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Location of Manali: Himachal Pradesh
Important As: Himachal's famous Tourist Resort
Altitude: 2,050m
Places of Interest: Vashisth Hot Sulphur Spring, Rohtang Pass, Hadimba Temple
Best Time To Visit Manali: May To October.
The Kullu valley has an ancient town in its
lap called Manali. Surrounded by 
towering peaks at an arm length, Manali's major asset is its proximity to the 
snowline. It is a flourishing orchard industry, a popular honeymoon destination 
and trailhead for numerous treks as well as a great countryside ideal for adventure sport lovers. 
List of Hotels in Manali
Also popular as a hill resort destination, Manali presents some excellent and 
well-equipped accommodation choices for the tourists. In the past decade 
Manali has turned out to be one of the best hill resort destination of India,
particularly in those resorts, which cater Indian domestic tourists and 
honeymoon couples. But the ideal places to stay are the small guesthouses,
providing a tranquil atmosphere of the Himalayas for those who are looking for solitute.
Leh Ladakh
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Manali literally means the 'Home of Manu'. Manu is the mythological character 
who is supposed to have survived when the world was drowned in Flood.
He then came to Manali and recreated human life. Thus, 
the area of Manali is sacred and Hindus treat the temples over here as pilgrimage.

Hadimba Temple: Hadimba or Dhungiri temple in Manali is one of the most 
important temples in the region. This four-story wooden temple 
is located in the middle of a forest called the Dhungiri Van Vihar. 

Temple Of Manu: Slippery stones paths lead through the old village 
houses up to the temple of Manu. Manali is named after the sage 
Manu who meditated when he came in this area. 

Tibetan Temple: Tibetans have a base in Manali too. There is a large modern 
Tibetan temple to the South of the bus stand and also a small handicrafts centre. 

Arjun Gufa: On the left bank of the Beas, 5-km from Manali near the village of 
Prini, is the 'Arjun Gufa' or the cave of Arjuna. In here Arjuna practised 
austerities to get Pashupata Ashtra or weapon from Lord Indra.

Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa: This Gompa dominates the 
Tibetan area around the bottom of the Mall in Manali. The Tibetan refugees 
built the Gompa in the late 1960's. The Gompa is covered with brightly 
coloured frescoes and a mid size Buddhist statute. It also carries
a list of the martyrs killed in occupation of Tibet of 1987 to 1989.

Manali - The nearest airport is Bhuntar, 52 km south of Manali. 
There are flights to Delhi via Shimla. The closest narrow-gauge railhead 
is at Jogindernagar, 135 km away. The closest broad-gauge railheads are 
Chandigarh (310 km) and Ambala (355 km). By road, the distance from 
Delhi via Mandi is 585 km, and from Shimla the distance is 270 km

Old Manali: The old Manali area is located some 3-km from the present day Manali. 
The old Manali is covered with guesthouses, which look ancient now, 
and orchards where the livestock move at will. 
Kullu (40 km)
Mandi (112 km)
Shimla (270 km)
Chandigarh (310 km)

Kothi - This is a quiet but picturesque spot, at the foot of the Rohtang pass, 
12 km away Manali town, situated on the Lahaul-Spiti Leh Highway.
It offers a magnificent view of the snow-capped peaks and glaciers and an awe
inspiring gorge where the Beas enters a chasm about 
sixty metres deep and just a few metres broad. 
Van Vihar: This is just off the Mall with pathways between 
towering deodhars and also leads to a boating pond.
Tibetan Market and Mall: The Tibetan Market is an interesting cluster of shops. 
Nice to browse around for knick knacks, handicrafts and imported goods. 
Located on the Mall. The Mall also has other shops selling local handicrafts 
and clothes. It also has some good restaurants. Buses, taxis and autos 
are easily available from the Mall for local sightseeing or excursions. 
Rahalla Falls - 16 km from Manali town at the start of the 
climb to the Rohtang Pass, at an altitude of 2501m. 
Rohtang Pass - Situated at an altitude of 3979 mtrs above sea level and 
51 kms outside Manali is the mighty Rohtang Pass - the gateway to Lahaul-Spiti 
valley. Open for just about four months a year, it affords a wide panoramic view of the 
mountains. Here one sees the majesty of the mountains at its height and splendour. 
At the top of the pass the air seems to glitter against the snow as you look down 
over herringboned ridges into the Lahaul valley. There is the beautiful Dashohar 
Lake left of the pass. A few km away from the pass is the Sonapani glacier and 
slightly to the left are the twin peaks of the Gaypan-jagged 
pyramid of rock, snow streaked and snow crowned. 
Solang Valley - 13 kms outside Manali is the Solang Valley, offering spectacular 
views of the snow-clad mountains and the glaciers all around. 
Solang is the venue for paragliding and the annual skiing courses. 
Marrhi - 35 km from Manali, is famous for its natural beauty. 
Rani Nala - 46 km from Manali, it is the glacier point where 
snow is available throughout the year. 
Jagatsukh Temple - About 6 km from Manali is the famous Shiva Temple in 
"shikara" style and nearby is the old and interesting Devi Sharvali Temple. 
Naggar Castle - 22 kms from Manali, this is the old capital of Kullu. 
The castle was built by Raja Bhosal. 
Roerich Art Gallery - In Naggar, the museum, houses a collection of the paintings by the 
Russian artist. It is located in a grove of deodhars and has lovely views 
all around. Naggar is very serene and picturesque. 
Hadimba Temple - Also known as the Doongri Temple, this four-tiered pagoda-
like wooden temple stands in a clearing amid tall and stately deodar trees and has 
beautiful carvings on its ornamental door. Dedicated to Hadimba, the wife of Bhim, 
this temple is the venue for an annual fair held during May. 
Vashist Spring - Across the Beas river, about 3 km away from Manali, at an altitude 
of 1,982 meters (6,200 feet), are the natural sulphur springs. 
The village itself is perched on a steep hillside across the river Beas. 
Tibetan Monastery - This is new and colorful. A pleasant place to visit. 
Beas Kund - The famous Beas Kund, the source of the Beas river, at the 
Rohtang Pass is easily accessible. The great rishi,
Vyas performed "Tapa" here during the Mahabharat times. 
Manikaran: 85 km from Manali and 45 km from Kullu, lies in the Parvati 
Valley, the holy pilgrimage place of Manikaran. Here icy cold waters of the 
Parvati river co-exists with boiling water side-by-side. 
The hot water springs are reputed for their healing properties.

List of Hotels in Manali

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