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4/4/2008. Katrina Kaif is known to guard her private life with ferocity. Earlier in as she interacted with the media, she said, "Asking questions on my personal life is ridiculous. You guys (media) need to learn to draw the line."

However, Katrina spilled the beans on her impending plans to tie the knot with beau Salman Khan as she said, "I don't think anyone knows what Salman wants or his family wants, excepting for them. So, I do not think that it is right for us to comment on these kind of personal matters."

This was the first time Katrina, came anywhere close to discussing the topic. She was also asked about her rumoured price war between her and Kareena Kapoor. However, Kat had something else to say. She said, "I think I still have a long way to go to garner a body of work like that of Kareena's. She is a fantastic actress and she has been here for at least six years before me. She is a superbly talented person and I think these kind of comparisons are not right. She is far more senior to me."

Katrina also voiced her interest in clothes and considering that Salman Khan recently launched his designer collection with his paintings on them, his beau looked not too far behind. She said, "I would love to come with a collection one day. That is something I really want to do because I am passionate about clothes and I have got a lot of opinion about clothes."

Katrina's partnership with Salman Khan would be a great idea because as it is seen, it falls perfectly into the scheme of things to come. 

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