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Thursday, November 16, 2006
Priyanka on fashion and style 
Priyanka Chopra has been voted as one of the leading fashion icons of India, and lately, she has stepped into the shoes of none other than actress Zeenat Aman. In an exclusive tete-a-tete with Preeti Chowdhary of TIMES NOW , Priyanka chats about her latest movies, fashion and much more.

What is your take on Fashion?

According to me, Fashion is comfort, that is if you are comfortable in your outfit, you are fashionable. At the same time, you should style according to your personality. Following fashion blindly doesn't really work, at least for me.So you be comfortable and figure out your own style.

We saw you come and support Vikram Phadnis. But will we ever see you walk the ramp?

I get very nervous walking on the ramp. You have got to be so careful about everything that you have and you have to look straight up. It is too much work.

What is your personal sense of style?

I am very fond of western wear. I just like wearing jeans and T-shirt, blue jeans and white shirt is my favourite outfit. In Indian wear, my favourite is Sari.

'Don' has just been released. What kind of reaction you have got?

There is a mixed reaction to the film. Some people have loved it, while others have hated it. But 'Don' is going very very strong. Kids are going crazy about it. My family has really liked it and we have got great reviews on my character in the film, Sharukh's character and everybody else’s, who was there in the film. I am very excited about the fact that the movie is doing very well and I hope people continue to watch it.

In 'Don', you have a tie tied around as a belt. Who came up with that idea?

It was Akki's idea and I liked it very much. and we have used it at couple of places in the movie. I am glad that you noticed it. I have started doing it now as well, that is using a tie as a belt.

Give us some tips on fashion.

I think it is a very good idea to use things uniquely and differently. Ribbons as watches, scalves as watches i.e. different ways of using things that have been used conventionally, I think that definetely defines style

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Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja
Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja

Rajeev Masand: Bollywood’s ‘red hot’ leading lady Priyanka Chopra is fast climbing the popularity chart notching up a string of successes. Rajeev Masand spoke to ‘little miss piggy chop’ Priyanka Chopra.
Rajeev Masand: ‘Piggy chops’ is the name that seems to have got stuck with you. Was it Abhishek Bachchan who gave to this title? 
Priyanka Chopra: Yes, it is because of that nerd ( Abhishek Bachchan) that my name has got stuck with this dubious title. But it's okay as long as I find it cute to be called ‘miss piggy chops’.
Rajeev Masand: Now the whole world knows about it because they put it on screen at the end of Taxi No 9211
Priyanka Chopra: I got this name after Bluffmaster and it's been a secret between me, Rohan (Sippy), Abhishek ( Bachchan) and Ritesh (Deshmukh). It’s a sweet name but I don’t know why they used the word ‘piggy chops.’ 
Rajeev Masand: Like many others, you also entered Bollywood after winning a beauty pageant and the prestigious Miss World title. 
Please tell us, why do most beauty pageant winners end up in Bollywood? Is that the sign of redundancy of the pageants or is it really because of the attractiveness of this business? 
"I hate (being associated with) the sexy image; I'd much rather be known as a good actress than anything else." 
Maf > Hi Priyanka! How was the Dubai trip? 
Priyanka Chopra > During 'Temptations' (Shah Rukh Khan world tour) it was awesome. That was the last time I went to Dubai. 
Leni > Last year was good for you. What have you lined up this year? Are you upbeat that this year too will be a dream run in Bollywood? 
Priyanka Chopra > You never know what will happen in which year, but I am hoping it to be as successful as the last year. 
Allalone > Do you think that media is interfering too much in celebrity lives, leaving no space for them to live? Is it worth the pain they take, excusing other burning subjects but only interested in few kisses and romances of celebs? 
Priyanka Chopra > I think the media has the right to know the professional lives of actors, but there has to be a limit to the extent they should prod into their (actors) personal lives. 
Nur_18 > Is Akki (actor, Akshay Kumar) one of your favourite actors? 
Priyanka Chopra > Just a co-star. 
Nur_18 > Which is your favourite film starring yourself? 
Priyanka Chopra > Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. 
Naveen > Hello Priyanka, I am a great fan of yours. May I know when is your birthday date? 
Priyanka Chopra > 18th of July, 1982. 
Monica > Hi, are you not attending the tsunami relief cricket tournament that is going on in Mumbai? Why so? 
Priyanka Chopra > The cricket tournament I am not attending because I am shooting, but I will be attending a tsunami relief show on the 6th of Feb. 
Jago > Priyanka, what is your opinion on bad publicity that film stars get? I am referring to this because of rumours of your link up with Akshay Kumar. 
Priyanka Chopra > I think it's stupid because it's your work that reflects in the life pattern. 

