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Miracles of Sai Baba
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Shirdi Saibaba Tour from Rajesh Chopra
aakhir rajneeti ka shikar bana hi diya n baba. sampadak banaya to ejjt bhi bhchate. aapkahi aasra hai. asahay ho gaya hun. jalil hone se bacha lijie baba
narendra aniket
om sai shree sai jai jai sai,
please get me(santhosh) and shilpa out of the pain what we are undergoing, please make us get married because we love each other a lot, please make her parents agree for our marriage, we are having hopes now only in you. please save us. 
Santhosh & Shilpa
Dear Baba,
Please accept my hearty pranam. I do believe in you. I know that you are aware of our situation and problems. Please help me to get rid of all the problems that I have been facing. I shall remain thankful to you all my life. I trust you baba. Pranam Baba.
Your Devotee,Sunil Shrestha
hey sai baba   mei ek ladki se boht pyar karta hun bas kuch aisa karo woh mere pass ajaye dubara woh mujhse pyaar karne lage
Bhanu Kansal
dear sai baba
anil has got an interview tomorrow plz help get this job and that there are no obstacles for the work permit
thanks Rubina
baba,please make bharath to realise his mistake and come to me and marry me.baba,please bless my marriage with bharath.
om sai ram ji i am sandeep kumar i lived in delhi sector-3mein aj kafi persion hokuki meri koi bi job nahi lagi hor meri sister ki sahdi ki bhat nahi bhani h mein ky karo muje kuchsamj nahi aha rha h
Sai nath mere saari ki saari buri aadty khatm kara doh please baba main fed up ho gya hu aapni saari gandi habit say mujhy insy aazzad karva do dheerajpehar
Jai SaiBaba
I had sent my prayer in accordance with 108 chants but I got insulted, cursed and rebuked by Sarah and Jimmy.
I have offcourse not reacted negatively and have only prayed for their blessings.They called me girl with mental problem and reprimanded me in public for writing my prayers 108 times.They are offcourse not aware of our religious significance so I dont blame them.But please free me from their curse, bless me with the N job in B,F and unite me with Thierry in holy matrimony.Jai SaiBaba, please come to help and hold me and make my exit smooth and trouble free.
Love and Regards- Jai SaiBaba mercyandhelp
Sai ram,baba pls help me.sorry for the mistakes i've done.i need ur help.i lost all my money and job.pls help me get back my job and money
and start new life.i'm sorry baba ji,pls forgive me for the mistakesi've done.i need u baba,help me pls pls sai ram.soumya.soumya sena
Sai i am in lot of trouble
i have lost my love two times please guide me and i am all lost i cry so much i love him lota please bring him back and i want to marry him and also he should never leave me pllllllllllllll namz yadav
Sai baba mere uric acid ki bhi problem theek kar do baba jaisey mere baaki ki problms apney theek kar d hai please baba.dheeraj 
Om Sai Ram....baba plz give me a son ,i have 1 daughter and by the end of this year i want to get pregnant...Raveena from Fiji
God I beg at your feet Baba please give back my job at old office am not happy at this new place please baba help me, give me Baba. Jai sainath.
Sindhu, Bangalore
Omsairam, I am scared about my job now.  Big favoritism within my department.  Nothing is fair.  My job is not guranteed now.  Please by your grace or miracle save my job and future.Thanks Jothy
om sai ram
baba u know wel about me, from my childhood i am a grate devotee of u... now i am in a problems baba..i finished my studies more than an year back but til today i dint get any job.i am so much worried about my career baba.u know what to do and only thing i want to ask u is, plz do it early baba..i am a begger before u and i beg for a gud job baba.hope u wil give me soon a gud job.SAI RAM.  (SAINATH)
Om Baba please help my son to do his semester exams very  well. He is the only hope in our life . please help him to concentrate and do well in the exams.
