i like u very much is not enough to say. i jusssssssssssssssssssssss cat tell ya. anyway i live in melbourne n wanna be a film actor so that i can do couple of movies with you. please reply this e-mail so that i can take it for sure that its ur wesite. take care
waiting for ur reply 
Hi Priyanka,
     How's life going? I'm a big fan of yours. I liked yours movie "KRISHH". You were looking amazing in that. Reply Something
Hi, Mam you are there???\\\ i am sending email everyday but you ????\ why i am waiting your email  pls  Thank you 
santosh pathare
Dear priyanka chopra
How are you ? i wish you have happay every day please  sent your pictures iam waiting for your Email  thanks 
from attaurahman farooqi kabul afghanistan 
Dear Priyanka, First of all I would like to say you.........I really Love your Smile & love & love & more love to you & your acting. I like all your Movies but with Salman you are more beautifull & I would like to see you with Salman. I dont know write much. But also hope that you will send me a reply for the same. I am in waiting for your reply. Thanks Your True Fan
Alok Tyagi 
hi Priyanka Ji,
My name is Jiya and I am writing to you from Fiji Islands where i saw your show last night. I think it was really awesome and i couldnt stop praising you. i was in the center in the crowd at the Lautoka show i think you must have noticed coz i was the one shouting out and cheering you from the center coz other were quiet watching you silently but i couldnt stop. I did come to the hotel you were staying in the moring on Friday but i had to go to work so couldnt get a chance to meet you but i couldnt resist so i went to the airport, i saw everybody but i didnt see you but i saw your flight departing fron Fiji to Auckland in Air New Zealand. 
I dont know whether you will reply or receive my mail or not but atleast iam happy that i did see you in real for me you are like a god and i really like you alot. I am pushed to like you coz i have you full size calenda in my bedroom so i see you everyday. i hope you will reply my mail. Did you like Fiji and Lautoka especially coz i liked the way you swing when you said La- To - Ka it was awesome. hoping to receive a reply.  Regards,Jiya
Dear Priyanka, I love you always. Let us be a nice life partners.Hope to hear from you soon.dr. Pandev Vasant
hi priyanka iam hamid from fiji island the place you recently visited n did your shows.you were looking too good yaar.i hope u wil come in future so i can meet you personally.    takecare bye 
hi dear priyanka how are you?why you hven't reply any of my email since last long time. waiting for your reply....
Hi Priyanka,
Hi this is aaditeya and I am a big big fan of yours and i wana to take u out for a date so plz can u come wit me.I would really appreciate it.M waiting for ur replay.
hello mam,               This is pizza (my nickname) from Andhra Pradesh.I think u know Andhra. I am a very good  of yours.I just love to see u on the screen acting,dancing,smiling,laughing and what not whatever u do Ihave seen ur recent movies namely Mujhse shadi karogi?,Krish,36 China town....Ialso want to ask u the same--is ur father a drug dealer?varna aisa nasheeli chej our kaha ban sakta hai???Just kidding!Ireally dont believe if u actress have time to talk to ur fans?I just want to know if its true.Please mail me if you like to talk to me.But its true that i'll be waiting to see ur mail in the mailbox.
Your pizzaeversmiling
hi i am santosh from pune why you not responding to me Mam pls send email to me i am waiting to your email when i close my eyes your picture see me
Mam pls Thank you,Santosh Pune.
hi, mam day before yesterday i mailed you but you didn't reply.its ok i understand your busy schedules. you might not have got time to reply. but i will wait for your answer.by the way if you had not got my mail then again i m askin which was your debut movie? bye bye
 priyanka,this is sunaina from fiji, i'm one of the biggest fan of yours,i'm really looking forward for your show in fiji,my friend has won a backstage pass to meet u and dino personally.shes really exicted about it.hope to see you soon.PLIZ PLIZ REPLY BACK.
