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May.08. You have six big films lined up for release this year. There's Love Story 2050, God Tussi Great Ho, Drona, Fashion, Dostana and Kurbani. So does the future look bright?

See, I'm an optimist. The future always looks bright regardless of whether or not I have movies coming up for release. But yes, I'm excited about my forthcoming movies. And I hope that each one does well. I've been slogging my butt off for the last one and a half years for these movies. Now finally the results are going to show. Really, I can't pick one film and say I hope this one does well. I can't be biased. They are all good movies.

With most actresses making a beeline for offbeat films these days, do you feel the pressure to attempt non-glamorous roles?
Just because you're doing non-glamorous roles doesn't mean you're a better actor. Acting has nothing to do with doing glamorous or non-glamorous roles. I'd rather do a commercial film that the audience will appreciate than one that no one wants to see. At the end of the day, everyone wants a hit film. I believe in the magic of the box office.

But doesn't the thought that you should reinvent yourself ever cross your mind?
Listen, each of my new films is unique in its own way. Whether it's Love Story 2050, which is a futuristic film, Dostana that depicts romance within friendship or Fashion that brings alive the world of ramps, each film is different from the other. I'm proud that I can do a Mujhse Shaodi Karogi as a well as a Don. Frankly, how many times do I reinvent myself?

What are the changes you see in yourself as an actress over a period of time?
Lots of changes. I made my debut in 2003.1 can't even believe so much time has passed. It seems like yesterday Today, I'm a lot more careful, a lot more experienced. I was only 18 when I joined the industry. I didn't know a thing about this place. No one from my family knew anything about the movies. I had no godfathers. So I made my mistakes. But I've learnt to make decisions based on my instincts. There's certain finesse in my decision making today, which perhaps you can see in the success ratio of my movies.

Did you always want to be an actress?
No way At 141 wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. Movies were never on the agenda. I come from a very normal middle-class family You enjoy watching movies but you never dream of joining them. Movies appeared on my radar only after the Miss World contest. And thank God for that. Because now I can't dream of doing anything else. It's the only thing I know. And I've loved each minute of being here.
Do you think you marginalise yourself by doing roles that don't really offer any scope for you as an actress? For instance, you had nothing to do hi Krrish. Any regrets?

Why should I regret doing Krrish? I'm extremely proud of it, of being part of it. It's a massive hit. It's my film at the end of the day. It's wrong to say I've marginalized myself because I genuinely enjoyed doing the film. It was a movie about a superior and within that framework, I think I had enough to do. There are going to be movies that will be centered on you and some that won't be. Now whether you do those films is a call you have to take. Like I'm doing Drona right now. It's about a superior too. But that doesn't mean I have nothing to do in it. My role in the film is extremely exciting. You know, I've enjoyed doing each of my films. So there's no question of marginalizing myself.
Much is expected from you in Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion. Are you nervous?
I'm very excited about the movie. I play the central character. Kangna, Mugdha, Arbaaz and Arjan are the main characters in the movie. My character goes through lots of ups and downs. The character graph is quite complicated and I had to make it look believable on the screen. I had to project the personality changes my character goes through within one year. It was nerve wracking to portray the changes. I was really nervous about that. I wasn't sure I could do it. But I believe in Madhur as a director. I knew I'd be okay in his hands. I was.

So are you excited about doing a futuristic film like Love Story 2050?
You bet I am. It's an exciting film and I'm playing a double role for the first time. It's a film set in India in the future. It's a first of its kind to be made in the country And it has some amazing computer graphics. No Indian film has had as many graphics as this one. It was quite difficult to shoot against the green screen

initially It's a technical requirement when computer graphics have to be added later. I shot against the green screen for the first time in Drona. And it was very disorienting. But gradually you get used to it. And the pleasure of watching those scenes come alive is something else. It's amazing what we can do with technology today And how was it working with your co-star Harman Baweja?