Nur_1829 > Which one do you prefer - Bollywood or Hollywood? 
Priyanka Chopra > Bollywood, any day! 

Manie > Is it true that Akshay and you are not doing films because of alleged link ups? Will the two of you act in the same film in future? How long are you two not going to act in films together? 
Priyanka Chopra > Nothing like that. We will definitely work together, if it's a good project.

Sahar > Hey Priyanka, I'm a big fan of yours. I think you're really talented in terms of acting, singing and dancing! I saw your performance on the Screen Awards and I think Zayed and you looked really cute together. Would you ever consider working in a film with him? 
Priyanka Chopra > Why not? I thought Zayed was very good in Main Hoon Na . 

Monica > Which was your first advertisement? 
Priyanka Chopra > An ad for home trade, which I had done with Shah Rukh Khan. 

Babie > Are you comfortable with the image that you are fast gaining of a sexy bombshell on screen, rather than a good actress? 
Priyanka Chopra > I hate it. I would much rather be known as a good actress than anything else. 

Rotu > What are the disadvantages of being a famous film star? When you look back on your life before becoming famous, what is it that you miss the most? 
Priyanka Chopra > Privacy is what I miss the most - the lack of it! 

Naveen02 > Are you enjoying the film industry? 
Priyanka Chopra > Loving it, having a lot of fun! 

Prince2k > Priyanka, please tell me didn't you hesitate even once while doing bold scenes in Aitraaz ? 
Priyanka Chopra > I hesitated at least a 100 times, but it was the character that I was focussing on more than anything else. 

Sameer_soni123 > Why did you choose to play a negative role in Aitraaz ? Well, I think it was your best ever performance. 
Priyanka Chopra > It has just been six films that I have done so far. It was an experiment for me, and I am glad it worked. 

Pady > Do you think you've experimented with too many roles ? 
Priyanka Chopra > Not really. I have got lots more to go. 

Monica > Among all your co stars till now, whom would you want to work with again? 
Priyanka Chopra > I think I would love to work with Priety Zinta because she was in my first film. 

Sameer_soni123 > After Sridevi, I liked only one actress that can take her place and I think it's only you Priyanka.

Priyanka Chopra > That's a really good compliment. I am really grateful to that. 

Kamini > So when are you going to settle down into holy matrimony? Why is that actresses, and generally girls, these days are opting for late marriages? One can manage career even after marriage. 
Priyanka Chopra > Not a career in films (can't manage after marriage). I want to be professionally satisfied before I settle down in my personal life. 

Sahar > I heard you got the 'Best Villain Award' for GIFA (in Dubai). Just want to congratulate you! Did you like your role in Aitraaz ? 
Priyanka Chopra > It was a difficult role, but I like the way people have responded 
to the film. And thank you for your good wishes. 

Fanofyou > Are you going to continue as a workingwoman, even after marriage? Will you continue as an actress? What do you plan to do in your later life later? Don't fade away please.
Priyanka Chopra > I don't intend to fade away. I love films and I definitely will be associated with them for a long time. 

Prince2k > Priyanka, your smile and your voice is gorgeous. May I know about your nature in real life? 
Priyanka Chopra > That is for me to know and you to find out. 

Dev > What's your next assignment? 
Priyanka Chopra > I have four releases coming up. They are - Karm, Barsaat, Waqt and Yakeen . These are the films that will release right now. And I have signed only two films this year. One is Rakesh Roshan's next film and another is Subhash Ghai's film. 

Pady > What was your parents' reaction to the role (you played) in Aitraaz ? 
Priyanka Chopra > They were proud of my performance, that I could carry off 
such a bold role with dignity. 

Sonya > Hi Priyanka! In an interview after you were crowned Miss World, you said that your favourite actor was Shah Rukh Khan and that (you) would love to act with him in a movie. Could you tell us if there is any movie you've signed with him? 
Priyanka Chopra > I haven't signed any film with him yet. As soon as something comes up, will definitely let you know 

Riya > Who inspired you to join Femina Miss India contest? 
Priyanka Chopra > My mom . She sent my pictures across to Femina, without telling me. 