Hi Priyanka, how are you?I hope you are okay and doing fine. Priyanka I just want tell you some thing,I have seen your BLUFF MASTER and its really amazing and you are so cute....Aap ke lakon fans mein my bhi shamil hua hun...Cheers
Hi! My name is devika mehra n i'm priyanka's big fan n wud like 2 chat or talk 2 her. Do tell her about me n tell her that i mfind her prietier than ash. Tell her that i request her 2 talk 2 me.Thnks cya luv devika
hi di       how r u .i' ve sent u so many mails.but di no reply.di today i wanna tell u what is inside my heart for u .di i also don't know how much i love u as  sister.waise bhi jo pyar bataya ja sake woh kabhi sachha pyar nahin hota.di kehte hain bhai bahan ka rishta parmatma banata hai aur usko hamri aatma hum tak pahuchata hai.di aaj tak kitni hi log mujhe bhai bananeko kaha but i couldnot ound appropriate one.main sirf ek didi banna chahata .ek aisi didi jisme main ishwar ka roop dekh sakoon.jiski muskaan se mere saare gam mjit jaayen, jiski aanchal mein apne aap ko chupa sakoon, jo meri position se nahin mujhse ek bhai ki tarah sachhe dil se mujhe pyar kare, jiske aanchal mein mujhe woh pyar mile jo ek maa ki aanchal mein milta hai.di i am alone person no bro/sister.aap nahin jaante mein didi ke pyar ke liye kitna tadpa hoon,kitna roya hoon.i heard that ishwar humein kisi na kisi roop mein milte hain.kabhi ma ke roop mein to kabhi dadke roop mein.di mujhe ishwar aap ke roop mein mile hain aur ye saari khoobiyan meine aap mein payi hain.mere liye u r my living god.iska saboot hai main har kaam aapke aashirwaad lekar karta hoon.di  kya aap meri didi banogi. main aapko jor nahin doonga kyonki jor se kabhi rishtey nahin bante.agar haan hain to bas ek mail bhejna agar nahin to as ur wish.but di one thing i wanna tellu one thing i 've madeu my di main aapko jindagi bhar ek di ka samman doonga har kaam aapka aashirwaad lekar karoonga  it's my promise.                                                 your's bhupal rayamajhi                                           bhupallr@yahoo.com
app kia hall he  app ne meri email ka jawab nahidia ....................   app kelie fanaa flim ka ik sherr  likhrahu .   ronede ajj ham ko tu anche sugianede 
  bahume lele or hud ko bighe gianede he gio sinne me kedd darria wo sciutt gaegha he itnna dard che tera damman bighe giaegha 
hi, mam how r u ? this is abhijeet here. i am a very big fan of yours. moreover, i am from dhanbad, but now i am in pune pursuing for b.com and also for german language from symbiosis.mam, i want to know your debut film. there is a confusion between the hero & andaaz.
hi priyanka i see u last film krish. it's so good and u seem so beautifull.me from nepal ur fans and want ur reply here from ur hand. and want to say many think to u .......................... at last now this much . i will writ many thing after ur mail...................bye have a nice day ......... nepali i want to say u kanchhi 
Hey, Priyanka i just wanted to ask if you would go out with a guy in the film industry??????Dats all reply soon as quick as you can..i am dieing to meet you!!
from simmi by da way i love ur movie bluffmaster because you used the name simmi in it because simmi is ma name!!!!!!LOL simmi
Hi Priyanka My dream has come true. I saw you in london last tuesday at Trafalgar Square. You look very gorgious. I had taken a few photos, which looked beautiful. Wish you all the very best. Take care
hi,        how r u i am your fan from pakistan u r so beautiful kindly send me your recent photo can i talk to u whats your mob #........................................
hi priyanka how r u plz reply back plz  sabhah sharma
hi,    priyanka bhigi palko ke sang muskratein hai hum pal pal dil kobahlatein hai hum aap door hai humse to kya huaher aahat per chonk jatein hai hum. 