M Nalini
Please enlighten me showing the path to succeed in life.Your devotee, Rabindra
baba meare kar  galteo ko maaf karo . mujhea exam mea pass kara do . meare sara prob door kar do 
Pls take me take me take me..... dont want to live as a mad woman!  bhadra
Beloved Saibaba 
I request u to plz fulfil my wish whatever i want from u, i am humbly grateful to u.. I love him and want to marry  him plz fulfil my wish so that we marry soon.2.   My sister would marry to very good person plz uski life mae ak achcha saa inssaan bhaj do, i am wholeheartedly requested you.If u fulfil my both wishes I will whole life pray only you. Regards, Pradeep Kumari
dear sai baba
plz make jason give me some leafleting work plz look after mami,papi ,kavi and anil ,chacha ranjeet and his family plz solve all my problems 
thanks Rubina
sai baba pls help us. Mere husband ko delhi or Chandigarh main mnc main job dila do na plsss.baba apni blessing humesha hum par banaye rakhna.Deepak,jayotsna
hamara apna new ghar kab tak bane ga. savi mahajan
Om Sai Ram
Baba please forgive me and help me get out of this mess I am in. I do not know what to do. All I can think of is to end everything and everyone will be happy. Please guide me and help me get through this without anyone getting hurt. Bhoobun, Leena
baba aaj kal mere man me bure bure vichar aa rahe hai or meri in bure vichro ki vajah se padhai nahi ho rahi hai baba mere man me positive vichar lao  taki meri padhai me sitting power badhe or me ek din me kam se kam 10 ghante padhai kar saku. baba me ek accha insan banna chahata hu . or baba mere ye vichar jindgi bhar tak acche bane rahe or positive power badhe. or baba mere is bar gsi ke interview me itne acche marks dilwana ki mere gsi written exam or mere gsi interview ke exam ke number milke mera gsi me nokri lag jae jai sai ram arvind malviya
baba pranam,
my cs final result will be declaed on 25/08/10. 2 groups i have given. pls help me baba what 2 be hapned? nibedita bhubaneswar
Sai Ram,
This is from Samita from Bombay.I wish to marry a person whom I love from the bottom of my heart..there are things to be sorted out..and only thing it is taking time for things to actually happen..I have faith in Sai's miracles and I hope everything happens smooothly..I hope all works out as per our wishes..
Dear Sai, 
Plz. bless our family and bless that my son gets married soon with a loving and beautiful girl.FROM Pushpa
jai sai ram
sairamji thank you very much for this miracle and blessing us with what we desired always lead us in doing good work and helping the needy
i dont have words to express my thanks to you thank you for every thing you gave to me.kalyan karna bhagwan jai sairam
 your believer and follower shikha
Am I doing right? Inorder to escape from one getting onto another?  Pls save me! Guide me! Am Your refugee--- pls dont forget that Baba! bhadra 
Pranam sai       from last 6 month  mara man ma jo halchal machi hai muja ssmaj ma nahi aaraha ki a kay kro.plz show me the way? sudha sir
Sai parnaam baba mere viniti sun lijiye mere bhai ko kisi terah mere paas bula dijiye nahin to sai mere liye bahut problems ho jaayegi. Mai apne parents ki sabi wishes puri kerne chaahte hun. Sai please mere viniti sun lijiye mujse jo koi bhi bhool hue hai please use maaf ker dijiye. Mere bhai ki kismat mai agar nahin bhi hai to bhi sai aap to kismat likhne wale ho aap chaaho to sab kush ho sakta hai sai please help me. aapki bete sunita
please baba follow me in philippines...givme clean companion i feel old and lonly SAI RAM  roberto rubino
please help me..iam caught in such a position that i cant come out peacefully...i think i have done wrong..please help me get the salary for july and august month and get relieved from this company safely...i have faith in you. mamta rani
Jai  sai, please meine jo apne bete ke liye manga he woh uski jholi mein daal dijiye.Please sai meri pratharna sweekar kejiye aur uske saar paar hath rakh dijiye.Man bahut pareshan hen aur apke siwa aur koi bhi sahara najar nahi aata.Agar aap nahi sambhaloge to kaun sambhalega. JAI SAI RAM
Regards Poonam Anand
sai baba bus baba meri gsi me nokri laga dena or mere se jo galti ho to mujhe maf karna. jai sai nath arvind malviya
You have already done many miracles in my personal life. Please do it once again for my entire family. No need to say what I need. gurinder singh
baba tumhala majha pranam aso tumhala tar sagla mahit ahai  mala ajun kuthe hi admission nahi bhetla .mom dad fhar tension madhey ahait mala majha career suruhoicha agodharach finish zhalay sarkha vata. ata  tumhich kahi tari miracle kara SNEHAL AMBRE
Babajee Pranam. yeh me apse har roz mangti hoon. mere pati bohut depressed hai babaji. Unko plz wo job dila dijiye. Humse unki pareshani nahi dekhi jati babaji. Plz help us and listen to our prayers. Om sairam. Ap pe pura bharosa hai. raksha karna baba. Mere pati ki manokamna puri karna baba. hey eshwar daya karo hum par. Arpu Regards,Arpana Gupta
Baba thnx main theek ho gya ho bus mujhy thohda sa dard hota hai left side apko to pta hai bus woh bhi theek kar do.baba i know tum sab theek kar do gay.or baba ek or baat mujye apna kaam sikha do please sai.jeh bhi kaam kar do.mujy liable bana do main apni jimdari khud uthau.thanks my baba.om sai ram dheerajpehar
I have been going throught a bad depression since last feb2009.I donít have any peace of mind,please help me baba.I donít have to know what I want ,u already know what I need.Please help me come out of this trauma.Priya" 
sai maharaj ki jai. babu as u know i am very sensitive.i et upset for small small things. things at home r becoming worse day by day. i am very happy with my husband. but my mother in law and sister in laws they dont treat me as their house mate. they prepare food and they dont call me to eat. they r concerned only about their son not me. i was really upset for that yesterday. its ok baba. i dont want that. i want to have a kid .please bless me with the child. i wil forget everything we came accross. i want my own kid kindly bless me with he kid.  i completed sai sachharita in 7 days. i get relief from reading that. baba i love u so much baba. 