Pady > Which is your dream role? 
Priyanka Chopra > Pakeezah 

Nkk nur > Whom do you prefer - Kareena or Amisha? 
Priyanka Chopra > Kareena definitely because I have known her and she's a wonderful girl. 

laughingbuddha: Priyanka, if you hadn't been an actress what would you have been?
Priyanka_Chopra: I had aspirations to become an engineer before getting into modelling. If I weren't an actress, I would have been into modelling.

shobha: Who is your favorite actor?
Priyanka_Chopra: Shah Rukh Khan

laughingbuddha: What is it about Shah Rukh that you like so much?
Priyanka_Chopra: I think he is a great actor. He has come a long way since his Fauji and Circus days and that too without any godfather in the industry.

laughingbuddha: Is it true your father sings (badly, at that!) and is in the habit of making a nuisance of himself in front of directors and producers?
Priyanka_Chopra: It's not true. He is a good singer and he will be coming out with an album of his own soon.

sardul: Have you taken any formal training in acting? You did very well in Andaaz.
Priyanka_Chopra: I acted in theatre while in school. Thank you for liking me in Andaaz.

sajithraman: Do you think your first movie gave you a chance to bring out the actress in you?
Priyanka_Chopra: I think so. When you choose your first movie, you try to choose the one that you think will do well. The Hero had a good cast and a very good storyline, and my role was appreciated.

career21: What kind of a relation do you share with Lara Datta? It has been reported that you two don't get along.
Priyanka_Chopra: Lara and I have been good friends since our modelling days. I think we get along fairly well.

sajithraman: Do you really think the story line of Andaaz  was good?
Priyanka_Chopra: Yes

laughingbuddha: Are you okay about smooching on screen?
Priyanka_Chopra: I don't mind it. It has to go with my character and not just there for the sake of it.

ankurk: What's the reason we are not sending any more 'Priyankas' to beauty pageants? Don't you think its time we won another one?
Priyanka_Chopra: I think the competition is quite tough. One has to keep trying.

laughingbuddha: Whom would like to smooch... Sunny Deol, Manoj Bajpai or Chandrachur Singh?
Priyanka_Chopra: Depends on the script, director and the role I am playing.

palipunjabda: Now that you are an established star what would be your dream role?
Priyanka_Chopra: I think a role like Umrao Jaan. That's once in a lifetime role for any actor.

ididnotgetagoodid: Whom would you date - the funniest man in the world, the most good-looking guy or the most sensitive man in the world?
Priyanka_Chopra: A combination of all the three, I guess.

zuzupus: I appreciate the fact that a model like you can act as well.
Priyanka_Chopra: Thank you!

ankurk: Is it true what some celebrities say that they were much happier when they were not a celebrity?
Priyanka_Chopra: Happiness is within oneself to seek.

profiler: What do you think of Akshay Kumar as an actor and as a person and do you have any project with him in the future?
Priyanka_Chopra: Akshay is a great actor and he is very cool and fun to work with. I will be working with him in a Feroz Nadiawala film.

vikash > What is the reason behind your success? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > I am proud to be who I am and I don't forget my roots! 

Mona > How do you feel when they say that the contest was rigged? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > It is very sad and upsetting for the people who give up so much time and energy to do something that they think they will make their nation proud, but get only snide remarks in return instead of appreciation. It is sad that this fact is putting off a lot of girls. I hope this changes in the future so we feel good about the depth of our achievements. 

priyasharma > What do you think about UP Chief minister's decision of banning beauty pageant shows? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > I was a little upset about the fact that they refused to help for my welcome but everybody has the right to their opinion. I hope he makes the right decision for UP because if this ban was put a year before then I wouldn't have reached the place where I am today.

priyasharma > Did being an Indian help you in any way in winning the crown? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > Yes, my 'Indianness' has got me to win the crown. It is my proud carriage of my heritage that made me stand out and win.

bashful_knight > Can you specify what was it, which the Indian beauties had in them for them to win the crowns all three times? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > It is because all three deserved it. 

milind > Was the competition tough enough, considering that Indians had won the crown even last year? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > That infact made it even tougher. I had so much pressure on me that at times I started doubting my chances of winning. 

rkjack > What difference has winning the crown made in your life? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > Before nobody except my friends and family knew me, now the world seems to.

Loveu > Which is the thing that you used to hate about yourself but love it now? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > That I didn't have the crown and now I do. 

magnet > What are you going to do for India in this visit of yours?