aman singh
Hi! hello how are u? I am fine thank u..bye bye  satheeskumar
hi priyanka chopra who r u if get my massege email me at this email address ok (marwan_faqiri930@hotmail.com) and i saw the krrish's movie email me 
back sooon and this is wendy is best friend marjan
Hi priyanka ji congratulation on ur supppppper hit film krish u will go on top its my desire. bhgwan kare ur all film hit ho regards Manish Ch. Srivastava(Astrologer)
hey priyanka,hope u r doin gud!!!i m matt,nearly 19 yrs old(oct 15),delhi,engg 1st yr student(electronix).n d most imp thing is dat i m a grrrrrr8 fan of urs(i kno every1 says so but believe me i mean it...)i mean..... a damn koool gurl,a real fine actress,an awsome mind bogglin singer,soooo intelligent(oh sry.... i mean intelli-lady....lol) n wht not.i just luv u 4 being an ol rounder.honestly speakin.... i didnt watch andaaz n aitraaz. i came 2 kno abt u aftr i watched mujhse.... n aftr dat i watched ol ur movies. i just luv krrish(oh.... sry i dnt luv krrish.... i luv u....lol). u r my inspiration. i wanna b an ol rounder like u. ummmm...... i cant think abt anything else 2 say.... as soon as i get it i'll send another mail. but i think i shud end dis mail(u might olso hav got bored of readin it). pllllllllz do send a rply (though i havnt askd a single ques.....lol). pllllllzzzzz...... u r my inspiration...... mujhe niraash mat karna(n dnt think i m imotionally blackmailin u....lol).plzzzzz send me a rply.plllllzzzzz.....i m on my knees wid my hands folded(but i hav 2 open dem 2 type.... lol) requesting u 2 plllllzzzzz rply me back. i'll be waitin 4 ur sweeet rply....
take care.bye.
matt (matt bond 007....lol again!!!)

Hi, Priyanka   I am your fan from delhi, I love u sooooooooooooo much.My name is kevin. I think i am u r greatest fan in the whole universe.
Priyanka i was u r fan since the day u were model, I am always been a great admirer of u I had a fight for u outside the cinema hall with the person who was abusing u.....I got my leg fractured. But the love never died. I have seen all u r movies.but in krish u r performance was sensational and awesom.
I have always had a crush on u r cute & chubby looks i am like a small ant in the planet who wants reply from a shinng star like u I am working in a international call centre and belongs to upper middle class.I am like one of u r millons fan across the globe but with a difference.That difference make me a very staunch , die hearted well wisher of u.I ALWAYS PRAY TO GOD ABOUT U R WELL BEING AND U R REPLY WILL STRENGTEN MY BELIEVE IN GOD.......AS U R THE ONLY GOD WHOM I KNOW IN THE WORLD I will feel obliged if i can can be of any help to u.........YOUR BIGGEST FAN 

Hey Hi Priyanka!Today I just browsed my net and found your id in google seach.I forgot everything and sat to write down a mail to you.I think I am your biggest fan. Ya ya everybody thinks the same but I would say that I am not your fan but an AC! So I will tell about myself. My name is Krrish Kapoor.I am still small just 7 years old. I was so overjoyed when I saw that YOU were acting in the film KRRISH.From that time I started adding double r to my name.Will u be my best friend? There is no friend of mine just now as I have just shifted to  a new residence and joined new school.please please please please respond.Iam waiting for your mail.My e-mail id is divinekid@yahoo.com If you dont respond I will be very angry and sad.WAITING 4 UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. A LOT SWEET KISSES FROM ME ONLY TO UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU 
ankita vaidya

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Hi, I love your movies you have such great talent... i watched your new movie Krrish 11 times so far and I love it... you have such wonderful acting in all your movies... and I loook forward to meeting you someday... Im from Canada and I also want to go to Bollywood like you as a Male actor do you have any advice for me     You Urpinder Sandhu"
hi,i know u prolly r buzy and all buh i m realli lookin fwd too, see your mails.well tell meh where r u shooting these days, and tell meh about your 
movies! looking fwd to yer email,bye riya
Dear Priyanka,Thanks for your nice reply. I'm very very sorry about that.I love you always. Hope to hear from you soon.Pandev Vasant
Hello Priyankaji!I am a great fan of yours and also liked your dancing in the recently released Kkrish. After Madhuriji, You ought to be crowned as no. 1 in Bollywood. My best wishes to you for that.Faithfully Rajeev Agra
Hi, Priyankaji,I am Jenish from surat,I have seen all of your movie because i am your big fans,I don't take your much time,Bye,PLZ REPLY
hi Priyanka! how are you doing?Myself  Kashif.I am a big fan of yours.i have watched almost every movie of yours & i liked Aitraaz,Krrish very much.
