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Salman - ShahRukh Khan -- No patch up !!!

Mumbai, Aug 11. Actor Salman Khan has had enough of Shah Rukh Khan and is no longer interested in patching up with the 'badshah.' The on-again, off-again friendship between the two appears to be over.

Salman admitted that he had a spat with Shahrukh. He revealed that they had had problems earlier too but could not sort out the recent difference. Salman expressed his disappointment over Shahrukh not willing to make a special appearance for his home production Main Aur Mrs Khanna, as he appeared on the latter's Kaun Banega Crorepati show and the hit film Om Shanti Om. Now, he has declared to the world that they can't be friends.

"We are two different individuals with different perspectives. I used to like him a lot, but things have changed. We do not see eye-to-eye now," Salman told reporters last night on the sets of his newly-launched film 'Veer' at Mehboob Studios.

His remarks come amid reports of a nasty verbal duel between the two Khans at a party on July 16 which Salman had organised for girlfriend Katrina Kaif's birthday.

Almost the entire industry was there, including Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan. Towards the end when most guests had left, an altercation reportedly broke out between Salman and Shah Rukh allegedly over their respective television shows -- 'Dus Ka Dum' and 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain.' SRK apparently stormed out of the party with wife Gauri and friend Karan Johar in tow. Aamir reportedly tried to intervene but the two Khans were in no mood to make up.

Salman probably compared his show to SRK's and said that despite his (Shah Rukh) being a superstar, 'Paanchvi Pass' was not doing well. This enraged SRK who passed a snide remark about Salman's love life, according to reports.

Q - Priyanka and you didnít get along well during the making of God Tussi Great Ho ... 
I am cordial with her. 

Q - There is a scene in the film which has been shot in your house, Galaxy Apartments... 
Yes, there is one scene in my house, which is shown as Priyankaís house in the film. 

Q - You usually donít work with debutante directors. How did you agree to do this film with Rumi? 
Well, I do make exceptions. I also worked with Shrish Kunder in his first film. Iíve done several films in which Rumi was the writer. I was assured that he will make a good film. 

Q - People say you you are the most misunderstood guy in the industry... 
I donít give a damn. I am what I am. Thatís the way I am, if you like it, then thank you very much, and well, if you donít like it, sorry! 

Q - What about the war between you and Shah Rukh Khan? 
It is totally unfair to label it as a war. We are different individuals and have different perspectives. 

Q - Will you tell us what exactly happened at Katrinaís birthday party? 
When I have never spoken about Vivek Oberoi, why should I speak about Shah Rukh? 

Q - Will SRK and you patch up? 
No. Shah Rukh and I will never patch up. 

Please go on... 
Yeh sab unka problem hai. Agar meri burai mein unko happiness milti hai, who log paisa kamate hai, toh accha hai. Aap meri dhana-dhan phaad rahe ho, aur apni family ko support kar rahe ho... well then, enjoy! (Laughs). 

Q - Vivek has publicly apologised to you. Will you forgive him? 
Yeh sab drama-shama mere ko samajh mein aata hai. Yeh sab acting hai.

Q - What about John Abraham? 
John Abraham? What about him? 

Q - How is your experience of interacting with people on the sets of Dus Ka Dum ? 
I love it! Itís nice if people are making money through the show. I am also making money. Itís like fulfilling a lot of dreams. 

Q - Some people say that the show is not doing well. 
You always have these idiots here and there talking rubbish. When their film is about to be released, woh chada-chada ke apni tareef karte hai. Shaurat aur izzat upperwale ke haath mein hai, jisne mujhe shaurat aur izzat di hai, usne mujhe taqat bhi di hai, aur koi meri taqaat mujhse nahih cheen sakta. Fark nahin padta. These people forget that there is one thing above all Ė the Almighty. 

Q - How is the industry supporting your organisation Being Human? 
In terms of financial support, well, I have not received a single cheque till date from anybody from the film industry. 

Q - Seriously? 
Yeah. Thatís the reason why I am starting my own clothing line. 

Q - You are doing Andaz Apna Apna 2? 
Aamir has been talking about it. Letís see... 

Salman Khan is immature: Shah Rukh Khan

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