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > I am probably going to settle down, give my crown to the next Miss India world and then see what my itinerary is. I haven't got it as yet.

Nishant > Did you ever dream of becoming Miss World?

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > I always knew I wanted to be an international pageant winner. I used to keep cuttings of any information I used to get on Sushmita.

vivek1981 > Why do most of our beauty pageants ultimately get into films? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > I guess unfortunately, except films nothing else offers the same kind of fame that international winners get.

Misty > What do you suggest for all those young girls living on the edge of being anorexic for being where Sush and Ash were a few years from now, and a host of others followed? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > You don't have to be extremely skinny to be beautiful. Beauty lies in what you can portray and how you project yourself. Please don't give up your food because I definitely can't.

bashful_knight > Don't you think beauty has become a successful business? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > Beauty is how you use it. There are various forms in which you use beauty. Actresses, housewives, career women and prostitutes all use it in their own way. It's how you use it when it is valuable.

Manish > How do you maintain that perfect look? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > Thanks for the compliment. I don't think I am perfect but I am happy, that's why maybe.

Amishthakur > What are views about Laloo? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > I love his outgoing personality. He speaks his mind. He is so funny.

Khushi > If you had to choose between Hrithik and Ricky Martin for a date, whom would you go for? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > Hrithik is getting married. I will spare Suzanne, so I would go for Ricky Martin.

Sushmita > What is beauty? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > There is no proper definition of beauty. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty could be anything from misty mountains to lines on my grandmother's face. It's perception.

Mahen > How will you use your crown for raising your voice? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > Now that I have attained a platform to influence people's minds and thoughts, I will do that through that media and I am working for causes that I believe in.

Saikat > What is common between beauty and brain? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > Beauty and brains are equal halves of each other like a man and a woman who without each other are incomplete.

littlesumo > What are your views on love? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.

gautam > Who is more beautiful, Miss World or an innocent child? 

SPEAKER_Priyanka Chopra > Miss world is beauty with a purpose and an innocent child is as beautiful as anything can be. I am very fond of children, so I would choose the child.

Priyanka chopra's latest Interviews......

Guest: Do you think these beauty pageants are about beauty and brains, or is it just beauty? I'm asking because you got away with saying that Mother Teresa is the living woman you admire the most.
Priyanka: GUEST: I did not win because of what I said, but by how I said it. Also, it is about both beauty and brains. If you are a true Indian, you will notice what is behind every contestant.

AskGuest: Richa: How did you feel when you were declared Miss World?
Priyanka: RICHA: I was in a trance, in fact it still hasn't sunk in that I have won one of the most coveted crowns in the world.

Rajesh1968: We knew you would win; it has nothing to do with your beauty. Thank the Government of India; a chimp would have won with a Made in India tag! Was it that girls from India who participated before 1991 were less beautiful than those who took part after 1991? What a farce!
Priyanka: RAJESH: I think you are just a little bitter, since you can't accept that Indians are doing well. I don't want to question you, because it will mean questioning the patriotism of a fellow Indian. Remember that there were two winners before 1991 who won the crowns without any kind of training. With the extensive training we receive presently, why shouldn't we win?

AskGuest: Manoj: What are your plans for the future?
Priyanka: MANOJ: Guess?

Rajesh1968: What have you done for the poor in India? Have you donated prize money or have you forgotten them after winning the crown?
Priyanka: RAJESH: I am working with six organisations to abolish child marriage and eradicate tobacco and AIDS. I'm also working towards the empowerment of women. I raised Rs 55 lakhs for the people of Gujarat in about two weeks. I do not know where all the money is going, but I know that by donating resources and creating awareness it will be put to good use. I don't have to justify my work, everyone has his or her own opinion and you can think what you want. I know what I am doing and am grateful to God for this opportunity.

AskGuest: Pampa Das: Are you interested in the film world?
Priyanka: PAMPMA: I am going to give it a shot and if you accept me as an actress, I'll stay. If not, I'll quit.

Rajesh1968: Are you 18 or 19? You must be the Shahid Afridi of beauty pageants?
Priyanka: RAJESH: I love the compliment. Thank you!

Porus_holes: Hey Priyanka, how are you doing? I am alone today, would you like to be my Valentine?
Priyanka: PORUS: Awww...there is always someone for everyone and I am sure your Valentine is waiting for you! Go ahead and find her.

Shek_83: Hey, what do you think your strengths are?
Priyanka: SHEK: My strengths are my values, morals and the Indian culture that is so deeply embedded in me. It is these values that that make me stand out in what ever I do.