Most of the the roles performed by you are of glamourous type.I want to aks you that why are you not trying some serious and sophisticated kind of roles..for example some roles from literature.I think you will definitely be benifitted by any such attempt.we all want you to prosper in whatever you do..please do reply whenever you get appropriate time from your busy schedule.                                                  Regards---- Kashif
hiiii i really love u srsly if i become an actress or sumtn i wana b jus liek u anywys i live in canada n im guna try goin for the canadian teen thing so posibly wen im old enough i can go for the mis world comp.  are u doing any new movies not released ..how many? i realy think that u and shaahid wud look real gud together for a movie a realy BIG fan sahiba p.s. i talk alot aha saHiba
hi priyanka u don't mind but you are so beautifull please reply me your mail i will wait you i never mis your any one picture please one messegs
sent me please your sweet friend rokee when i was see you first time on tv rokee rrrr"
hi priyanka when your birthday will fall. i would like to wish you.only one question. what is the secret of your persuasive smile?with live Neeraj Mishra 
hi priyanka,i'm ur big fan and never misses ur single movie at any cost even i missed my college exam to watch a movie with my gf bcz on that day year before
she proposed me and told that she wanna saw movie with me but condition was that i brought someone also who's more loveable for me.i went with her alone and saw ur movie alone with her bcz u was also there.plz give me a single reply i'll desperately waiting for it.ashish.s
hi priya,          i am victor from bangalore, i am too much angrywith u because 1> i send one letter so many days ago but still now u didnt reply me 
2> u know verry well now ur one of the best actress n urdemand is day by day increase ,in this time u should go for goodmovie,but why r u act with akshy khanna ,u know well he is a flop master,for him ur another one film will be flop,pls go with good movie .  Anyway once againe i want to say pls give me ur some good snap withwearring sharee n if its possible pls give me ur personal mail id,  plsreply me ,i am waiting for it, take care, bye....victor laha
Hi Priyanka
Hope this mail of mine finds u in fresh wits,high spirits,boosting morale and glittering gaiety.writing to an actress first time in my life.although i  dont have a taste for hindi movies,how ever i have seen couple of ur movies waqt blackmail n mujhe shaadi karogi.lookin forward to see ur movie opposite akshay.i saw ur interview on tv for cnn ibn.i dont claim to be ur greatest fanbut i do like u .u have a million dollar smile.keep smiling always as that adds to ur beauty.God bless u with his love that makes every day a joy to live.wll keep my fingers crossed till u reply as u said ur job does'nt allow u to spare time for family freinds
mohsin qureshi
Hi     it a great honour to write u this short note but before prolonging further i will like to introduce my self  to u .my name is alhaji sillah from west africa sierra leone and am a student  ALBERT ACADEMY secodry school grade 11 age 16 years old. Since the day i started watching  indian movies my first film to wach was salam namaste . and the role prity zinta played was so perfect because  she deservec all the characters that women should have in film industry .so  i  want to ask for her email address to make afriend with her (dosti) .i know she is the most talk about star today and she is so beautiful i"m kindly asking u  to explane this to her and ask her to please give me  her email address i want to comminucate  with her.                       THANK     please reply me 
Hi Priankaji,,It doesnt matter wheather u know me or not but i m among those who like & love  uuu very  much.. GOD BLESS UUUUUUUUUUUUUU
                                                YOU R VERY SPECIAL                                                                           pran..................jit
Dear Miss Priyanka/mimi,   Hi How are you. My name is Hassan and i m from Pakistan I like you. i have seen all of your films, all interviews, and all magazines. i have some of your pictures in my computer. Every time i talk with my brother, i only talk about you and he calls me crazy.but i tell him i like you. he said that you will not reply me to this email.Is he right.ok bye Hassan Iftikhar
ma orissa and puri sree Jagannath
hello priyanka i m a big fan of u in my eyes u r the most beautiful lady.but i felt very shock when i heard that ur boyfriend is aseem merchant .its a very strange news because aseem is not a accomplished man for u.i sure that he have not a individual fan in this world but u have unlimited .ur bf should be a macho man like abhishek bachan,john abraham,akshay khanna etc.so u should became sensible now.u r so beautiful and popular but aseem is what i say .he have lips of 2 kg.can u send me any answer plz i will feel very happy if u send me answer.take care. ur and ur lover who founds near every minutes                                            rajesh from kaithal                                                                                       haryana  raj puri
Hi Priyanka, How are you? Are you busy now? I like your performance in KRISSH. I like also all the performance in the other films.The film is very good. 
priyanka i loved your movie krrish and u looked so so preety that i can't tell u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and u looked good with hrithik!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i always watch your interviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i always will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't no if this is fine with u but can i hav a picture of u???????????????????????please????????????????????????ok bye?????????????do u hav msn???????????????????????????????bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ann bambrah


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