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What to Carry With You (apart from Travellers Cheques)? 
What to leave behind? 
Other Planning Tips 
Staying Safe 
At the Hotel 
What to Do When You are a Victim of Crime? 

What to Carry With You (apart from Travellers Cheques)? 
» Besides the originals, a copy of your passport, travel visas, 
airline tickets and travel documents. A list of any charge or credit cards 
you are carrying. Remember to keep the copies seperate from the originals. 
» An International Driving Licence, which can be obtained through the 
automobile association. Even if you are not planning to drive, 
bring your driver's licence with photo for identification. 
» An "in case of emergency card" that includes your blood type, allergies, 
and special medical conditions, along with the names and numbers for your doctors. 
» Your Medical Insurance Identification Card. 
» Additional supply of prescription medicines, an extra pair of eyeglasses, 
and don't miss to keep a list of your medicines in your carry-on luggage. 

What to leave behind? 
»A copy of your Passport, Travel Visas, airline tickets, insurance 
documents and a list of any charge or credit cards. 
»A copy of your Itinerary and phone numbers. 
»A copy of your Travellers Cheques' serial numbers 

Other Planning Tips 
» Check that your passport is NOT close to expiring. 
» Avoid putting travel documents, prescription medicines, 
valuables or travellers cheques in checked baggage. 
» Sign each Travellers Cheque in the top left corner to protect yourself in case of loss or theft. 
Put your name, address, and telephone number inside each 
piece of checked and carry-on luggage. 
» Use your Business Address, if possible, on your luggage. 
»Use Lockable Luggage. 
» Register valuable items such as cameras, laptop computers, 
and jewellery with Customs, before departing. (It also saves you import fees when you return) 
» Consider purchasing special international health insurance and medical evaluation plan programmes. 
» Plan to travel in comfortable, casual clothing to avoid attracting attention. 

Staying Safe 
»Never leave your luggage, briefcase or other items unattended.
When you set them down,place them between your feet, or against your leg. 
» Watch your carry-on items closely when they go through security; 
Thieves are known to take items off the end of the unit while you are held up in the screening process. 
» Avoid currency exchange windows if possible, or exchange only
a small amount. Do not let others see how much currency you are carrying. 
» Be wary of imposter porters. Assure they are properly uniformed or identified. 
» Note how many pieces of luggage and other items 
you brought with you, and count them each time they are handled. 
» Use only authorised, properly identified taxis and buses. 
Avoid taxis that pick up additional passengers. 
» Assure that the whole luggage is placed inside the taxi
trunk and the lid is closed before entering the taxi. 
» Don't accept an offer to share a taxi to your hotel unless you know the individual. 

Hotels In INDIA
At The Hotel
» Obtain a Safety Deposit Box upon check-in for your passport, 
visas, airline ticket, most of your cash, travellers cheques,
jewellery and valuables. Carry only a passport photocopy. 
» Never leave valuables in your room, even in locked luggage or guest-room safes. 
» Avoid displaying the sign requesting room-cleaning service;
it identifies that the room is unoccupied. Make such requests 
in person to the cleaning personnel or the front desk. 
» Keep a television or radio switched on in the room when out; 
it gives the impression that the room is occupied

What to Do When You are a Victim of Crime?
» Don't resist a robber; Your life or safety is
more important than whatever you are carrying. 
Scream, yell, get help. 
» Have your local contact or the hotel manager 
assist you in contacting the police to report a theft. 
» Keep a copy of the police report; you need it for verification
with insurance and in replacing stolen cards/travellers cheques. 
» Report any lost or stolen credit or charge cards immediately. 
» Contact the embassy and the appropriate airline if your passport and 

airline tickets are lost or stolen. Use your extra copies to expedite replacement.


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