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Experience Love Story 2050 - Priyanka Chopra
26 Mar, 2008. The sexy Priyanka Chopra is all set to travel to the future in Love Story 2050. It will be a dream project for her as she will be seen opposite her real life boyfriend Hrman Baweja. Here is what the glamorous girl had to say about the film, Harman and more. 

What was the experience of living life in the year 2050? 
It was great. Even the thought of living in 2050 is very exciting and makes your imagination go wild. We have been working on the film since the past two years. The film is very special. A lot of hard work has gone in making the film. It feels good to know that people have liked the promos of the film. This is just the beginning. A lot more can be expected. 

You are working with Harman Baweja, who is maing his debut in the film. Did you have any apprehension about it? 
Not really. I am hoping that people like watching Harman and me together. He is very good, considering this is his first film. He is very confident about his first film. He is a fantastic actor and a dancer. He can also do action scenes pretty well as well. It is my fifth year in the industry. I hope that I have been a helpful co-star. My co-stars were very helpful when I started my career. I hope I did the same. 

There is a robot in the film as well. Do you fall in love with him in the film? 
Love Story 2050 is a love story. The characters played by me and Harman fall in love. Yes, there is a robot in the film. But I do not fall in love with him. 

Will your real life relationship with Harman Baweja add to the U. S. P. of the film? 
I think it is important to be friendly with your co-stars. When two good friends work together, the chemistry between them is much better. 

Is Love Story 2050 similar to Krrish? 
Not at all. Krrish was a story of a superhero which was in the present. Love Story is India’s first sci-fi film. I am really excited that I was part of India’s first superhero film and also will be part of India’s first sci-fi film. 
Tell us something about your role in Love Story 2050 
One of my characters is in the present and the other is in the future. The hair colour of my second character is red. I had to stay at home for two months because of my red hair at that time. It was very exciting and at the same time difficult playing two different characters. But I hope people will like my two characters
You are seen doing a lot of dare devil action scenes in your movies. Do you think people in India are ready for women centric action films? 
I am not doing a women centric action film yet. But if I ever do it, I am sure that the audiences would like to see it. The audiences are willing to accept different kinds of films. There is a market of all kinds of cinema now and people are willing to experiment with different kinds of films. 

What are your future projects? 
Well, Apart from Love Story 2050, I am doing Dostana for which I will soon be flying to Miami for two months. 

We will be eagerly waiting to see Priyanka playing a double role for the first time in Love Story 2050. The film is set for a August 15th release