Oh it was great! I've known him for the past five six years. We've been friends and have hung out together often. But it was a revelation seeing him as a professional on the sets. I may have more experience than him in front of the camera but he was way ahead in experience behind the camera. And I've realized that actors who know the technical aspect of film making have an edge over other actors. I learnt a lot from him in that sense. When I was doing my first film (The Hero), I got tremendous support from Sunny Deol. He gave me the confidence that I could do it. This time my role was reversed. And I'm glad I could provide Harman the requisite support. Believe me, it was a privilege to watch him grow as an actor.

Did the fact that you are seeing each other ever get in the way of acting?
What did you say? Where ever did you hear that? Harman is a co-star. And I'm friends with all my co-stars. It certainly helps to know your co-star. It makes it easier to act and react. It's just that I've known Harman better than most of my co-stars. And yes, that helped.

So how would you rate him as a co-star?
He is very good. He has no airs about himself. And since he's been an assistant director to his father, he has no problems about lending a helping hand on the sets. Whether it was putting up lights or putting up props he would be there helping. I liked that about him very much. When I saw him before the camera, I didn't think it was his first film, he was so good.
Were you apprehensive about working with a newcomer?
No, never. You know, the movie is not about a hero or heroine. The film, the script is the hero out here. When

I heard it, I knew it would be very good. There was never a moment when I felt, 'Oh shit, why am I doing this?' And the way the film has shaped up, I think my faith has been vindicated.

Did you throw your weight around because you were the star on the sets?
I'm not like that and you know it. Besides, I don't have much weight to throw around. Seriously I was treated so well on the sets, there was no question of throwing one's weight around. I had only to ask and it would be there for me.

The movie was first offered to Kareena Kapoor. Didn't you mind stepping into her shoes?
No. I don't mind stepping into anyone's shoes, if I like the role that's being offered to me. Ultimately Love Story 2050 will be remembered as my film and not hers. And frankly, a lot of people have walked away from projects and a lot of people have stepped into others' shoes. This is not the first time it has happened and it won't be the last. You know, I've been offered so many films that were ultimately done by other actresses. So what?
Okay. Coming back to Harman. What are the five things you like about him?
1. His sense of humor.
2. His focus on work. He's so dedicated and so focused on what he's doing that it seems as if he has blinkers on. It's amazing how he shuts off the world when he's working.
3.1 love his eyes. I think he has the most beautiful eyes. They can be innocent and loving one minute and intense and angry the next.
4. He's a fabulous dancer. I want to dance like him.
5. His family values. To him his family comes above everything else. I'm like that too. So I admire that quality about him.
So is Harman your dream guy?
If he were my dream guy, I'd be seeing him no?

Aren't you?
He's a good friend. And I don't like to discuss my personal life in print. It embarrasses me.

Okay. What's your idea of a perfect romance?
It's the imperfection of romance that appeals to me. You have to love the person for both his virtues and his vices. To me a perfect romance is one that has its aberrations, its imperfections.

How do you like to be wooed?
I'm all for mush when I'm wooed. But I'm not into flowers, candies and cakes. I'd value a handwritten note with thoughtful lines more than an expensive bag or diamonds. Not to say that I don't love my diamonds though.

Have you ever been wooed like that?
Yes. By this guy I was seeing. On Valentine's Day he presented me with a CD of all my favorite songs. But what was so romantic about the CD was that he'd taken the trouble to record the songs himself and the prelude of each song had a personal message from him, a reminder of a personal moment we'd shared, something which went with the

theme of the song, i thought it was the most romantic gesture ever. Then another time he composed, sang and recorded a song especially for me. He's an awful singer. But it was so cute the way he took the trouble of singing that song for me.

And who was this guy?
That's for me to know.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you experienced it?
Yes to both. I'm pretty much a love at first sight person. When you meet, you know instantly there's something between you. Of course, you can't say for sure that it will culminate in something or that you'll marry this person. But for sure you can sense a certain chemistry

So do you have a 4 am friend?
Yes. Her name is Tamanna. She works with British Airways.
Harman is not your 4 am friend?
No. I don't call Harman at 4 in the morning.