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I gave Shahrukh Khan my six pack in Om Shanti Om : Salman Khan

The music release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Saawariya‘ on Saturday night (September 15) in Mumbai was a much-talked about one. Besides the fact that this is the first time star kids Sonam and Ranbir Kapoor were introduced to the media, it was memorable for Salman Khan’s inimitable comments on Shah Rukh Khan’s new muscled avataar.

“The thing is I gave Shahrukh Khan my six pack,” Sallu quipped.

Shahrukh Khan, too, had earlier this week taken a dig at Salman replying to a question, “I’m still talented enough not to do it without my shirt.”

Salman with his inimitable comments stole the show from star kid debutants Ranbir and Sonam Kapoor. ‘Saawariya’, which also stars Salman and Rani in substantial roles will be releasing the same day as Shahrukh Khan-starrer ‘Om Shanti Om’ directed by Farhan Khan. Incidentally last year around the same time Salman’s ‘Jaan-e-mann’ and SRK’s ‘Don’ were released on the same day out of which ‘Don’ ended up faring better at the box office.

Remarking on the “I have so far never come in front of you guys, but this time I think I am, I little… I think everybody should publicise their films, they should go all out and in fact I have never done that. Now I have learnt to do it from Shahrukh, so that people know that the film is releasing and go and watch the film. Everybody should promote their movies. That is what I am doing,” said Salman on his uncharacteristic decision to go to the press with the movie.

To top it all, Bhansali and the Kapoors are going all out to ensure that ‘Saawariya’ is promoted well. The usually media-shy Bhansali was extremely obliging with phot-ops, while Anil and Rishi Kapoor seemed to have buried old rivalries - all for the sake of ‘Saawariya’

How they felt about taking on ‘Om Shanti Om’ was pretty obvious - Rishi Kapoor called ‘Saawariya’ a “small film in front of a very big film”, while Bhansali said he was nervous about the public’s verdict on how he had portrayed the grandson of Raj Kapoor and the daughter of Anil Kapoor. “it’s a very big responsibility,” he admitted.

Watch for the fireworks this Diwali as SRK and Salman battle it out at the box-office! 


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