Mukulmac: Priyanka, what have you achieved since you won the Miss World crown?
Priyanka: MUKULMAC: The crown was my biggest achievement and nothing has been better.

Amit: Has being Miss World become a cliché now that we have so many Miss Worlds from India?
Priyanka: AMIT: You think that winning the crown is easy and that is why you have made it a cliché. You should see the kind of work we have to put in.

Mukulmac: Priyanka, what was your aim in life before winning this title?
IPriyanka: MUKULMAC: I never really had an aim. It changed year after year, from being a pilot to being the PM. All I knew was that I would be successful in whatever I chose to do. Santosh_dupad: Do you think that you are the right female to win the title?
PriyankaC: SANTOSH_DUPAD: Well that is for me to know and the judges to decide.

AskGuest: Sunilsethia: Name your Valentine?
Priyanka: SUNILSETHIA: Shhh

Smartkittu: We are lucky that we won all the crowns this year. It's great!
Priyanka: SMARTKITTU: Thank you very much; I am glad that you feel that way. It's nice to get a compliment once in a while for an achievement you have made for the nation.

Smartkittu: What is your opinion about men? What should your ideal man be like?
Priyanka: SMARTKITTU: He should be sincere, with a great sense of humour and a smile that reaches his eyes. He should be tall, dark and handsome, and his words should be his bond.

Amit: What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Does this day mean much to you?
Priyanka: AMIT: Yes, it does mean a lot to me. I spend all my life telling people how much I love them. Today I get to show it. I have a few meetings, a little work and then finally a quiet dinner with a few special friends.

AskGuest: Sunilsethia: Whom do you worship?
Priyanka:SUNILSETHIA: I believe in faith. Right from childhood I have followed Lord Shiva, but my faith does not comprise of one religion or the name of one God. I respect all religions and I believe that there is someone superior.

AskGuest: Bomman: Which is your favourite love song?
Priyanka: BOMMAN: Careless Whispers by George Michael and Pehla Nasha from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander.

Amit: What is your take on Bal Thackrey's comments on Valentines Day?
Priyanka: AMIT: No comments.

Mukulmac: So Priyanka, what is your goal in life now and how are you going to fulfil it?
Priyanka: MUKULMAC: My goal in life is that in another 20 years I will look back without regrets, without saying I should have, would have, or could have. I want to live life king-size.

AskGuest: Rahulmahajan: Happy Valentine's Day! What is your life like after becoming the Miss World?
Priyanka: RAHULMAHAJAN: It is very different and in a way very scary, because wherever I go people recognise my face. In another aspect, it is beautiful because of all the love and adulation I get.

Rajesh1968: What is your favourite subject, surely it is not Geography? Jamshedpur is in Eastern India.
Priyanka: RAJESH: I don't know where that started from, but if you watch the show, I did not say that and they hadn't asked me that question.

AskGuest: Megha: If you had to choose a Valentine for yourself who would you choose: Shahrukh, Hrithik or Salman? Is it anyone else?
Priyanka:MEGHA: It is someone you do not know.

Amit: Do you like Mumbai or Delhi?
ICG_PriyankaC: AMIT: I am neither from Delhi nor from Mumbai. However, I like Mumbai since I have spent most of my life here!

AskGuest: Valentinekiller: Don't you think that for Indian men Valentine's Day means having sex after flowers, gifts and dinner, but for the girls it is a feeling of being wanted?
Priyanka: VALENTINEKILLER: I don't think so, it depends on perception, and it's really upsetting that you see it this way. I feel it's a day to make someone you love feel special. Some people need excuses to say 'I love you', and this is one of them.

Amit: Gosh! You seem to have the whole chat room want to make you their Valentine! Does that feel good?
Priyanka: AMIT: It feels great! I just hope that it is for the right reasons.

Easterbalan: Are you going to act in Tamil films?
Priyanka: EASTERBALAN: Why not?

Surabhiii: What is it that matters most in your life? Is it the pageant, love, money or fame?
Priyanka: SURABHIII: Love is the soul and the whole being of my fame. With my fame comes the money. The pageant was the root, and it created a beautiful plant that changed my life.

AskGuest: Valentinekiller: The sale of condoms in February and pills and abortions are on the rise. What are your comments on this?
Priyanka: VALENTINEKILLER: Even January comes after February; it depends on how you see it. All I can say is that love is what you make it!

