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-: Got Extreme Bliss & Energy :-
Have you got it or you want to get it. Taste it and in resultant found more & more.
Actually what we need. What we want to do, what we expect, why we go in how and why. 
Ultimately we need Bliss & Energy.

So welcome to achieve
(The matter is based on Godly wisdom given by Brahma Kumaris, My own experiences, experiments, touching by almighty God father & realizations and availability of information from the society.)

Life force Energy
Life force energy is that energy in which we live daily. It’s a resultant energy of tuning in between emotional energy. Bio chemical energy (of body), spiritual energy & cosmic energy. Being a soul (the master of body) we tuned these energies to produce a life force energy to live in a better way. 
A person full filled with this life force energy have some characteristies (ask to your selves I have) 

(a) Physical fitness.
(b) Ever smile & a glow in eyes
(c) People will like
(d) Positive approach
(e) Reflecting the values & virtues 
(f) Creative personality
(g) Will see like an angel
(h) Having a strong will power
(i) Having a healing power
We should make efforts to empower our selevs with this life force energy. The existence of this energy create a feeling of positive vibrations & light around us.

To improve life force energy in the company of God use 4A formula in diet. Please maintain balancing in between these.

1. A - Amla - use green amla or in any kind specially for calcium to strengthened the bones.
2. A- Alovera-use 4 spoon juice or  fiber of green alovera(approximately 40ml) specially to improve the digestive & respiratory system.
3. A- Apple-use minimum an apple a day specially to improve your heart
4. A- Almond-(badam) use minimum 4 almond daily to improve the level of potassium or specially better functioning of brain. By using all above 4A the quality of bio chemical energy will improve and will be a cause of improvement in life force energy. Rest of food we can take as we like as per vegetarian diet. So as per the saying ‘So the food as the mind’ by following above we can achieve a good mind (a helping hand to improve our aura).

Morning & evening walk plays very important part to maintain our life force `energy. During walking we get more oxygen and this cure us physically & mentally. During walk we come more touch in cosmic energy so a friendship create between these energies & all they co-operate each other. And in resultant we found a better living.

Bio chemical Energy
Bio chemical energy is a energy which is the base of life. The existence of Physical Body is due to this. In life a mass of Bio chemical energy produce a force of Sex, during orgasm or near to orgasm people feel pleasure & produce gama waves, such a feeling during kundlini awakening is not real of kundlini awakening, because it is a kind of sex, it may be at a level of physical touch or at the level of thoughts & feeling with a imagination or may be  at a level of energy feeling at our sexual organ in own. It disturb the aura not only of our but also of the universe & never is acceptable by the society as a love. As per effects thus disturb aura make a cause of troubles, dieses & defame. Disturbing to this aura many causes also may be. Examples are fall down of some personalities are hear like vishavamitra. ect. 

While love is acceptable in the universe each and every one, As the love is a positive force of energy. In love Biochemical energy (of body) is driven by love to support the universe in a better way. Thus its produce bliss and produce theeta & Gama waves. So our Aura is stengthend. As the love is a spiritual value in this (In love)

1. We feel Good
2. We feel always relaxed
3. We feel empowered
4. We learn
5. We understand
6. We concentrate
7. We feel 
8. We listen
9. We communicate
10. We excuse
11. We like
12. We introduce
13. We respect
14. We feel love
15. We contribute
16. We co-operate
17. We accept
18. We forgive
19. We forget
20. We support
21. We feel safe
22. We corelate
23. We give
24. We celebrate
25. We congratulate
26. We care
Thus the all above in our behavior or in life is due of Love. So love is a key value in our Spiritual values. Mainly we receive this value from God. like DNA, As he is the spiritual father of us. Also when we use love in behavior so all concerned values boost it, upgrade it, empower it. When we behavior in love all above values supports of our glands to produce an electrical signal or such type Harmans by which the biochemical energy used to create a positive charge surrounding us and feels as a Aura. We can’t miss any value from above as each have its own relation to specific gland due to their behavior. In this functioning our body organs become healthy & this health is protected from outside influences by our Aura or by the subtle body. Not only the physical Health but the holistic Health is maintained by this Aura. A such type living is in real a kundlini jagran. Or we can say our Bio chemical Energy not drive by the sex but driven by the love is a real cause of developing the Aura or Ruhanee light Surrounding us. 
So we can say love is totally different while people during kundlini awakening drive the bio chemical energy (of body) by sex, while it should be driven by love. Thus subtle body will take place or a feeling of aura will develop.

Emotional Energy
Due to some events, circumstances, or in natural way so many emotional forces develop in our life. Never bother from these forces. But make these forces, to transform your Bio chemical energy to life force energy with the help of spiritual energy. Or use these forces to travel your spiritual energy to the concern or to the cosmos in relation with God.
By doing so the objects will effect positively & we got a life force energy as a resultant.

Spiritual Energy
Spiritual energy is that energy which produce during when a person act with his inate values in the company of God. He works with Peace, Power, Love, Purity, Bliss, Sukh, Virtues & knowledge. These the inate values of soul. Or we can say these values are wonderful gift God to a soul.
When a person work with God then these values comes in use of our work, It becomes easy to use these values in the company of God. Negative forces oppose to use these values in our life so, presence of God will provide protection from influences. Thus this produced Spiritual energy fullfill us with bliss & create a glow of “life force energy” around us.

Cosmic Energy
A produced energy need a media to travel. cosmic energy play an important role to tranmit these energies. As cosmic energy is continuous flowing in cosmos & related to every one. Each and every particle in this cosmos is in the touch of cosmic energy hundreds of cosmic rays passing to our body. So it is play an important role to each & every moment to  transmit the Bio chemical energy (of body), emotional energy, spiritual energy to our targets or in general to the universe in hole sale. To tune this energy of our self is requires a high potential of spiritual energy. In this high potential of spiritual energy always we feel to our selves under the shelter of Almighty God. As the God live on top of cosmos in Parmdham. Thus in connection of God like a satellite we can watch or observe, effects to our target with using this cosmic energy as a path to travel our potential without any influence. 
By using these energies in our lives we can care & support this universe or cosmos to provide a better living. By doing so we got extreme bliss & energy
This extreme bliss & energy will reflect around us in a form of life forced energy, a radiant energy.
Thanks God

Thanks to you.
with best wishes
B.K Sudhir Kumar
Brahma Kumaris,
 Shantivan ,Abu Road.

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