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 Salman slaps Katrina in a cat-fight over Akshay?
Salman Katrina Mumbai, May 17: Salman Khan, notorious for his aggressive behaviour is in news again for slapping girlfriend Katrina on the sets of Subhash Ghai’s ‘Yuvaraj’. This is not for the first time that Salman Khan’s bad boy image has found validity. He has been violent with all his former girlfriends including Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. 
The grapevine has it that the duo had a full blown cat-fight in Katrina’s make-up van. When Salman heard that Katrina is in Filmcity to complete last two days of shooting for ‘Yuvaraj’, he came to the sets, entered Katrina’s van and shut the door.
The couple reportedly entered into a violent fight, Salman was loud while Katrina spoke only at intervals. Then, the eavesdroppers heard the sounds of multiple slaps and Katrina’s wail. They were fighting over media stories on Katrina-Akshay being ideal match. 
The ‘bad boy’ left soon after that and Katrina followed after a while, wearing dark glasses. 

Earlier, Salman had slapped Katrina publicly in a coffee shop but Katrina had denied the reports. This time too, Katrina is on a denial spree but the relationship is clearly on the rocks. Sallu mend your ways or else your ‘bad boy’ image, would drive away all the girlfriends from your life.

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