guide me lead me bless me and my husband.. give food to everybody On 5/28/09, madhu c 
Sai Baba I am writing this email to you because I am in need of your help! I got made redundant from my previous job and since then I have been out of work for 6 months, and to be honest I can't get a job I don't no why? Please help me Baba, I am 27 years old and I want to look after my family, I don't want my mother working anymore! I have got so much pressure on me Baba that I don't think I can cope Since my sister got married it's been tough on all of us but then I did have a job, but now I don't. Just the other day Friday 22nd May 2009 I went for a interview at Abbey National, I took vee bhoti with me and still nothing worked.
The person who got the job was my previous work college, I was better than him Baba but please help me I need a good job please  Baba if you do get this, please help me that's all I ask Jaishreekrishna

Om sai ram,
Baba pl help me to get my husband and his love back to me and he starts talking to me and help us that no problems come in our relationship again and we live happily and in love like we used to live earlier with each other please also help that whosoever is trying to create problems for me is removed completely. Baba with ur ashirwad i have concieved now please give a long and helathy life to my child and give him good sanskars.Ankita Delhi

bhgwan terye alwa koi shara nahi hai mye dil say bhut presan hu tu kuch ve kar bhgwan merye ko apni sarn maye lye lo maye terye liyme murna chta hu koy ki dunia maye muchye bhut parsani ko samana kar raha hu kirpa karo bhgwan tu kirpa kis kan maye paersan hu sab aap ko pata hai muchye kya problam hai sankat harn kar daye bhgwan tu merye pita ko to pyaar nhi dye paya pur apna kirpa to dey sakta hai bhgwan tera bcha bindra
Sai Baba.  I am without job for more than 7 months and I am depressed.  I lost all my savings. I want to help father who is in India and give him all comforts.  My dismay that he is helping me and my family of 4 at the age of 65, financially.  Please help me with my fate. DINESH PAUL
Baba,This is my first letter to you and I do not know whether to post you or keep it with me after writing it.I also do not know how to write and how to address however as you must be aware that I am in so much of pain now days problems are coming from all the side.Smita is not feeling well and now problems with Kavya which is really shake my confidence. I have never paid any attention if something or other happening to me but any thing happening to my family really hurts me like the problem of your loyalists hurts you.I do not know whether I am your follower or not but Smita has all the faith in you and for her sake please free her from all the allergies and problems she is having.Also do something so that Kavya again start taking milk and please make him free from all the diseases and problem happening to him every day.I am very much worried about my family well being and request you to bless my family with all your blessings and shower all your love to my family.Regards from the bottom of my heart Vivek
sai ram baba plz help kavi to get a job of his choice and me also i need to help anil and my family thanks rubina
Shirdi wale Sai Baba aap ko mera koti-koti pranam.Baba daya karo,kripa karo,mere kasto ko dur kijiye.Baba aap ka hi sahara hai.Om Sai Ram.
Awadhesh Kumar Mishra----Kanpur(U.P.)
Jai sai ram, sai baba ji mera aur rahul ka ek ghar banwa do pls 3 room ka pls aur rahul ko ek bahut achi se job de do.mein ek ashirwad aur chahti hu mujhe 2010 December tak pregnant hona hai. mujhe beti/beta kuch bhi de dena. apka ashirwad aur uski health apke hatho mein hoge.mein janti hu aap sab ki wish puri karti  hai meri bhi kar dejeye. aapki apni anu
Sai baba -I requested to pls bless my wife shikha with child very soon Pramod gupta
Namaste Baba,
Baba please give me and my parents a ray of hope .plz listen to our unsaid words.Baba Is Saal hogaye.aap sab jante ho.baba i fold my hands.apki tanu     haryana
Om Sai ram, Sadguru shri sai nath maharaj ki jai ho. baba i m missing u too much.baba today is ur day. sai baba pls help. pls baba do me alright.
i m suffering from pain. pls baba baba i request to you.om sai ram jai sai baba
om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai i am biswabhusan patasahani from kolkata .i am in serious probem i unable to pay my house rent and i have no money to alive my big problem is  i am going to marry on june 12th i have no money how i will manage my marriage ceremony please help me urgently .please arrange some money for me. i am facing problem in my house always please help urgent please give me some money i am praying baba please help me as soon as possible plase please .....
