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Akshay and Katrina in Salman's Dus ka Dum
Akshay and Katrina in Salman's Dus ka Dum 

It was the most awaited moment on 10 Ka Dum. Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan face to face on the same stage. That Salman was a picture of happiness goes without saying. But Katrina seemed to be holding her cards close to her heart. But the comfort level they share was there for all to see.

Katrina said she would give the money she wins to Salman's charity but he magnanimously said "No you give it to your mum's charity - Hope Reach." Together they insisted on giving it to each other's charity. But she was really peeved when she didn't get even one answer right.

"I am going to cry!" she said. "Please don't," pleaded her guest. "I am not concerned about you, but if your make-up is ruined the shoot will be further delayed." Promptly Salman rose to her defence and said, "She doesn't use much make-up. She looks just as beautiful without make up. She is a beautiful girl" Catch Katrina & Salman Khan on 10 Ka Dum this Saturday, August 16 at 9.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar were invited on Salman Khan's show Dus ka Dum. Luckily, everything went off well. No incident took place which could create further differences between Salman and Akshay. Poor Katrina did not have much to say. 

Contrary to popular reports that Akshay Kumar turned down Sallu’s offer to grace the sets of ‘Dus Ka Dum’ along with bodyliicious babe Katrina Kaif, the latest update is that the show has been shot and done with. As expected, it was filled with fireworks and tongue-in-cheek remarks that the two macho men poked at one another, while the delicate doll Katrina had a whimsical confused look on her face. 

THE SHOOTING of the episode has been done with and Katrina and Akshay Kumar would be seen playing Dus Ka Dum with Salman Khan. The proceedings of the show went on quite smoothly given by the history of the cold vibes between Sallu bhai and Akki. 

Salman invited the stars of Singh is King, Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar on his show Dus ka Dum. The duo obliged and a few instances took place, which would further create more differences between Salman and Akshay. Katrina’s combination having on one side, her real life hero and on the other the reel life hero was quite deadly but, in the end, minus a few hiccups the show went quite well.

Salman as usual was making fun of Akki with his trademark wit and sarcasm. Akshay took the taunts and when he felt that it was high time, he started to fire a few on Salman too. He asked Salman that why doesn’t he get married to his beautiful girlfriend Kat. Obviously Salman who prefers to stay quiet and never admitted his relationship with Katrina swallowed it with a smile.

Further Akshay, complimenting Katrina and at the same time coming on hard at Sallu said that Salman has a real nice and wonderful girlfriend in the form of Katrina and that he should take utmost care of her and treat her properly.  Last but, not the least Akshay said that Kats was quite young and gorgeous and Sallu was getting old and that he should give it a thought of getting settled in life as one shouldn’t be alone at this age.

Angry old man, Salman was clearly annoyed by such remarks but still kept his cool. He got back by making cracking jokes at the Khiladi’s expense. Poor Katrina did not have much to say but was clearly shocked by the way Akshay commented on Salman.

Khatron Ke Khiladi, Akshay won Rs 10 lakhs and donated it to a charity. Watch out for this special episode where the two superstars show each other the dum they have.

Dus Ka Dum is based on the international show Power of 10, which is already a hit in several countries around the world like Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece and Russia. 
According to the show format, five simple questions are asked the contestants. The questions would have already been asked a cross section of Indians across the country. And the contestants’ answers must match the already polled answers. For example: What percentage of Indian men think it's important to drink a glass of milk on their wedding night? You must think like India before you answer. 

The journey to Rs 10 crore is simple and fast—after all, all it takes is five steps. The questions are always interesting and thought provoking, but your answers have to be more accurate with each step. For a question for Rs 10, 000 your guess needs to be within 40 per cent of the polled answers, which means you could be 20% above or less. But the more questions you face, the lesser your range. 

Rs 10,000: 40% 
Rs 1, 00,000: 30% 
Rs 10, 00,000: 20% 
Rs 1 crore: 10% 
Rs 10 crore: Bulls eye! 

The best part of the show is that anyone can win—you don't need an educational qualification or be a bookworm or a quizzer or a net surfer. All you need is common sense and insight into how the rest of India thinks. So get going—observe the Indian populace and enjoy the show.

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