Amit: I think you should have been Miss India, I am sure you agree.
Priyanka: AMIT: It does not matter, because I have done well in the field in which I was sent to, and that satisfies me. Thank you very much for the thought.

Pkavi24: What is your favourite dish?
Priyanka: PKAVI24: Aloo paratha with dahi.

AskGuest: Sunoop: Even though you answered a deciding question incorrectly, you were crowned. Why? Do you think the other females were bad, and that if you were made the judge and someone else in your position answered similarly they would have selected her?
Priyanka: SUNOOP: The other girls were not bad, but I had an upper hand with my grasp of English, and that, combined with my morals and values, presented me as a complete woman. It is not what I said, but how I said it and my conviction.

AskGuest: Reaper: What do you think of banning FTV in India?
Priyanka: REAPER: I think it's ridiculous, because when you say it affects youth, it's up to parents to monitor the nature of the media, whether it is television, or books. Fashion in India is a booming field, and we need to know what we are competing against.

Max2: What did you do on Valentine's Day before you got the crown?
Priyanka:MAX2: Well, if I had a crush, I would try and spend it with him and with my friends and family, whom I love most in the world.

AskGuest: Mithun: What are you wearing and what do you normally wear?
Priyanka: My favourite costume is a sari, but I can't wear that all the time, so I prefer salwar kameez or trousers with T-shirts.

Mukulmac: Priyanka, given a chance, which actor and director would you like to work with?
Priyanka: MUKULMAC: Given the chance, I would like to work with Shahrukh, since he is a very versatile actor. Among directors it would range from Subhash Ghai to Rakesh Roshan!

Shek_83: What is your message to all young ones?
Priyanka: SHEK_83: How young? Love and let love prevail!

Guest25600: Which country would you like to visit and why?
Priyanka: GUEST: South Africa, because I have heard so much about the beauty and grandeur. I would like to see it to believe it.

Max2: Did you have a first crush?
Priyanka: MAX2: Yes!

Max2: What about A R Rahman's love songs?
Priyanka: MAX: Yes, I do love A R Rahman's love songs.

AskGuest: Abhishek: What is your view on premarital sex? What, according to you, is the most important issue to be solved on a global level? How do you measure the mental maturity of a person?
Priyanka: ABHISHEK: Premarital sex is really up to you, but just remember your traditions and culture. On the global level understanding each other's cultures and maintaining peace rather than making pieces of each other is important. The mental maturity of a person can only be measured when he or she stands on his or her own feet. At the end of the day, you know you are not old enough, since everyday is a growing process.

Shek_83: Did you get any proposals before becoming Miss India?
Priyanka: SHEK: Yes!

Guest25619: Priyanka, do you believe in love?
Priyanka: GUEST: Yes, I do. I think love is the strongest power of all, and conquers everything.

Freebird143: Priyanka, what do you tell people who think beauty contests are a waste of time and money?
Priyanka: FREEBIRD: Don't watch them, but then don't even ask the winner for an autograph.

Smart: Please accept this yellow rose on behalf of my friendship. 
Priyanka: SMART: I definitely have accepted it! Thank you very much, Smart 143.

Abbaszakid: What do you think about respecting elders?
PriyankaC ABBASZAKID: It is important to give elders the respect they deserve, because what you give is what you get and they have given you all their life. So it is your obligation to give them a part of your own as well.

AskGuest: Naga: How do you rate yourself against the other Indian beauty queens who have won titles this year?
Priyanka: NAGA: That is for you to decide.

Guest: Which Indian celebrity do you draw inspiration from?
Priyanka: GUEST: Kiran Bedi, for being strong enough to stand on her feet in a completely male dominated society, and also to change it.

Drrasu: Priyanka, does the world look a better place with a crown on your lovely head?
Priyanka: DRRASU: I don't think that my perspective of the world changed with a crown on my head. I have learnt to appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

AskGuest: Deepakraj: What's Valentine's Day all about? What would you have done if I had sent you a Valentine's card?
Priyanka: DEEPAKRAJ: Valentine's Day is all about love and loving. If I had got the card I'll send you a thank you card.

Max2: Do you think that looks are important?
Priyanka: MAX: No! They are not as important as being in love with love itself.

Guest: Priyanka, do all wishes always come true?
Priyanka: GUEST: If wishes were horses, I would have a bigger stable than Queen Victoria's. Unfortunately wishes don't always come true.

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