Sairam ....Appki beti bahut tense hai ...from 4 months i don have job.Please help me in getting a job .Kahinse kuch chamtakar kar do.Baba
bahut pareshan ho chuki hun 4 saalon se aapko meri ek ke problem pata hai.Ab sukh dedo baba.Pranjali ,Pune
baba main apki beti. main bahut mushkil mai hu. please mujh par daya ki jiye.shayad maine kuchh galat kiya hoga. please baba meri pareshani door kar do.dayaa baba. baba mujhe paisa nahi chahiye.mujhe wo khushi chahiye baba.baba meri pareshani door kar do.main apne mannat puri karoongi mai asha from us(charleston)
Shirdi Baba Please help my son Baba.  Please help him get the job and a call for an interview.  O am deeply in distress and mentally upset Baba. Please help us .  I have no other recourse but to fall on your feet Baba. Uma.S.Iyer 
Babaji I m very tensed and need to wish to be fulfilled as soon as possible. Babaji you know everything. I have been sharing this problem with you everyday. Plz babaji plz get this done for me, help me. I ll come to shirdi Dhaam to say my thanks to you. Plz Babaji , i trust you, have full faith in you that you will resolve my problem and get my work done. Babaji plz strengthen my trust. Plz babaji.This is a prayer from your daughter Monika from Gurgaon.
Shridi Baba,My name Shanmugapriya(I am in INDIA),Husband name senthilkumar (In US).Now i am being preganant.I want to deliver my baby as good and i want to live with my husband. he is not calling me to america by some problem. please i want to be with my husband whenever. me and my baby and husband get to live together.
Sai Baba, Greetings to you for South Africa- I am sending you this email regarding my son who is out of a job.  Please pray and guide him to get a job so he will be able to support his wife who is going to have a baby.I also want you to pray and bless the baby who is going to be born on August 2009. om Sai Ram. 
Ms Julie Moodley-Julie Moodley-Durban
Sai baba, I am in great grief and I need your help fast. I have a mannat and want it to fulfilled. You know it baba,i pray for it regularly. My Name is Kamini Joshi, Place is Pune(maharashtra)
Babaji ap hamesha mere saath rehna agar mujhse koi galti ho jaye to sahi rasta dikhana-Priyanka Delhi
om sai ram... baba i am writing 2nd and 4th sem exams for the coming month plz help me that i should write exams wel and get  good marks in all the subjcts and pass in all the subjects -Sharan Gln
jai sai, i am confused ,dont have anyyyyyyyyy way. i take ur name most of the time as u know 
u was the one whom i trusted i dont know why ,but i do. i have seen all the tough time as u know after my marriage .but though i am happy but know 
i need ur help and pls do help me ,i trust u pls dont break my trust . pLs send me my G.C. without any problems .i am scared to death now ,we only have this thing to achive in life but i dont know why all problem come only in my ways . i c all the path clear but then  i dont know wat happens.sai where r u plsssssssssssss help me . i know u know all wat is happning to me .u was the one who helped me in days to comr out of the hell to this place ,i dont know how but u and my waha guru both helped me in days.thank u soooooooooooo much . i have a cute baby girl now . and my husdand is also good 
can i c u once more plssssssssssss. plssssssssssssss. i know u will help me if i did some thing wrong do think that i am ur child.and forgive me. show me the right way .i love u sai u daughter bye - jeetu datla"
Dear GOD, Hi..pls help me i'am feeling soooooo miserable & i need help to change my faith,it's tiring for me to work like this n being the i'am now..i need a new job n yea i'am not tat educated background, but i have good experience i also wanna live like others n help the needies when i have the power tat i need ..money power & for that i need a great work n respect in the community..can u help me GOD..can you rewrite my faith..i really need ur help..i'am fed up with my life now n i always feel discriminated..n i neva grow in my working life..plsssssssssss GOD help me...i need power n strengh..if i grow n i will make sure i also will help other people to grow..
Regards,Karthiban Ganeisan (From Malaysia)
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